The Complete Guide To The 7 Chakras For Beginners

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

We will learn that everything is made of energy.

In fact, everything around us is energy.

Animate and inanimate objects.

Our spiritual and physical body is made of energy.

This energy is known as our vital life force.

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners. 

Will show how energy from the 7 chakras functions within the human body.

Do you feel stressed, overstimulated, unfocused,

or at times angry, worried, or resentful?

These feelings are brought on by the energy around us.

 They play a role in how we feel and act.

Sometimes our energy can become blocked.

And leave us feeling sad, angry, or doubtful.

When our energy is positive we tend to spread joy,

have feelings of happiness, love, and self-worth.

Universal Life Force:

There are special energy centers within us.

They are the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners. 

That manages the flow of energy through our bodies. 

These energy centers are called chakras.

Chakras are known as lotus.

Each chakra symbol is portrayed with a different number of lotus petals.

These lotus petals are an expression of their vibratory frequency.

Vibratory frequencies are used to heal and beautify.

As well as, boost emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Vibrational healing comes from things like meditation, yoga, and healing crystal.

Essential oils, sound, exercise, nature all heal with vibration.

Which interact with our chakras’ energy to stimulate, subdue, or

balance the chakras.

Chakras’ energy has a profound impact on our wellbeing.

So what are Chakras?:

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners, you will learn

that chakras are the systems that keep the spiritual body functioning properly.

The physical body is composed of internal organs.

That keeps it functioning properly.

Well, our spiritual body is composed of a system called chakras.

That keeps the spiritual body functioning properly.

Each chakra with its own unique function.

These systems are subtle rather than physical.

And form a system based on philosophy.

They monitor and manage our energy intake and output.

And play an integral part in our overall health and wellness.

The philosophy of Chakras:

The chakra philosophy comes from ancient Sanskrit texts of


Chakras are from the Sanskrit translated as spinning wheels or

disks of light.

Chakras are spinning disks of energy.

These disks are the energy center of the human body.

Our spiritual body is supported by what we know as the chakra


A system that is unique and functions in a unique way.

This system needs to flow freely to function properly.

It can become blocked with tension, stress, or trauma. 

But can be easily corrected via a number of simple vibratory


Like meditation, yoga, essential oils, aromatherapy, sound, or crystal.

Understanding this concept, and correcting imbalances as they

occur is why we have to learn how to balance our chakras system.

And keep our chakras flowing freely and working properly.

7 Chakras concept:

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

There are many chakras but 7 main chakras. 

They connect the human body to the universal life force.

And are linked to major glandular and nerve centers.

The chakras form a system that monitors and manage our energy

intake and output.

And is an overall part of our health and wellness.

The chakras system is a holistic nature of humankind.

And are distinct energy centers in the human body.

Starting from the top of the head and

ending at the bottom of the spine.

These chakras influence our vital systems and energy.

They form energy rings around our bodies.

That extends the circumference of the entire body.

Traveling in all directions.

Chakras’ space:

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners,

we look at the 7 main chakras.

That must be opened and aligned to release energy. 

All living things have an internal chakra system.

That is constantly moving and changing.

Each chakra has influence over corresponding groups of organs.

Our chakras are associated with different behaviors, emotional,

and mental, as well as, our spiritual or metaphysical issues.

They vibrate with their own frequency and each frequency

corresponds to a specific color.

Chakras work together to keep the energetic body operating

and regulated.

The main chakras are associated with specific locations in the body. 

And correspond with the body’s biological system.

Chakras’ function:

All 7 chakras are interdependent and develop gradually over years. 

Each chakra nourishes a specific endocrine gland

that energizes different body structures.

Chakras are the body’s subtle energy vortices.

Which are the energy center of the human body.

That reference spiritual energy centers within the human body.

When chakras are opened and flowing freely energy runs through them freely.

And harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit.

Keeping mankind nourished and spiritually healthy.

Maintaining Chakras:

Chakras need to be worked on to keep them open and in alignment

or they can become out of sync or blocked.

