Ultimate Guide to Crystal Healing

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Ultimate Guide to Crystal Healing

I am new to Crystal Healing knowing the claims that these stones with their beauty and magical mystique have healing powers make me curious to dwell into their mystical healing powers to energize my mind, body, and soul utilizing this alternative to medicinal power to boost mental ability and self-confidence.

Come with me on this journey to test the healing properties of these magnificent gemstones.  If you believe in alternative medicine you have probably heard of crystal healing.

Throughout the ages, crystals, and gemstones have been recognized since the dawn of the human race for their healing properties, as well as, their beauty and magic. 

As far back as Stone Age, men and women adorn themselves in crystal jewelry it was thought that crystals had protective and decorative functions. Crystals are millions of years old and contain a lot of information about our history. 
Crystal Healing is based on the traditional concepts borrowed from the Asian culture of life to energy.

Crystals, gems, and stones have long been documented to have a history of being used for healing in practically every culture and religion since the beginning of time.  Today crystals are regularly used because of their ability to enhance the work and experience for both crystal healers and clients. 

Where do Crystals Come From?

Crystals are natural, they are created from minerals deep in the earth’s surface and are all around us,.  Each crystal is believed to have a unique healing property derived from the mineral from which it is composed.

In crystal healing stones are assigned various properties and have a different effect, however,  healers have different ideas about which stones possess which property.

Is Crystal Healing Alternative to Medical Techniques?

Crystal healing is thought to be a pseudoscientific alternative medicine technique that uses semiprecious stones, gems, and crystals for healing.  There are claims that these stones have healing powers although there is no scientific basis for these claims.

Crystal and other stones are used to cure ailments and protect against disease. People that utilize these therapies believe that crystals act as a conduit for healing by allowing positive healing energies to flow into the body and negative disease-causing energies to flow out of the body.

Crystals are natural from the earth so when you connect with these natural and stable frequencies they help your body to find alignment with its optimal frequencies thus allowing your entire body to be balanced out. 

Our bodies are compromised of water and silicone, like crystals, this is why we can feel their vibrations.

Everything from your body and mind vibrates at a certain frequency.

Crystal healing brings you back into vibrational alignment when you are out of alignment due to illness or imbalances.

How Does Crystal Healing Work?

Crystal healing involves the use of crystals, gems, and stones worn on the body or placed under the pillow to ward off sickness, negative energy, or absorb positive energy.

Crystal healing is a technique that is used instead of a medical technique for the prevention of disease or illness.  Crystal healers believe that crystals and gemstones have properties that facilitate healing by warding off negative energy. 

There are a lot of different crystals that are used for different reasons.  Crystals are assigned different properties that treat different things.

There are studies that suggest crystal healing may induce a placebo effect.  Placebo effects are effects that accompany a treatment that is not directly due to the treatment itself but resonates with different energies of the inner self-strengthening growth and natural electrical vibrations.

Crystal healing causes a  vibration at certain frequencies these frequencies are unique from object to object. 

Humans have subtle energy bodies, known as energy field aura or auric body.  Humans are natural and our systems and organs have optimal vibrational frequencies.

Crystal emits tiny electrical impulse which activates the body’s neurological system in a subtle way allowing positive energy to flow through the body pushing disease energy out of the body.  Persons undergoing crystal healing report a feeling of warmth and tinkling to the body.  

Different crystals possess their own unique energy signals producing different effects. 

Crystals are said to alleviate stress and improve concentration and creativity.

Crystal healing works by holding or placing the crystal, gemstone, or stone on your body, this in turn promotes physical, emotional, or spiritual healing by positively interacting with your body’s energy field.

How is Crystal Healing Performed?

Crystal Healing is a therapy that includes holding a crystal or placing it on the body to act as a channel for healing. Some of these stones can be millions of years old and contain a lot of information about our history.  

During a treatment session, a crystal healer may place various stones on one’s body part like the head, forehead, on the throat, or chest on the stomach, or genital region to promote physical emotional or spiritual healing.  

Correct placement of the crystal on the body is supposed to promote emotional and mental harmony allowing one to feel natural.

This is thought to promote physical, emotional, and/or spiritual healing by helping positive, healing energy flow into the body while negative disease-causing energy is drawn out of the body when the energy from the crystal interacts with one’s body energy field.

The stone’s use and positioning may be chosen for the symptoms presented by the patient or the particular desired outcome the patient is seeking.

The stones are placed strategically in areas such as bedrooms, workplace, or bath and have a noticeable impact on the environment,  

Wearing crystal aide with the absorption, repelling or transmitting of energy,

certain healing crystals can help you balance your energy field throughout the day.

Some crystals are said to alleviate stress, while others may improve concentration or creativity.

Is Crytal Healing Safe?

Some medical doctors and scientists believe crystal healing is just “pseudoscience”  there is no evidence of crystal healing to be a cure for diseases.  Diseases are not found to be the result of any energy flow into the body or that there is no scientific theory that proves that crystal composition or color treat any particular ailment.

To become a crystal healer one just pass a certification course, many of which are not accredited by any state or federal laws that regulate or standardize the practice of crystal healing.

Crystal healing is thought to be safe some research indicates crystal healing could help chronic pain.  Medical doctors tolerate crystal healing to a certain degree, stating it can help one become relaxed and relaxation is therapeutic for stress management.

Many physician do believe in the power of the placebo effect  Nothing even the placebo effect can have benefits for those who believe, the power of the mineral is in the eye of the beholder.

In reality, crystal healing is based on the traditional concept of Asian Cultural, that the stones promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing.

Crystal healers fall under the category of massage or bodywork therapy, therefore, crystal healing remains very popular at spars and saunas.

Weather crystal healing is a perception or special technique Crystal healing is helping people with their physical and mental ailments.

Does Crystal Healing Work?

According to experts crystals act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive energy to flow into the body and do away with negative toxic energy. 

Crystal healing works by channeling your energy levels and focus on healing your body from the inside out.  People continue to have a fascination with crystals. 

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They believe that crystals possess mystical powers, that are used for healing.  Many others believe that crystals encourage spirituality and can bring a positive impact on them.

Even though there are no scientific studies on the efficiency of crystal healing a person may feel better after going for crystal healing treatment.  

While these treatments might make you feel better temporarily. There is no proof that crystal healing can cure disease or treat health conditions.  In fact, it is surmised, if you suffer from a serious medical condition, you should seek help from a medical physician.

It has been established that crystals and gems have the ability to enhance healing.  It has also been noted that crystals will be used more regularly as their acceptance in various kinds of therapy continue to grow. 

As people become more aware of the healing properties of crystals and their many applications.  Research shows how powerful the placebo effect can be, if people believe crystal healing make them feel better, many of them do report to feel better after treatment.


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Crystal healing takes time and consistency for them to work.  Crystals are powerful and the energy of the crystal does vary depending on their size.

Crystals are thought to be capable of amplifying focus, directing absorption, diffusing, and transmitting different levels of healing energy.

Crystals may make your energy better, magnify your wealth, improve your intuition, or boost your mental ability and self-confidence.

Crystals are all around us and can enhance a positive outcome but you must be willing to interact with them physically and mentally. 

Giving your crystals an intension is an important part of crystal healing.

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