The 10 Best Crystals To Help You Attract Wealth And Prosperity

The 10 best crystals to help you attract wealth and prosperity.

Everything in the universe holds energy and vibrate at a different frequency

Whatever thoughts you are having at any given time attract thoughts into your life that have the same frequency this is called the law of attraction.

Like attracts like.

So if you vibrate at a high frequency you attract things that are vibrating at a high frequency and vice versa.

It is thought that positive thoughts vibrate at a high frequency while negative thoughts vibrate at a low frequency

Crystals vibrate on a frequency of their own.

They do vibrate on a high frequency for the most part.

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There are crystals we utilize for help with health, wealth, manifestation, love, and more.

I will be looking at crystals with the high vibrational frequency known for their value of helping manifest wealth, prosperity, and abundance.

Here is a list of 10 crystals, if used correctly will help you generate wealth into your life.

The 10 best crystals to help you attract wealth and prosperity

10 luck crystals to help manifest abundance, wealth, and prosperity.

If you are looking for quality crystals that can help you manifest and

get on the same energy frequency as money.

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The Law of attraction:

These abundance crystals will help you to boost your law of attraction.

These crystals will align with your attraction vibrational energies to help you gain abundance and prosperity. 

These stones work by enhancing  the law of attraction and increasing their effectiveness.

So when you combine the law of attraction and the abundance crystal you increase your thought vibration so you are all on the same vibrational frequency of the things you want to achieve.

This, in turn, allows you to have faith in the process and push out negative thoughts so self-doubt is not triggered.

You can look at the crystals realistically and let them help achieve your wealth.

Whether you are manifesting a new career or working towards a financial goal.

The 10 best crystals to help you attract wealth and prosperity.

Crystals can provide an extra layer of energetic support so you can embark on your financial journey.

How wealth crystals work:

These crystals will work in unique ways to bring you the wealth and prosperity you are seeking.

Combining the energy of these crystals for prosperity with your intentions is the most impactful way to open your life up to receiving a generous flow of wealth and abundance. 

You’ll learn which crystal to use, how to use it for best results.

Each of these crystals works in different ways but will have similar effects of attracting wealth. 

Each crystal works differently but does work, in the same way, to attract wealth, prosperity, and success into your life.

There is at least one crystal that is meant for you that will attract wealth like a magnet. 

The 10 best crystals to help you attract wealth and prosperity.

Choose 8 crystals,  because 8 is the number for prosperity.  

And the 8 crystals will work together, combining their energies to bring about your desired outcome. 

By placing them in your home, your office,  and keeping them around you at all times.

These crystals will help you learn the fact that you don’t need to lean on others to draw wealth but you can stand alone and achieve wealth   

Crystal energies can help support you with grounding energy so you can find the solution to get out of the state of lack 

Crystals for wealth will help you break that cycle and establish a healthier financial pattern. 

Using Crystals For Abundance:

And  allowing you to transform your debt into abundance  

Many people use crystals to help obtain money, prosperity, and 

abundance in their life

Always use crystals for good fortune along with money stones to keep enjoying the wealth you get.

Crystals are known to help with physical and emotional needs. 

Whether you want to increase your savings, generate an income, or eliminate debt.

Here I am going to address crystals that are known to help you manifest wealth. 

The 10 best crystals to help you attract wealth and prosperity

Best crystal for wealth and abundance:

The 10 Best Crystals to help you attract wealth and Prosperity

These 10 picks are from the Amazon selection of Crystals.


 wealth crystal

Energy:  Amplifies 

Color:  Purple

Chakra:  Third eye and crown 

Placement: on the 3rd eye, above the crown of the head, near your bed, under your pillow

Helps with: Stress and anxiety nightmares addition helps you to be frugal with your money, promote a love of the divine, dispels anger, rage, fear, and anxiety, alleviate sadness and grief,

cleanse the aura, Intuition, insight, insomnia, safe travel, manifestation

Usage Tip: Place a purple money stone in your money

the corner is the best way to increase money manifestation.

Will help money flow in faster.

 Purple is the color of wealth in some dynasties.

Amethyst is a powerful and protective, spiritual stone

with high spiritual vibration.

Being a natural tranquilizer has strong healing and cleansing power.

Calming and stimulating as appropriate while

enhancing spiritual awareness, supporting sobriety, and helps you feel less scattered.

