White Arua (with emphasis on cleaning)

A white aura indicates a pure state of light.

We are balanced and in harmony. 

With a high energy form in our life.

White aura color possesses a high vibration frequency.

White Aura

That vibration is associated with human experience and emotions.

White aura color individuals are very sensitive.

Let’s back up, to understand aura we first need to review chakras.

And see how they are related to our aura.

What is Chakra?:

Chakra is from the Sanskrit translated as,” spinning wheels or

disks of light”.

Chakras are seven spinning disks of energy storage points in our body.

That starts at the base of the spine and ends at the top of our head.

These energy storage points are the energy center within the human body.

Our spiritual body is supported by what we know as the chakras system.

These seven energy points store all our emotions and experience.

A system that is unique and functions in a unique way.

This system needs to flow freely to function properly.

Healthy chakras allow the energy to flow freely, while 

unhealthy chakras may contain blockages.

Each chakra is responsible for specific functions in our body.

Thus, smooth and free-flowing is our goal.

Learn more about the chakras system and how it functions in the

article,” The Complete Guide To The 7 Chakras For Beginners.”

Aura meaning?:

Chakras connect to form the unseen spiritual energy field that

surrounds all living things, that is an aura.

Chakras are energy gates that control the flow of energy through the body.

While Aura is the energy field surrounding the physical body.

Chakras and aura are invisible to most, but we can feel them.

Chakras influence the aura.

They are the energy centers of the aura.

Human Aura:

The human aura is bands of light and colors that surround each of us.

They have been seen and reported by intuitive and psychics for centuries.

Aura can give insight into an individual’s life and experience based on their appearance and color.

Each color possesses a vibration.

That vibration is associated with human experiences and emotions.

The psychic, Edgar Cayce, thinks the aura provides a pictorial 

representation of an individual’s health, thoughts, talents, and life.

The aura functions as an indicator of the whole self-body, mind, and spirit.

Spiritual Aura:

The spiritual aura is defined as mystical light seen by spiritually gifted people.

The spiritual aspect defined aura as an electromagnetic energy field.

The unseen energy field around all things and radiates from all matter.

That is everything in the universe, animate or inanimate.

Aura presents a vibrational frequency that is present in the form of colorful rings.

Which we have to train ourselves to see as we get older.

These colored rings are seen naturally by babies or clairvoyants.

So, the human Aura is thus classified as spiritual energy.

The saturation or brightness of a color in the aura indicates different things.

For example, if the aura appears red one may be holding anger, frustration, or trauma.

 A red aura can also indicate low energy, exhaustion, or being overworked.

Everything you think, feel, and do, radiates a spiritual energy that shows up as color.

Aura is noted as our spiritual blueprint, which stores coded

information about our past, present, and future health.

A change in your aura reflects a change in your life.

According to Barbara Martin,” Healing Power of your Aura,” the aura

allows us to come into harmony with health.  

Many events like emotion and mood shape our aura.

The aura is a support system for maintaining and restoring health.

 Aura colors:

Color in the aura can be destructive or constructive.

They can stimulate or inhibit, attract or reject.

Aura color may even have a female or male character.

When color is distinguished in the aura it can provide clues about

your state of mind, personality, and health.

Aura color can signify a multitude of meanings.

Most aura has two or more colors but consists of only one dominant color. 

The colors of our aura are affected by our internal as well as our external status.

Each aura color holds information about our life experiences, feelings, physical health, and chakras.

Aura color spectrum range from the colors found in the rainbow (red,

yellow, blue, indigo, orange, green, violet) to white, black, and metallic.

Everyone has an aura that is composed of many different colored bands of light that radiates.

Aura readers look at the colors of people and how our colors interact with others.

Reading the aura:

Aura readers can tell if a person is healthy or ill, happy or frustrated,

by the intensity and vibrancy of their aura’s color.

And the expansion and size of their aura.

The different colors of aura are created in the same manner as sound.

The faster the vibrational speed, the variation in color.

In the aura, slower vibrations produce red and orange while faster

vibrations produce blue, violet, and indigo.

White aura has a very high vibrational frequency.

One color is no better than the next.

Different colors just signify our different desires and variety of experiences.

During the day our aura can change from color to white.

Allowing us to show that we are all a part of the rainbow spectrum.

Know your aura, know yourself:

Our aura is a fascinating and useful key to our personality.