Which can impact our physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual health.

An imbalance in one chakra. 

This can lead to a malfunction elsewhere in the body.

Chakras work together to keep the energetic body operating and


Maintaining chakras healthy and free-flowing is our goal.


The main chakras are associated with specific locations in the body. 

And correspond with the body’s biological system.

All 7 chakras are interdependent.

 Each chakra nourishes a specific endocrine gland.

That energizes different body structures.

These energy centers are the source of all power, all energy, and


And are referred to as prana.

Prana is the ultimate pure healing energy.

Prana is the infinite sea of energy that embodies us.

The energy of prana flows within all living beings along unique energy lines.

This energy keeps us healthy, happy, and vibrant as noted by Google.

Prana is the cycle of energy that exist in the auric field of all animate

and inanimate objects

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners: 

In a state of optimal health, energy flow freely through all chakras


Allowing us to access a variety of strengths to overcome life’s


There are many exposures that can influence and impact our minds,

and body.

These exposures can affect the chakras’ energies. 

Putting us out of alignment disturbs the energy.

These disturbances can manifest as physical symptoms.

On a biological level.

Whenever one of these major energy centers is thrown off-balanced

They become blocked and physical symptoms may occur.

Energy work and chakras:

The 7 main chakras can guide you through 

how to use the chakras to maintain balance.

One can locate old emotional or spiritual wounds 

and do the work to address them.

But you have to know your chakras in order to address any issues.

Restoring imbalance in the flow of energy.

Has the greatest impact on our healing.

The physical, mental, and emotional health of an individual 

depend on the harmonious workings of the chakras.

How to address imbalances:

There are many things you can do.

Every day to address issues of imbalances.

You should address imbalances and instabilities daily.

By building a daily routine that supports balance in our chakras. 

Will enable us to unlock our unlimited potential. 

to achieve mindfulness, calmness, and happiness.

Each chakra has its own symbol, color, and meaning.

And we have to learn how to increase our self-awareness.

To pinpoint when one or more of our chakras are out of balance.

Then heal them.

The power of our chakras is needed for lifelong happiness.  

Should an imbalance occur:

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners. 

When a person is imbalanced.

Their chakras wheel will be of different sizes.

And rotate out of sync.

Which can cause fatigue, disease, anxiety, or stress.

We can be stricken with things like insomnia, or arthritis.

When the chakras are imbalanced.

Our body will try to tell us that something is wrong.

By sending us signals such as pain, illnesses of emotional duress.

These signals will have a long-lasting effect if not addressed.

Trauma experienced in childhood can have real ramifications too.

Because our psychological development is intertwined with our

chakra‘s development.

So, childhood traumas could affect us for a lifetime if not addressed.

Addressing imbalanced chakras:

There are several simple tools we can use to balance our chakras.

For example, exercise, meditation, breathing, visualization, and sound.

And various other healing techniques. Check the blog for healing

chakras techniques.

We have to address the whole chakras system for self-healing,

imbalances, and blockage. 

Because blockage can manifest in a variety of symptoms if not addressed.

It can take some time to identify which chakra is out of balance.

Each chakra frequency corresponds to a specific color.

These colors follow the same color sequence of a rainbow.

They move in ascending order from the sacrum.

The triangular bone at the base of our spine. 

Up through the top of our heads.

Each chakra affects a particular body part.

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners: 

The 7 main chakras in the body are: 

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

the root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and the crown.

The upper three chakras are known as the spiritual ones.

They connect us to the divine.

The lower three chakras embody our physical self.

And represent our bodily needs.

They ground us to the earth.

The center chakra, the heart, is the connector.

For all the energy lines passing through the entire body.

7 Chakras with Sanskrit name and function:

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginner:

The Root Chakra: Muladhara

Located: at the base of the spine

Symbolized by: a 4 petal lotus 

Represented by the color: Red

Element: Earth

Developing age: Womb – 7 years

Governs: our basic needs, security, safety, our fight or flight


Symbolize: strength and vitality feel grounded and connected to the


When in balance: this chakra denotes a deep level of connection to


prostrate, male sex organs, blood, legs, hip, tailbones, pelvis, and

lower back.

the physical body and the world around us.