This stone enhances memory and improves motivation.

While promoting a love of the divine.


Citrine wealth crystal

Energy: Amplifies

Color:  Yellow to yellowish-brown smoky grey

Chakra:  Solar Plexus

Placement:Wear stone on the finger of in the throat area in contact with the skin

Helps with:  Raising self-esteem.

Enhance concentration and revitalize the mind.

It absorbs, transmits, dissipates, and ground negative energy. 

A powerful cleanser, regenerator, raise self-esteem and self-confidence. 

Promote inner calm, allowing wisdom to emerge. 

Awakens the higher mind, stimulates digestion, the spleen, and the pancreas, perform well for digestion disorder by eliminating toxins.

Sharpens concentration and helps to convert intellectual energy into physical energy.

Creativity, generosity, promoting clarity of thinking, and manifesting will lead to an abundance of money.

Usage Tip: Manifest and attract wealth and prosperity. A happy generous stone that encourages sharing of what you have yet helps you to hold on to your wealth.

Citrine is a powerful stone that carries the power of the sun 

Warming, never need cleaning 

Good for cleansing the chakra and aura 

Noted for attracting money

Bring joy to all who holds it 

Is a stone for energizing and recharging

Known as the “Stone of the merchant,” because it brings prosperity to salespeople and shopkeepers

Asserting personal will lead to an abundance of money

Will attract money anywhere

It’s a disrupter of negative energy

Protective for the environment

A happy generous stone that helps you to hold onto your wealth


 wealth crystal

Energy:  Absorbs

Color:  green, orange, brown, blue, blue-green, crimson, lavender, red, white

Chakra: All

Placement: Place on the body in the form of jewelry

Helps with: Help with protection, safe travel, easing guilt, interrupting negative thought patterns, increasing life forces energies, promoting a love of all kind 

Lucky stones attract a good future, self-reliance, encourage wisdom, and trust in the abundance of the universe.

Good for cellular and bone disorder.

A cleansing stone aiding the body’s filtration and eliminating organs.

Heal the kidney and supra adrenal glands, removes toxins

Usage Tip: For health and wealth

Elixir for the skin, kidney, and spleen 

Used since ancient times often carved into jewelry or other artifacts


Jade is regarded as a protective stone for children

Increase love and nurturing.

Assist fertility and childbirth.

Attract wealth, good fortune soothe and heal.

Attract success and luck.

Prized in the east.

A protective stone that keeps the wearer from harm. 

Attracts good luck and friendship.

Encourage you to become who you really are. 

Symbol of purity and severity, wisdom in tranquility.

Jade is a dream stone that brings out your spirituality and wisdom.

Stone of abundance, vitality, and wellbeing

Green Aventurine:

 wealth crystal

Energy:  Amplifies energy

Color:  Green

Chakra:  The heart chakra benefits the thymus gland and nervous system

Placement: On the correspondent chakra, like jewelry, in your wallet

Helps with: a disorder of the lung and endocrine gland overall body health

Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness.

Promote compassion and empathy.

Stabilizes the mind and enhances creativity, calms anger, and irritation. Attract wealth and prosperity.  

Releases anxiety, promotes self-confidence, and  decisiveness.

Promote a feeling of wellbeing

Usage Tip: Carry in your pocket when you have an important  meeting at work to promote leadership.

Green Aventurine the lucky stone

A crystal for health,  attract money

Gambler stores increase luck 

Boost creativity

Increase your ability to increase wealth

Calming stone

Money luck like jade

Positive stone of prosperity

Protect against environmental pollutions

Aid in manifestation

Improving self-discipline

Promoting unconditional love

Sense of safety, and security, promoting self-esteem


 wealth crystal

Energy: Absorb 

Color:  Gold, brownish

Chakra:  Throat and solar plexus chakras


Helps with: You follow through with your goals.

Powerful money manifestation stone, best crystal for wealth.

Protect you from scams.

Promote diplomacy.

Block out negative energies and pollutants.

Help with infections disease, positive stones, relieve anxiety, boost self-worth, increase energy, and overcome fatigue.

Block energy leak from the physical body and the aura, treat bone and stimulate cellular formation, align the meridian.

Help you shift your mindset from lack of to abundance.

