What Is An Aura And How Is It Formed

aura on a violet frame

Everything in the universe is made of energy.

Which emits an energy field around it.

What is an aura and how is it formed?

This energy field which is around all living things is called an aura

It is invisible to the naked eyes. 

Aura is from the Greek word avra which means a breeze.

It is the pure life force energy which is prana.

Prana absorbs into our aura through our food, water, and fresh juices.

Breathing is the way of accessing prana.

Aura is a luminous light that surrounds us.

This electromagnetic field emanates from all matter.

This energy field extends five to six inches around the body.

 The electromagnetic fields flow at right angles to each other

vertically, and horizontally around the body.

While other waves of energy emanating from the crown and spinal column. 

All crisscross and create a mesh of interwoven magnetic energy.

That consists of different layers of subtle bodies.

Each of which represents a different area of life.

The aura surrounds all things and interacts with all things.

 It is a part of every cell of the body and reflects all the subtle life energies.

The aura is an extension of the body rather than surrounding the

body it projects out of the body.

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Field of life:

Aura is not seen by the naked eye by most individuals.

The aura is seen by clairvoyants.

Even though we cannot see our aura it can be sensed.

What is an aura and how is it formed around the body.

The aura is what keeps us from bumping into each other.

It allows us to sense someone in a dark room or in a crowd.

The aura is a field of energy that extends beyond the body.

It interacts with our external environment.

And holds all positive and negative information from our past, present, and future.

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The aura is influenced by things in our surroundings which we interact with.

The aura is created by the spinning smaller subtle energy centers called chakra.

Chakra is from the Sanskrit word meaning wheels of light.

The human body contains many chakras but we usually refer to the 7 major chakras.

The seven 7 major chakras have physical, emotional, creative, and celestial components.

Each chakra has its own purpose or particular viewpoint based upon

the area of consciousness it influences. 

According to the studies of Roselyn L Bruyere in the Wheel of Light

chakras are the source of the human aura. 

Ms. Bruyere and colleagues believed that the aura is a person’s entire well-being.

While the aura reflects our personalities, lifestyle, thoughts, and emotions.

The health of an individual is influenced by the way he or she lives their life.

For example exercise, diet, meditation, and other spiritual practices

influence how healthy or unhealthy we are.

Making healthy choices is equivalent to our wholeness, vitality,  and

willingness to accept change.

The light that shines from all of us is a reflection of our state of health

and condition of wholeness.

Wheel of light:

aura rainbow flower of life

How involved spiritually we are will determine the size of our aura.

The aura expansion is different and varies in size and density under different conditions.

Dominant aura color is determined by the amount of energy

produced by the chakra.

The amount of energy produced by a chakra determines the color of the auric field.

This leads us to believe the mind is not the brain but is throughout the body.

Therefore thought must be a form of energy,

The auric field is created and controlled by the chakras.

The auric field is life, generated by the spinning of the chakras. 

As the chakras spin each produces its own electromagnetic field.

This electromagnetic field is combined with fields generated by other

chakras to create the auric field.

What is an aura and how is it formed in the body with these

electromagnetic fields.

A person’s auric field is a combination of energies from three chakras.

The 1st, 3rd, and 5th chakras empower the physical, intellectual, and enteric bodies.

It is the combination of these three chakras that produce the primary auric field.

Which make up the inner shell of the aura.

We can feel this field with our hands.

While only very sensitive people can feel the secondary auric field.

Which is produced from the interaction of all seven chakras.

And the chakras reflect how we live our life.

What is an aura /how does it get its color:

The spinning of an individual chakra creates energy, and the frequency of

this energy determines the color and vibrancy of a particular chakra.

The intensity of energy produced by the chakras determines the

color of the auric field.

The frequency which determines the color of the chakras also

determines the color that dominates the auric field

Vibration, color, and sound are all interrelated.

All three help monitor the frequency of energy in the auric field.

Each color in the auric field vibrates differently.

This is how we are able to feel or hear the auric field/col

Vibration and sound are directly related to the color of energy in an auric field,

This is how we are able to hypothetically, feel and hear aura color.

Energy is the basic component of the body:

two auric bodies

The body consists of anything we ingest.

Be it food, pollution, noise, or negative energy from others, all affect our health.

Which reveals our mood, personality, or the status of our health.

Energy is the basic component of the body.

Energy centers are part of the inner spiritual body made of light.

These energy fields are the answer to the question, what is an aura?