We feel safe. 

Physical problems: pain in bones, skeletal structure, osteoarthritis

This chakra is associated with the spinal column, bones, colon,

Healing essential oils: Cedar, clove, frankincense, ginger, myrrh

patchouli, rosemary, and sandalwood.

Every living thing has its own chakra system

Balance root chakra: make us feel safe and supported, feel

optimistic, trusting, abundance

When Imbalanced or Blocked:

you feel negative, driven by fear, anxious, insecure, depressed 

Struggle with eating disorders, addiction, sluggish digestion

If blocked you may feel anxious, fearful, insecure, or frustrated.

This chakra usually become blocked with major changes in life 

Like a change in career, money, housing situation, health, or primary


Maintain root chakra: with grounding yoga, eat more root foods.

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

The Sacral chakra: Svadhisthana

 Located: below your navel

This chakra is symbolized by: a 6 petaled lotus

Represented by the color: Orange

Element: Water

Developing age: 8-14years

Governs: our self-worth, creativity, emotions, passions, and


When balanced: have a free flow of emotion to relate to others with full

experience of your own sexuality

Physical problems: may include pain in the lower back, kidney

weakness, constipation, reproductive issues, fear of pleasure

Control the adrenal gland, hormones, pelvic region, and reproduction

organ, fluid functions, kidney, and bladder

Healing crystal: Bloodstone, carnelian, moonstone, red jasper

Healing essential oils: Bergamot, ylang-ylang, cinnamon, hibiscus,

jasmine rose

When imbalanced and blocked:

You may be numb to feelings, experience creative blockage, have

codependent relationships, lack desire, experience mood swings

Are over-reactive, feel scattered and unfocused

When blocked we may feel emotionally explosive, stifled creativity,

or unable to express feelings of passion appropriately

Maintain: creative play, dance, swimming, art, music, and


The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

Have high self-esteem, enjoy taking on new challenges

and feel a strong sense of personal power.

Healing crystals: Amber, calcite, sunstone, tiger’s eye

Healing essential oils: Cardamom, chamomile, lemon, lemongrass,

marjoram, peppermint

Physical problems: digestive issues, food allergies, liver problems,

adrenal fatigue, nervous exhaustion and diabetes

Associated with your pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder, digestive

the system, small intestine, and the muscle of your mid back

Imbalanced and blocked:

Have you feeling indecisive, unsure, overly controlling, and

manipulative, feeling competitive, feeling drained, confusion

Worry about what others think, experience depression

Maintain: yoga poses

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

The Heart Chakra: Anahata

Located: behind the breast bone, between the shoulder blade.

Symbolized by: a 12-petaled lotus

Represented by the color: Green

Element: Air

Developing age: 22-28 years

Governs: Compassion, the center of love, acceptance, patience,

forgiveness and compassion, gratitude, balance sharing,

coping skills

The heart directs your ability to love yourself and others

When balanced: you feel compassion, love, empathy, and the instinct to

nurture others, and have the ability to see the good in everyone.

Giving and accepting love, open-hearted, charitable, forgiving,


Healing crystals: Amazonite, aventurine, kunzite, malachite, rose


Healing essential oils: Bergamot, eucalyptus, geranium, jasmine,

patchouli, poppy, rose, rosewood

Physical problems: insomnia, difficulty breathing, high blood

pressure, or heart attack

Associated with the heart, ling, upper back, thymus, breast, skin,

circulation system, immune system, rib cage, shoulder blade and


Imbalanced and blocked:

 Shut down to love. is critical of self/others, deceitful

Over or under empathetic, intolerant, may feel indecisive,

disconnected, afraid of letting go and getting hurt, paranoid, or feeling

unworthy of love

Maintain: yoga poses and postures when seated, herbs and

heart foods

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

The Throat Chakra: Vishuddha

Located: at the base of the neck

Symbolized by: 16 petaled lotus

Represented by the color: Blue

Element:  Sound

Developing age: 29-35 years

The communication center, speech, and writing 

Anger is stored in your throat.

