What Do The Colors of an Aura Mean: Aura Color Chart|Aura Color Test

Aura color and their meanings:

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While aura is interpreted through its colored bands of light energy.

We can take a test to discover the meaning of each aura color.

Knowing our aura color enables us to understand, read, and heal our aura.

Understanding the human energy field and what it can do for us is immeasurable.

It opens us up to experiencing creative forces that connect us to

 wisdom and power.

 We can only imagine being able to explore.

Learning the signs to identify our aura is important and how to realign the energy.

Learn the 7 layers, colors, size, and personality traits associated with the 7 main layers. 

And how to heal when need be.

Our aura color says a lot about us.

It tells us our life purpose and relationship compatibility.

We are able to choose a more fulfilling career.

And make better choices with our health, money, success, and much more.

The energy power of the aura:

Aura is a colorful ray of energy emanating from all beings.

Displaying colors that represent four main body types.

While combination colors make up other body types.

Leading us to greater self-understanding.

The aura is the electromagnetic field that radiates from all matter.

Sometimes shown as a halo or glowing light that appears around the head or body.

Everyone has an aura. 

It is made of different bands of light.

That radiates about 6 feet out in all directions from the body.

Many things can be detected from these bands of light.

A person’s health or happiness is related to the intensity and

vibrancy of color illuminating from their aura.

The expansion of the aura also gives a hint of how a person is feeling.

Different colors of our aura are related to our wellbeing, health, or self-esteem.

Each colored band tells a story about us:

The colored band contains information about the person it surrounds.

Being able to read the aura and understand the meaning of each color. 

Will help us understand the way we process information.

Our interactions with people we come in contact with on a daily basis.

How to handle different situations that come up in our lives.

Aura color gives us the strength to change unwanted behaviors.

And become more desirable individuals.

We may all have different methods, goals, and purposes but we are all part of a colorful rainbow. 

A rainbow that reflects our choices in life to expand and grow.

Maybe change in any way we choose.

Our aura is the key to our personality:

Each color has its strengths and its weaknesses.

The more in touch we are with our own unique talents and skills.

The richer, more luminous colors are in our aura.

Color fade on individuals who are emotionally withdrawn.

Or have given up on life.

The colored bands of energy that surround the body.

Are a powerful key to our personality.

When we know the specific color of our aura.

We can better understand our emotions, talents, and potential.

What does your aura color mean?:

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Our aura reveals our mood, personality, and the status of our health.

And may guide our interaction with others.

Physical life colors:

Are the colors Red, Orange, Magenta, and Yellow

Mental life colors:

Are the colors Tan and Green

Emotional life colors are: 

Are the colors Blue, Violet, Lavender, Crystal, and Indigo

Combination colors are:






Aura Life color meaning:

Your aura contains many different colored bands.

The first two bands closest to you are your priority methods of processing life.

These bands do not change.

The outer bands do change colors and position.

They reflect what is happening to you at a given time.

These bands are said to represent the physical color, the mental

color, and the emotional color.

Physical bands process information through their physical body via touch.

These colors are represented by Red, Orange, Magenta, and Yellow.

Those colors that represent mental colors process life intellectually.

By gathering information then analyzing it.  

These aura colors are Tan and Green.

The bands with an emotional aura are Blue, Violet, Indigo. Lavender, and Crystal.

They process life through their feelings, emotions, and intuition.

Our life colors are predetermined.

But we are not restricted to those chosen colors.

Because we can experience the quality, purpose, and priority of other

aura colors.

By adding other colors into our outer band.

This cannot be done until we have experienced our original aura colors.

Most of us are born with one major aura color.

Some of us may have two major aura colors.

More Than one aura color:

Having two aura colors can be powerful.

1. We can end up with a great deal of conflict or 

2. We can add a second dimension to our abilities.

Having two major aura colors allow us to have more power, energy,

and creativity to our main goals in life.

And it also ensures balance, practice, responsibility,  and self-reliance.

When two major aura colors are in the same family of colors you 

may experience the equivalent of living two lifetimes at once.

Sometimes people add a second aura color to their aura color.

This is usually done for happiness and peace of mind.

Aura Colors:

There are seven major aura colors that are the same primary 

colors as seen in the rainbow: Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red.

These colors correlate to the seven chakras: the Crown, the 3rd eye, 

the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the sacral, and the root chakras.

One color may dominate while others may be missing.

Your most energetic chakra determines the primary color of your aura.

Each color of your aura corresponds with certain personality traits.

Highly sensitive people have cooler shades like indigo and may

be more intuitive, empathic, or compassionate.

Warmer colors such as yellow, orange, or red are people that are 

more physically active and worldly.

The state of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energy 

wellness is indicated by the color, size, and hue of your aura.

Stress, nervous condition, and disease affect your chakras and 

create changes in the color, size, and brightness of your aura.

Keeping the color of your aura can be of great value in 

understanding yourself on a deep level and preventing a sense of distress.

Sitting Buddha Colorful Aura with Pink Framed Black Lettering

Feeling your Rainbow:

When an aura color cannot be physically seen the mood as a

persons’ personality is being transmitted as a sensation.

Visually impaired individuals can distinguish between colors of aura by touch.

They learn to touch the different energies and strengths of the aura.

And determine the different colors.

       Aura Color Chart for the blind:

  • Red feels hot and strong
  • Orange feels warm and confident
  • Yellow feels focused and stimulate ideas
  • Green feels gentle and flowing
  • Blue feels cool, calm, and rippling
  • Indigo feels peaceful and uplifting 
  • Violet bring spiritual insight and the awareness of angels or spirit guide 

The colors and patterns within this energy field make up a blueprint of a person’s soul.