A person’s energy field reflects their life.

Pure white light energy from our spiritual self.

The part of us that survives death.

The auric field is a metaphor for life.

So, aura is life. 

Auric Field: What is an aura and how is it formed?

The first description of the auric field was made by Sir Issac Newton 1642-1729

Auric field was first noted as electromagnetic fields.

Which surrounds the whole body in a three-dimensional ellipse.

It is made of seven different colored bands.

A rainbow-colored energy field invisible to the naked eyes.

With the spinning of the 7 main chakras, our invisible energy centers

transmit and generate our aura to and from the body.

The spinning of the individual chakras creates energy.

The frequency of which determines the color of the chakra.

The intensity of energy produced by the chakra or

group of chakras determines the color of the aura field.

The aura varies in size and coloration depending on the

well-being and spiritual development of a person.

The basic component of the energy system:

Our body’s energy system consists of three systems that work together.

Understanding this connection should help us react to life with awareness.

The aura stores our energy in its different layers.

The meridian transports our energy.

While the chakras produce our energy.

Physical, mental, emotional,  spiritual, and post-life traumas

can be in the different layers of our aura and chakras.

Healing and cleaning them help us move forward in our lives.

The aura is not static:

love aura

Human auras are constantly changing.

They guide our interaction with others.

Our aura reacts with others people’s aura all the time. 

They interact with both positivity and negativity.

The aura awareness in everyday life comes through sensing the aura of others.

Our aura reflects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

The aura empowers the energy fields of other people and our pets.

In the form of love, loyalty, acceptance, and approval.

Noise pollution, television, and negativity from other people deplete our aura’s energy.

One’s mood can deplete the aura’s color, secondary to the energy it is exhibiting.

This is why it is important to protect the aura.

Especially at night when we sleep and are most vulnerable.

The seven major chakras bodies:

Chakras are nerve centers of energy.

Located along the spinal column in the etheric body.

They absorb and distribute physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energies.

The seven major chakras transmit everything to and from the body.

The first chakra – is the area of consciousness of the physical body.

root chakra

Pleasure, pain, and emotion emanate from this center.

The second chakra – is the emotional body. 

symbol of the sacral chakra

Processing all emotions here. 

The third chakra – is the mental intellectual body or realm of thought, opinion, and judgment.

solar plexus symbol

Remainder seven major bodies of the chakras:

The fourth, fifth, and sixth physical, emotional and mental body 

The fourth chakra – the astral body just above the physical,

emotional, and intelligent plan bridges matter and spirit 

the space we travel during sleep 

The fifth chakra – etheric body

First, in the spiritual realm, The light body, duplicate the physical body

Provide the physical body with energy and a sense of cosmic calm

Can move away from the physical body for short periods of time

Expand during sleep and withdraw during waking hours

Is the spiritual body that holds a hologram of our life

The Sixth chakra – 3rd eye The celestial body

symbol of 3rd eye chakra

The spiritual realm, associated with illumination

Allows us to see the light,  our Sight

The seventh chakra– the crown chakra the ketheric body

symbol of the crown chakra

Meaning crown comfort as spirit 

Spiritual realm our emergence with God

For a better more complete understanding of the chakras 

Read the article, “The Complete Guide To The 7 Chakras For Beginners.” by this author.

The four bodies of the aura:

Our aura reflects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being

understanding the layers of the aura can help us respond to life with awareness.

The aura consists of the etheric, the lower astral, the higher astral, and the spiritual bodies.

The etheric is the densest energetic body, closest to and interlinked to our physical body.

It contains all our physical senses.

Kirlian photography is how we see the etheric body.

The lower astral body is less dense and shares our personality.

Made of the ego, emotions, and consciousness.

Forming our thought patterns and belief structure.

The higher astral body consists of our unconditional emotions.

Like unconditional love, acceptance, joy, and our mental body.

Which form our knowledge, learning, beliefs, rationality, and 

thinking patterns.

Our spiritual body holds our knowledge of our soul’s experience,

through past lives, and the soul’s plan for this lifetime.

