What Is The Law Of Attraction/How Does It Work?

What is the law of attraction how does it work?

The law of attraction is law #4 of the four universal spiritual laws.

Universal Law #1 -Universal Law of Oneness – As above, as below

Law #2 – Universal Law of Duality and Attraction as within, as without

Universal Law #3 – Universal Law of Resistance

Universal Law #4 – Universal Law of Attraction 

The Law of Attraction is a spiritual belief that positive or negative

thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into our lives.

The Law of Attraction is a science of positive thinking we are able to use deliberately.

The Law of Attraction is the ability to attract into our lives whatever we are focusing on.

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The thought manifests reality:

By putting our thoughts out into the universe.

We can then attract what we wish for.

As long as circumstances and conditions are in the proper alignment.

What we think about, is what we attract. 

The fact that like attract like.

What you focus on expands.

If you are focused on lack you attract more lack.

What you resist persists.

If you don’t need it, you will attract it, neediness is a repellant.

We all have personal and emotional unmet needs.

The universe work on the concept of attraction.

And we get what we think about. 

If you give thought to something, attach your emotions to it, and expect it to come to you, it will.

The universe doesn’t distinguish between what is right or what is wrong for you.  

It is up to us to attract positive energies.

The universe just delivers to us whatever we think about and associate with our feelings.

So, whatever we give the greatest amount of thought and emotion to, we will get.

The more we emotionalize and believe in anything, the quicker it will appear to us.

We have the power to create anything, imaginal acts are facts.

What we imagine and feel to be true comes true.

We need to learn how to use the law of attraction to benefit us, to be

in the position to help us live the life, we can dream of.

 To live a life that attracts the things we want and not the things we do not want.

The law of attraction is an exact match to the way we think and feel.

Because everything in the universe is made of energy.

They all have an equal chance of being attracted to our lives.

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Vibrational energy:

law of attraction manifesting abundance

What is the law of attraction how does it work?

Everything is energy, things just vibrate at different frequencies.

Positive things vibrate at a higher frequency

while less positive things vibrate at a lower frequency.

The higher we vibrate the more positive things we will attract into our lives.

The universe does not distinguish positive things from negative things.

Our thoughts are just sent out at specific vibrational frequencies.

Thoughts that make us feel good to emit at higher frequencies and

things that make us feel sad or depressed vibrate at lower frequencies. 

These thoughts go out into the universe, which cannot distinguish between vibration frequency

and bring back to us things that fill whatever vibrational frequency we are putting out.

The universe seeks out these vibrational frequency objects and returns them to us. 

Universal law state-like attracts like amplified.

The like could be positive or negative.

The universe does not differentiate it just does its job and attracts

plus amplifies the event and circumstances in tune with our highest frequency of vibration.

Be it positive or negative.

When we give power to our thoughts the more attention we pay to a subject

the easier we get to associate with that thought be it negative or positive.

It is just a matter of training the mind:

Humans tend to think with the masses and the mass tends to think in

direct opposition to the way we should be thinking and vibrating.

This is why most of us exist at lower vibrational frequencies.

It’s hard to think and exist in positivity or vibrate at a higher frequency

when the crowd is at a constant lower vibrational frequency.

We are not conditioned from childhood to think and vibrate at a higher frequency.

Most humans just follow the crowd and vibrate at a lower frequency.  

It’s hard to go against the grain and be full of positivity when

everyone around you is vibrating at a lower frequency and full of negativity.

We are just not conditioned from childhood to think this way- the positive side of things.

We are conditioned to vibrate at a lower frequency with the mind frame of lack and limitation.

Not soaring higher than the frequencies we are used to.  

This is why the law of attraction does not work for most of us. 

We have to put forth great effort to vibrate at a higher frequency to attract higher vibrating objects.

How the law of attraction work:

What is the law of attraction how does it work?

I attract all good things law of attraction quote

To attract positive things and circumstances our thoughts have to emit the highest frequency of vibration.

In order for the law of attraction to work for us, we have to constantly raise our vibrational frequency.

To make sure we are vibrating at the highest frequency possible.

Programming our subconscious mind for positive expectancy.

Our conscious mind works with our subconscious mind to help us achieve what we want whether it be positive or negative.

Our conscious mind feeds our subconscious mind. 

When we feed the idea of positivity along with higher frequency vibrations.

All the good things we expect and more will be created for us. 

Our minds and thoughts work together to manifest using the law of attraction.