A chart of the individual’s potential. 

Each color indicates a unique way of coping with the demands of life.

Each color has different ways of handling the needs and concerns.

Color has individual behavior that is distinct from each other colors.

Aura color has individual patterns of color that are distinct from each other colors.


Being able to understand other people’s drives.

Help us to tolerate the external actions or words of others and ourselves.

Allowing us to act with confidence and self-assurance.

Working with skills and abilities.

We can maximize opportunities to find productive satisfying work, to

loving supportive relationships.

When we work with our aura’s color.

We get the gift of personal peace and personal fulfillment. 

Aura color test:

Aura color test according to Marie Joanne Dionne reveals your

constitutional temperament.

The predetermined aura color and your personality, strength, and weaknesses.

So you can create a calmer, energetic, radiant you through therapy.

There are no good or bad colors in auras.

Your aura has information about your mind, body, and spirit through color.

Your aura-color personality shows you how to become a more balanced individual. 

Test results may be immediate, like color therapy or meditation.

While other therapies may take a while like a diet or an exercise before results are seen.

So it is wise to wait after testing to seek out changes to tests.

The aura color test will reveal how your emotions manifest mentally

or physically based on color.

The chakras correspond to the aura’s color which is charged by your chakras.

The aura is a low voltage electrocharged field that leaves the body when you expire.

Until then the aura is charged by the chakras.

Which are seven primary energy centers.

Running along your spine from your tailbone to the top of your head.

Each chakra corresponds to a part of the body and is related to a

particular color and sense.

Your chakras are responsible for your physical health and your emotional wellness.

The body also has energy meridians and eleven body systems 

that interconnect to the chakras to keep our body functioning properly.

Anytime there is a blockage, a stressful situation occurs.

The aura color test tells us how our emotions manifest, mentally or

physically based on our aura color.

The aura color test reveals our aura color and helps us understand our aura’s color.

Allowing us the ability to tell if our aura is healthy or not.

Which, in turn, allows us to utilize steps to achieve balance and energize our aura.

Signs your aura is distressed:

  • Memory lapses
  • Frequent nightmares or insomnia
  • Sudden fatigue and feeling drained
  • Feeling like someone is watching you
  • Feeling off-balance or dizzy for periods of time
  • Sudden physical pain
  • Acting out of character
  • Unexplained negative or obsessive thoughts
  • Recurring accidents or self-confidence
  • Suicidal Ideation 

Ways to improve your aura colors:

As noted by Casandra Eason there are several ways we can improve the aura.

And keep the colors brite and expanded.

  1. Eat brightly colored fruits and vegetables, raw or slightly cooked.

This makes the aura more brilliant

Berry and raw peppers are instant aura energy lifters.

  1. Go outdoors in natural light whenever possible. 
  1. Work with crystals in the color of the rainbow.

You will be drawn to crystal colors that will be the most helpful to you.  

This will be the color your aura needs most.

4. Keep fragrant growing plants growing around your home or office.

To circulate and infuse your aura with health.

  1. Wear bright colors on dark dreary days to counteract dull energy.
  1. Drink plenty of water every day for dry and irritable energy fields.

7. Perform gentle exercises like dancing, swimming, walking,

cycling all will help circulate your aura’s energies.

8. Avoid contact with synthetic material, wear natural fabrics next to

your skin to avoid stifling the aura.

  1. Send aura power to anyone in need by imagining a soft pink light enveloping the one in need.
  1. Grow pots of fresh herbs in your kitchen to spread a sense of abundance.

        And draw good things into the aura or energy field of your home.           

  1. Keep your home aura field lively by placing a wind chime, bells, feathery plant, or mirrors around.
  1. Wearing gold jewelry will fill your aura with confidence and focus and also show others authority.
  1. While wearing silver jewelry will increase harmony and bring peace
  1. Copper jewelry will fill your aura with love and attract increased love in your life.
  1. Feeling exhausted or depressed ward off these feelings with clear quartz

Which will infuse your aura with power and enthusiasm.

  1. While amethyst crystals will instill your aura to be the best it can be.

Other ways of improving your aura’s health:

Absorbing energy into the aura: 

Energy can be absorbed into the aura by breathing techniques, 

meditation, visualization, and movement exercises.

They can all be used to access energy growth around you.

You bring the energy in then move it to where it is needed most.

You must bring in good positive energy for your higher chakras. 

And place it around you. 

These are good ways to find this energy for your aura. 

Strengthening the aura:

We lose energy from things we could avoid, like daily stresses.

By eliminating these stressors daily we can cease these losses

and strengthen the aura.

Cleansing the aura:

Cleansing the aura is an important part of our aura’s health.

Removing old energies, energy blocks, emotions, and beliefs 

all cleanse the aura.

It’s also important to cleanse our home and workplace of negative energies.  

This helps to uplift and restore our aura.

Conclusion of what do the colors of an aura mean: aura color chart|aura color test:

As you get into your experience of feeling, perceiving, and

cleansing your aura you can work with anything that comes up.

When we are in power, our aura color and is at its best.

 We are living our most positive personalities and our true potential.

Out of power we live in fear, self-doubt, and hesitancy.

We are not living to our full potential.

We can take the aura’s energy self-test and discover our true aura color.

Then create a change in our energy field through natural therapy. 

To correct any imbalances, and change the aura to a more balanced energized aura.

Knowing aura’s color allows us to see the connection between our

aura and our personality.

We are more apt to make better choices in life, a better career, love

interest, friends, etc. 

By utilizing the best major aura color for us.

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