These four bodies of the aura are broken down further into seven layers they are:

1. The etheric layer is concerned with the basics of survival such as

housing, food, warmth, safety, and a caring family

2. The emotional layer rules our feelings about ourselves, personal feelings

3. The mental layer  is concerned with the way we think and feel

It rules our thought pattern

4. The astral layer is concerned with unconditional love and acts as

a bridge between the lower chakras that are concerned with our physical life  

And our physical life

Also with the higher chakras of our spiritual being

5. The spiritual Layer Tune in when our instincts kick in 

Everyday emotions and mental state,  our higher will

6. The celestial Layer  deals with unconditional love, compassion, 

courage, and higher aspirations

7. The ketheric Layer connects our spirit with universal energy

the chakras empower each aura layer

Aura layer 1:

The etheric body

  • The innermost layer of the aura
  • Reflect on our basic instincts and overall physical health
  • Our flight or fright mechanism
  • Uncontrolled anger and aggression
  • Awareness of opportunity and danger is our survival mechanism
  • The density of the subtle energy known as prana or chi
  • Our electromagnetic body 
  • Exist within us and around every cell
  • Stores our vitality
  • Rule the legs, feet, skeleton, teeth, joints muscle the cell structure, the bowel, the prostate, the circulatory system, and the large intestine
  • Associated with the root and the sacral chakras

Aura layer 2:

The Emotional body

  • The emotional body is part of the etheric
  • connect to personal feelings 
  • Associated with feelings about the self
  • Love, sex, approval, food, or other oral stimulation
  • Rule water in the body
  • Issues with fluid retention and hydration, hormones,
  • Reproduction system, kidney, fertility, and bladder
  • Sensitive to stress
  • And those desires that would master us if we didn’t control them
  • All the chakras except the root and the crown open into this level
  • Carry our karma and past life memories
  •  powered by the sacral and solar plexus chakras

Aura layer 3:

The Mental Body

  • This layer is part of the lower astral layer
  • Concern with our rational mental activity
  • Is constantly changing
  • Negative thoughts from here attract negativity
  • While positive thought attracts positive influences in our lives
  • Hold all the relationship to how we feel 
  • Reflect our personnel power confidence determination and our unique self
  • Rule digestion, the liver, the spleen, the gall bladder, the abdomen, the stomach, lower back, autonomic nervous system
  • Associated with the solar plexus and the throat chakras

Aura layer 4:

The Astral body

  • This layer communicates to the heart chakra
  • associated with love and acts as a bridge between the lower chakras connecting us to this physical life and the higher chakras of our spiritual being
  • Where all intuitive activities take place, understand and empathize with others
  • Rule the heart, chest, and breast, the lungs, the lymph glands, blood pressure, the circulatory system, the upper back, and the skin
  • Where subconscious interaction takes place
  • There is no division between the soul and the personality
  •  Powered by the heart chakra

Aura layer 5:

The Spiritual Body

  • Connect to the throat chakra
  • This layer extends from the physical body
  • Relate to the interaction of the personality, the soul, and the divine will
  • Concern with learning to trust 
  • Concerned with creativity
  • Communication, listening, speaking, forming and expressing ideas, developing ideas, and dreaming
  • Where we tune in if we like or dislike someone
  • Where we note if something is wrong
  • Our personality is a combination of all our life patterns both learning and experience
  • Those inherited from our DNA and culture
  • Reflect on our everyday emotional and mental state
  • Rule the throat, speech programs, the thyroid gland, the neck, and
  • shoulders, the passage that runs to the ears, mouth, and jaw
  •  Powered by the 3rd eye, sacral, and throat chakras

Aura layer 6:

The Celestial Body

  • Rule by the indigo chakras
  • This level is more subtle than the others
  • Relates to our finer feelings and our divine qualities such as unconditional love, compassion, courage, and higher aspirations
  • Feels with imagination, inspiration, nightmares, fears, and phobia, our spiritual well being can affect our physical well-being
  • The plane of meditation
  • Where we connect with energies from other dimensions
  • Like those who died and our spirit guide
  • Controls the eyes, the sinuses, the ears, headaches, the pituitary glands, the cerebellum, the forebrain, and the central cavity of the brain
  • Feelings about the self
  • Where the soul is nourished by the beauty of nature
  • Music, art, meditation, and prayers
  •  Powered by the 3rd eye and the crown chakras
human aura layers

Aura layer 7:

The Ketheric Body

  • Connect to the crown chakra
  • And universal energy
  • Where we experience spiritual ecstasy, feel our connection with the universe
  • When we reach this level we are at one with the creator
  • The strongest and most resilient layer
  • Contain the main current that runs up and down th spine
  • Nourish the whole body
  • Integration of our physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual self
  • Rule the skull, the autoimmune system, all neurological functions, the upper brain, the cerebral cortex, the cerebrum, the CNS, hair growth, and the pineal gland
  • This layer is pure creative thought.
  • At this level, we understand the perfect patterns of things and become enlightened
  • Contain the astral data bank for this lifetime
  • Known as the life’s purpose
  • Integrate the functioning of the body, mind, and spirit
  •  Powered by the crown and root chakras

Relation between the chakras and aura:

The 7 layers of the aura interact with all the chakras.