Each color in the personality spectrum has strengths and weaknesses.

Our aura influences the energies of other people and our reactions to them.

Because our aura intermingles with people around us.

It is impacted by our health both physical and mental.

The meaning of white aura:


We will examine those with a white aura and their corresponding energies. 

To gain insight into people with a white aura.

Aura always tells the truth and helps us comprehend those around us.

Yes, the aura has our higher consciousness.

Which provide the necessary energies to live and function.

A white aura symbolizes a higher spirit, as well as, a higher level of consciousness. 

It is a color that is present in the aura of someone who is psychic and intuitive. 

And symbolizes purity, honesty, and truth, as well as, integrity and holiness. 

White color aura denotes someone that is undergoing some form of cleansing and purification. 

White aura can means you are displaying angelic qualities.

Our aura opens a window to our soul.

Individuals with a white aura are blessed souls. 

White is not a color:

White is not a color but the incorporation of all the colors of the visible spectrum.

It usually represents the presence of light.

A state of purification, reflecting truth and purity.

This is why infants began life with a white aura.

White aura color means harmony in the body and mind.

Several hours before death the aura becomes white and increases in intensity.

White aura is the crown chakra vibrating at this color.

It connects you to all that is oneness.

White aura promotes a sense of peace and calm, clarity and simplicity.

Represent sterility and emptiness.

It signals new energy in the aura.

White aura accompanied by flashes or sparkles represents angels are near.

 Aura can range in shades of dirty greyish-white which can mean possible illness. 

To pure white which represents aura with angelic qualities, a healthy 


Divine connection:

People who possess a white aura are spiritually motivated and

possess an openness and receptiveness to the divine spiritual world.

They are often unconcerned with worldly matters or ambition.

They love life of purity and harmony.

Have natural ability to sense when another is feeling off

and want to help them get back to a normal state.

White aura individuals give off energies that feel safe for the people around them.

They have a sensitive and honest soul, many are empaths.

Have a heavy religious connection.

A need to be very spiritual and honest.

White aura is rare:

Aura change with the person’s emotions and influences.

For white to shine through one have to reflect a pure state.

Humans rarely reach this state of enlightenment and grace.

People with white aura are usually psychically gifted or

have developed intuition and a strong connection to the spirit.

When we notice the beauty around us our aura may change to white.

During meditation, we can obtain a white aura, secondary to our mind being clear.

White aura has universal energy and oneness.

Have naive judgment,  may be self-sacrificing to the extent of self-harm.

Allow others to deceive or manipulate them in the hopes of finding the greater good in someone.

Bright white indicate your crown chakra is open and flowing freely.

People with a white aura tend to place high importance on caring for others.

They are not corrupt by day-to-day living.

Beware of energy “vampires”:

White auras are incorruptible spirits, people are naturally drawn to them.

Because it feels good to be near someone with a higher vibration.

White color is a healing aura.

They have to be aware of energy vampires check out the aura article,

“Learning to Feel Your Aura.”

People with low vibrational energy need to sustain themself by drawing energy from them.

White is a healing color, people with less healthy aura, mental health

issues, or other physical ailments are drawn to individuals with a white aura.

Maintaining a white aura:

The aura constantly changes with both mood and energies.

Our external aura reflects our internal self.

When our aura is in tip-top shape we will be too.

We can keep a white aura by keeping a healthy body.

Avoiding alcohol and drugs, eating healthily, drinking plenty of water, and exercising the body.

Spending time alone in nature, connecting with our spirit be honest.

Practicing guided meditation, losing ourselves in serenity and peace.

Aura get lighter during meditation.

During the day our aura may change from a color to white.

This can occur because our mind is clear and not clogged up with concerns and thoughts.

Protect your white aura:

Everyone has an aura and your aura naturally absorb energies from your surroundings

This is why it is important to protect and clean our aura.

The aura when unprotected can be a cause of illness and distress for sensitive people.

With a grounded aura we can feel safe and secure and the quality of

our grounding anchor points will improve.

The aura is a positive protective shield 

Energy is sensed and filtered through our aura

The aura contain the energy of all that we are.

 It’s vital to keep it free from outside energetic influences in our environment.

Balancing the chakras(helps the aura):

white aura

So, everyone needs healing and chakras balancing from time to time.