We just have to decide what we really want.

subliminal mind on blue back ground

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Words associated with the Law of attraction:

  • Out of the blue
  • Serendipity
  • Coincidence
  • Fate
  • Karma
  • Fall into place
  • Synchronicity
  • Luck
  • Meant to be

Manifesting your dream life:

In order to manifest our dream life, we have to know what we want.

We have to set goals and then go after them.

These goals should be goals that motivate us to stick to them.

Writing them down will help us to remember them and stick to them.

When we reach one goal we need to enjoy it, and thank all who helped us to accomplish it.

We have to have a good imagination to reach our goals.

Because our imagination helps to bring our goals to us faster.

We should not get overly concerned about how this goal will be achieved either. 

Because it is not our job to worry about that, in fact, worrying about our goal will hinder its manifesting.

This is all taken care of by the universe.

You should just write your goal down relax and imagine as the goal come to fruition.  

You can help the universe reach your goal faster with tricks of, visualization, channeling, and creating vision boards.

We do have to use things to attract what we want like affirmations or visualization.

Be happy and faithful and your goals will come through.

Manifestation is not a mystical mantra or a magic spell.

It’s an event, action, or object that shows or embodies something.

Remember you attract to your life, whatever, you give your attention,

energy, or focus to,  whether positive or negative.

Hold the vibration of happiness and gratitude will speed abundance to you.

Place your intentions on having instead of lacking.

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What is the law of attraction how does it work?:

When you have a goal and faith in your reality, nothing can stop it from coming to you.

Many of us are unaware that our inner conversations are the same as the circumstances of our lives.

Ensuring that something good has already happened, it brings it to pass.

Taking the idea you want to occur, and assuming that you already have it.

Assume the feeling of what you want to remain faithful to.

Those feelings come into reality.

You can also assume yourself into healthy by becoming conscious of being healthy. 

What you feel is more vital than what you think.


law of attraction quote be the energy you want to attract

Manifesting starts with deciding on what you want.

Then reverse engineering the thought.

By acting as if you already have what you want to manifest.

It is a self-empowerment tool when used correctly.

It enables you to create anything you want.

A tool for getting you to a place of knowing that the things you want are coming to you. 

Utilizing the same amount of energy on whatever you manifest,

thoughts, feelings, actions, and faith is equivalent to successful manifestation.

When you change the way you look at things the things you look at change.

Affirmation with the law of attraction:

What is the law of attraction how does it work?

The law of attraction work by using affirmations.

Affirmations are a bridge between where you are with your beliefs and where you want to go. 

Affirmation helps you build up your belief and expectation.

They will help you reach your goals easier.

Setting your intention is the process of clarifying what you desire.

You can manifest things faster if you can embody the feeling.

Embody the feeling then you will have the thing you wish to manifest comes true.

You are not given a dream unless you have the ability to fulfill it.

Express your dream as if it has already happened. 

This will trick your subconscious into believing that your dream has already come true.

Write affirmations:

Writing affirmations help you get to the place of positive thinking

and knowing that things are coming to you.

This also helps you retrain your brain and reshape your pattern of thinking.

 Practice gratitude: 

The more you are grateful for what’s in your life the more things will come to you to be grateful for.

The positive energy that you exude because you are grateful helps

bring more things into your life to be grateful for.

People who practice gratitude on a regular have stronger immune

systems, lower blood pressure, and a more positive, happy,

optimistic, connection to the universe. 

Positive thoughts Vs Negative thoughts:

What is the law of attraction how does it work?

Once we replace our limiting beliefs with positive beliefs we will start to have abundance.

We have to allow negative thoughts to come to the surface so we can be rid of them.

Limiting beliefs will come up throughout our lives but they can be changed by changing our reality.

Being in a positive mood is great but it is not realistic to think we can

be in a positive mood 100% of the time.

We just have to deal with negativity when it does come up, and let them go.

Whenever we get out of alignment we need to realign and readjust our beliefs.

And try to stop repeating the same negative beliefs.

Replace them with positive beliefs and feelings to bring our dreams into reality.

Then pay attention to the signs from the universe to receive messages to help us manifest them.

We have to do what we love, what makes us feel good to manifest easier.

Staying happy results in a high vibrational frequency, allowing us to

attract things of a higher vibrational frequency.

Doing things we love will naturally attract things we want to manifest in our life.