There are many chakras but I only reference the 7 major chakras

because these are only seven layers to the aura.

The chakras are spinning vortices, funnel-shaped with the

wider end interacting with the auric field.

While the stem embeds in the spine.

The votives flow from the middle of the body out through the front and back.

Location of the chakras:

The 7 major chakras run down the center of the body aligning with

placement of the chakras in relationship to the chakras

the spine interconnecting to all seven levels of the aura.

Operating in both the etheric, the subtle body, the physical body

The astral field is filled with universal symbols and abstract forms of our lives.

They are associated with different colors.

They interact with the aura influencing the color.

The chakras govern specific parts of the body.

Develop at different ages and store information about our physical,

mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

When balanced and functioning efficiently we are happy and healthy.

Our aura is bright. 

When they are not we feel dull, fatigued, lethargic, frustrated,

depressed, or angry. 

Our aura will reflect this too.

The Importance of keep aura and chakra healthy

Being able to see, sense or feel chakras and aura.

Allows us to use techniques to rebalance and regain our health.

Chakras take in subtle energies from around us that are fundamental for our well-being. 

This subtle energy is carried by the meridian system. 

The chakras within our physical body connect to our aura,

and the energy field surrounding us. 

Trauma that we suffer during our lives gets stuck in our body.

And reflects in our energy system.

Causing blockage preventing our energy from flowing freely, causing

us to feel lethargic, tired, and ill.

Each of our major energy centers is concerned with a certain area of life.

Relating to the physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual state.

And each governs a part of the physical body in association with the

endocrine gland.

Governing the etheric body via the nervous system. 

The body’s energy systems work together.

Imbalances in our physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual bodies

are reflected throughout the entire system. 

Any healing carried out on any level will affect all levels.

There are many therapies that will help correct imbalances.

And heal aura as a whole.

Some ways to heal the aura:

aura healing hands
  • Eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables raw or slightly cooked
  • Go outdoors in bright light
  • Work with crystals, herbs, essential oils
  • Wear brightly colored clothing 
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Wear natural fiber clothing
  • Place wind charms outside of your home
  • Wear copper or silver jewelry

Read this article  for more information on this subject

Some Supplements have been around for years and are extremely beneficial and sought after by health-conscious people to maintain aura

and chakras health.


Self-improvement of the aura:

As we develop spiritually we begin to release past trauma and negative patterns.

Our chakras and aura will vibrate at a higher level changing the spin

pattern and the color. Read more on this process

We are spiritual beings that have a physical life.

The healthier we are physically, the more energy will flow through us.

Creating harmony and balance in our bodies and lives.

This energy connects to us via our root chakra.

Our aura and chakras are linked and share information.

Bypassing energy back and forth between each other.

The energy in our aura reflects the energy in our chakras.

The aura also reflects the influences of other energies around them.

Like sunshine, birds, water, and other people.

When we are happy and healthy with no issues or problems.

We are functioning fully with clean chakras and bright shiny auras.

Living happy harmonious lives in line with our soul’s purpose.

Conclusion for what is an aura and how is it form:

Aura studying is not easy but the more you read

You will begin to comprehend it a bit better.

Understand that healing energy comes from the heart, a place of

unconditional love and compassion.

The soul will only pass along enough energy for a person to heal at

any given time.

Fill your aura once a month or before special occasions with light

radiance and power from the atmosphere.

To attract good situations, opportunities, and people.

As we learn more and more about our aura our life will change.

We will begin to pay more attention to the beauty around us.

Expanding our awareness of the world around us.

Enabling us to help others as well as ourselves.

Any imbalances within our physical, mental, emotional,

or spiritual body is reflected in our chakras and auras.

Being able to see, sense, or feel aura will enable us to discover any

issues that may occur.

And take steps to fix or heal ourselves and others.

We will heal, grow, and transform, bringing about change,

transformation, and illumination, keeping our aura bright and 


aura figure

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