To release negative energies and get negative feelings out

We need chakras cleaning secondary to stress and negative

 emotions/feelings we encounter from daily living.

These negative feelings affect us physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Leaving us feeling discouraged, joyless, or helpless.

We must clear out these emotions because they can cause us emotional pain and anxiety.

These dark clouds can affect our chakras this, in turn, may affect our aura 

Chakras cleaning helps to radiate and absorb positive energy through the body.

And radiate our aura with positive energy to live our life whole heartily in harmony.

Chakras cleaning is part of our spiritual well-being.

Learn about your chakras and how they work in the article,

”The Complete Guild To The 7 Chakras For Beginners.”

Chakras are energy gates that control the flow of energy through the body.

While the aura is the energy field that surrounds our physical body.

Chakras influence the aura.

Check out the article, “ What Is An Aura Meaning And Definition,” to

Understand how the aura work.

Reasons why we need to keep our Aura clean:

Everyone has an aura and cleaning our aura empowers us. 

By raising our vibration.

Cleansing should be done on a daily basis.

Aura should be cleaned to prevent absorption of negative energies.

Our aura act as a sponge and soak up all the stray energy around us.

Leaving us feeling heavy with emotions that are not our. 

The aura is a natural disease-fighting,  multi-operational energy field.

That acts as a reception for subtle energies.

It delivers energy messages to the chakras system.

The aura holds thoughts, feelings, attitudes, and interactions between you and your environment.

Without regular cleaning to remove outside energy our aura‘s ability to serve us diminishes.

Bringing about a wide range of symptoms. 

Like mood disorder, loss of emotional stability, and pyshic illness, pain, or disease.

These symptoms often weaken energetically cluttered auras.

We also need to give a thorough cleaning after a tense situation like

an argument, an illness, or being around bad energy people.

We have to be conscious in observing the aura and cleaning it regularly to maintain it healthy and strong.

A healthy aura will be able to dispel negative energize quickly and easily.

That’s why It’s vital to keep the aura free.

When the energy is clean and flowing so are we because the aura

contain the energy of all that we are.

Ways to clean our white aura:

Since auric cleaning is essential for the maintenance of the aura.

We can clean the auric field through multiple ways to release

negative energy and control whole-body fitness.

Allowing us to clear out emotions that are the reason for emotional pain and anxiety.

We need to brighten a dark aura that is bringing on ill-health and strive for strength and fitness.

We can accomplish this through visualization and breathe work.


Is the practice of controlling your breathing and shifting your breathing patterns

To bring the nervous system from a stressed state to a relaxed state.

By doing this exercise you will begin to feel a subtle energy flow

through your body increasing vibrational frequency.


Visualize your aura being a white light covering you from head to foot.

Next envision that light spreading its energy through your body t

ouching everything around you protecting and loving you. 

The best thing about this cleansing technique is, it can be done anywhere.

Sound healing: 

You can utilize sound to release stuck energy from your auric field.

Sound can be simple, like an uplifting song, which melts away dense energies.


You can cleanse your aura by using the healing power of water.

Just spend time in places where there is plenty of naturally flowing water.

Like the beach or lakes or even a warm salt bath. 

Other ways:

To cleanse your auric field is Smudging with sage

Herbs, Spending time in the sun, Walking in nature, Using essential oils, 

crystals, and so on.

So go for a walk, find beauty around you, commit random acts of kindness.

By using the power of focus we can move energy through our body in a steady fashion.

To brighten our aura.

 If you are not happy with the aura you are putting out change it.

Conclusion for white aura energy:

Energy work is the process of working with non-physical energy.

And being able to choose what we allow into or eject from our auric field.

With deeper energy work our aura act as a filter that we can close off or expand depending on our needs. 

If you know what color your aura is you can figure out how you will respond to a given situation.

Aura color is not permanent.

It changes as our lives change.

You should cleanse your energy on a consistent schedule that works for you- once a week, once a month, as needed.

Dirty weaken aura can lead to physical illness, pain, and disease.

So if you are feeling sluggish or tired take some time out and balance your chakras and clean your aura.

When you know the specific aspect of your aura color.

You can better understand your emotions, talents, and potentials.

Brightening your aura, boost your mood, and improve relationships, with those around you.

A white aura is considered a pure aura that reflects the spirit of the person it surrounds.

White auras are rare!

White Aura


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