Then can attract all that is needed, the ideal job, relationship, vacation,

health, amount of money in our lives, all we desire.

What is the law of attraction how does it work?:

hands with energy rays in the universe

The law of attraction is a science of positive thinking.

Energy can never be destroyed, all matter is made up of energy.

The law of attraction is the law of nature that every atom in our being is in constant motion.

Vibration is a feeling or mood that you feel.

The law of attraction always matches our vibration whether it be positive or negative.

We send negative vibrations non deliberately,

as we observe what we are receiving in the different areas of our lives.

The law of attraction responds to money, work, health, and relationship as our observation generate feelings.

Observation whether it be positive or negative gives us more of what we are vibrating.

We do have to remember one thing, the law of attraction is always there.

Whether we believe it or not.

This is why it is important to celebrate what is important in our lives,

so we can receive more of what we are celebrating.

If we don’t like what we are getting, we need to tap into the law of attraction.

The words we use to generate, the vibration we send out,

and our thoughts, are made of words.


We have to drop words like don’t, no, and not out of our vocabulary

to keep ourselves from thinking negative thoughts.

By saying words like- what do I want -instead of presenting a negative thought.

Take your negative thought and change it to,” what do I want?”,

then change the negative thought to a positive thought.

You can tell if your vibration is negative or positive by the feeling you are experiencing.

You can change the vibration you send out by changing the words you say.

We are a perfect reflection of the vibration we send out deliberately to attract what we want.

Deliberate attraction:

Deliberate attraction occurs in three steps:

  1. Identifying your desire is equivalent to your intention
  2. Give your desired attention
  3. Allow it to happen

Our desire statement has three parts 

  1. The opening

2. The body

3. The closing

Our doubt is our limited belief, which shows up whenever we use the word because.

We need to get rid of the word because this word makes our limited beliefs show up. 

Just remember if someone else can do it so can you!

Thinking brings about vibrations:

Our thought wave attracts to us the thoughts of others, things, circumstances, people, and luck.

Manifesting makes its own surrounding, attracting what we put out.

We see what we look for.  Like thoughts attract like thoughts.

When our mind is operating in positive thoughts we feel strong,

bright, cheerful, happy, confident, and courageous, able to do our work well.

And sent out strong positive thoughts.

People who send out negative thoughts feel depressed,

weak, passive, dull, fearful, and cowardly making no progress or success.

They are led by others, instead of being the leader.

We can control our mental self by controlling our thoughts.

By asserting ourselves we can take control of the lower self which allows us to get out of control.

We can strengthen our will to overcome our greatest obstacles.

Will power can be strengthened by the mind.

Fear is thought to be caused by unhappiness and many failures.

We have to choke out fear, get rid of it, and assert courage.

Train the mind into new habits of thoughts.

The key to attachment is desire.

We need to cultivate happy thoughts to get rid of fear.

Nothing is too good for us no matter how great the thing may be.

 Good things in the world belong to all of us.

But they only come to those who are courageous enough to reach out to them. 

Manifestation is the law of the universe.

And is entitled to whoever needs them for his growth, happiness, or satisfaction.

Just don’t become a slave to the tricks of manifesting.

Conclusion what is the law of attraction /How does it work?:

Life is supposed to feel good our well-being comes naturally.

No matter how good one’s life is, it can be better, the choice to improve your life is up to you.

We can experience more wealth, health, and happiness by utilizing practical tools.

Our success is all up to us and in our control.

The law of attraction is the basis of all creation in our environment.

The law of attraction is the basis of the universe.

It’s the most powerful and consistent law in the universe.

Attract what you want:

hands in the universe sensing ectoplasmicgaseous

You can attract whatever you want in your life.

The things we attract are in direct proportion to the vibration we put out into the universe.

We can be happy because conscious manifestation cocreates with the universe.

We can inspire each other to shine our light brighter.

And manifest love from our hearts.

The universe is abundant and so are we.

We are all connected, spiritual beings, who come from the same universal source.

We are all spirits operating in physical form.

Golden opportunities are everywhere.

Go out and create a life you love to see.

Surround yourself with others who practice the law of attraction.

And will help you offer a consistent positive vibration.

Because the law of attraction will help you get more of what you want and less of what you don’t want.

hands in the universe using the law of attraction

Many thanks are extended to the many authors I reached out to complete this article Andrew Kap, Jen Mayer, Ester and Jerry Hicks, William Walker Atkinson, And Brain Tracey.


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