Balanced: allows you to let go of pent-up anger, feel centered and

clear, inspired to express truth, out of balance, inspired to express

truth, out of balance, you feel timid, misunderstood, weak, and have

trouble expressing your own voice.

Healing crystals: Apatite, chrysocolla, Kyanite, labradorite

Healing essential oils: Bergamot, blue chamomile, carrot seed,

chamomile, cypress, geranium, sage

Physical problems: physical illness or ailments, skin irritation,

sore throat, inflammation and back pain, the central nervous system may

be affected associated with jaw, throat, gums, teeth, neck, voice,

ears, shoulders, and arms.

Imbalanced and blocked: 

Have an under-active or overactive thyroid, you may feel timid,

misunderstood, weak, have trouble expressing your own voice,

fearful of speaking, can become overly chatty, get involved in gossip

and lies, may fear communication and lose your ability to speak your


Maintain by: keeping the throat soothed with warm drinks, soothing

teas, honey, and lemon

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

The Third Eye Chakra: Ajna

In the complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

Located: between the eyes

Symbolized by:  a 96-petaled lotus

Represented by the color: Indigo

Element:  Light

Developing age: 36-42 years

Your psychic seat, it aids your intuition and allows you to

see beyond obstacles 

When balanced and open 

You can clearly gauge the next step in your path without fear

Rational thoughts and insight, healthy memory

You have increased perception and intuition

Healing crystals: Amethyst, howlite, lapis lazuli, marinate

Healing essential oils: Bay laurel, clary sage, juniper lavender,

lemon, peppermint, rosemary

Physical symptoms: headaches, blurred vision, eye strain,

associated with the pituitary and pineal gland, the eyes, nose, ears, sinus

and the lymphatic and endocrine system

Imbalance and blocked:

Hallucination between fantasy/reality, believing in conspiracy


Paranoia, headache confusion, brain fog, close-mindedness

Maintain with: guided meditation, yoga poses, and herbs

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

The Crown Chakra: Sahasrara

Located: on the top of the head

Symbolized by: a 1000-petaled lotus

Represented by the color: Violet

Element:  Thought

Developing age: 43-49 years

The center of spirituality and enlightenment, joyful and fulfilled

governs your ability to feel connected

Feel a part of the world, inner peace

A deep understanding of self and place in the world

Healing crystal: Apophyllite, clear quartz, Lemurian quartz,

moldavite, phenacite, selenite

Healing essential oils: Angelica, basil, frankincense, helichrysum,

jasmine, lotus, myrrh, neroli, rose

Physical symptoms: illness such as migraines, headaches,

depression associated with the brain and cerebral function, chronic

fatigue, nervous system disorder

Imbalanced or blocked:

You may feel frustrated, your thinking is rigid and unyielding

Resistant to new ideas, may become obsessive 

Can lead to doomsday thinking, generalized anxiety

A feeling of being lost, or alone in the world

Maintain with: yoga poses :

Conclusion of The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners:

All 7 chakras shape our entire spiritual anatomy.

They are the door to our higher consciousness.

Unbalanced chakras may cause emotional and

creative shutdown.

Desensitizing us.

We have to understand the different behaviors.

And physical functions associated with each chakra. 

Then we could take this information and pinpoint when one or more

of our chakra is out of balance.

Then act to prevent or heal the imbalance.

The complete guide to the 7 chakras for beginners

The universe will always attempt to bring us into alignment.

With our highest self in the fastest way.

We must keep up the creative process to keep blockage loosened.

We can utilize affirmations to help keep us balanced and restored.

Spending time with animals, and performing small rituals. 

Makes a big impact on what is good for us in life.

A gift of internal peace will help to keep us in balance.

Take a break from technology to build empathy.

Increasing trust in yourself. 

And the universe will help to keep you grounded.

Our ultimate goal is to bring about harmony in the body and mind.

What is meant for us will not miss us!

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