Usage Tip: Bring it with you to conduct any financial deal.

Pyrite is known as fool’s gold. It looks like gold.

Best crystal for wealth.

Helps you to not be fooled by people or things that are distorted. 

Help you move towards a wealthier future

The 10 Best Crystals to help you attract wealth and Prosperity:


 wealth crystal

Energy:  Amplifies

Color: Red

Chakra:  Root, Crown, and heart  

Placement: Place on or near the root or heart chakra as a necklace, bracelet, ring

Helps with: Connection attract wealth 

Stimulate the heart, balance the heart, powerful shield, psychic attack, and promotes positive dreams.

Stimulates the pineal gland, detoxifies the body, blood, and lymph, infection disease. Heart and blood circulatory system.

Love opens the heart, expressing love, compassion, and divine love.

Usage Tip: Wear to help you break free of blockage 

Ruby is a great stone for fortune.

Create soul.

Store abundance and aids in retaining wealth and passion.

Bring about a positive and courage. 

Help break free of blockage.

Attract love, as well as, prosperity, and enhance luck.


 wealth crystal

Energy: Amplifies

Color: Yellow, orange, red-brown

Chakra:  Clear all Chakras

Placement: Best place your money crystals in your

Wallet to assure your wallet is always bulging.

Place in a money box, safe, work desk, place of business, 

on your body 

Helps with:  attract abundance wealth and willing 

Help you fulfill your dreams, stones of luck, and optimum, propel you forward in life, heighten intuition.

Antidepressants and lift dark moods.

Remove codependency, self empowerments.

Happiness, positivity, directly related to this stone’s color.

Use in the sun sets you in the prosperous mindset, to attract financial situations.

Lead you to become more prosperous, successful, and abundant.

Usage Tip: Place, wear, or hold as appropriate. Beneficial when used in the sun. 

Sunstone makes your life inject with overflow.

Joyful light inspiring stone. 

Bring luck and good fortune.

Help you say no.

Push you forward in endeavors.

Positive attitudes.

Tigers eye:

wealth crystal

Energy:  Absorb

Color: Blue, red, yellow

Chakra: Throat, Root, and Solar Plexus

Placement:  Wear on the right  arm or as an energy pendant or bracelet

Helps with: relieving depression, increasing physical energy. 

Bring good fortune, balance yin-yang energy, improve night vision and other eye disorders.  

Attract wealth like a magnet, the best crystal for wealth and abundance.

Helpful in resolving dilemmas and conflicts.  

Heal issues of self-worth.

Support additional personalities to make a change.

Balance yin-yang and energy’s emotional body.

Alleviate depression and light moods.

Aid night vision heals the throat chakra and reproduction organs.

Useful for healing mental disease and personality disorder 

Usage Tip:  work with polish stone to avoid asbestos which this stone contains

Tiger’s eye personal empowerment protection helps you feel more stable. It brings good luck.

Push you to take action at the right time.

An abundance of crystal.

Very powerful, improve your luck, help you handle anything thrown at you. 

Will help you perceive the facts that you don’t need to lean on others to draw wealth you could do it alone.

Combine the earth’s energy with the energies of the sun to create a high vibrational state. 

Protective stones that bring out integrity assist in accomplishing goals.

Ground and facilitates manifestation.

Tree Agate:

 wealth crystal

Energy: Amplifies

Color: Clear, brown, and green

Chakra:  All chakras dependent on color  

Placement: In a pocket, or any type of jewelry

Helps with:  Reduce sensitivity to weather and environmental pollutants.  

Helps with intuition and helps these people channel in practical ways.

Improve self-esteem.

Emotional balance calms focus on concentration.

Strengthen positive personalities, speed up recovery, eliminate depression, boost the immune system energy. 

Treat  and help with help to eliminate hypoglycemia, dehydration, treat infection, cold, and flu, lower fevers pollutants.  

Stone of wealth attracts abundance

Usage Tip: wear for long periods to gain benefits

Tree agate is strongly connected with nature

Refresh the soul.

Straightens the meridian of the body.

Allow you to remain centered in times of strife or confusion, bringing stability.

It brings abundance and fullness to all areas of life.


wealth crystal

Energy:  Absorbs

Color: light blue to deep turquoise

Chakra: Throat 

Placement: in jewelry as a necklace, in a pocket 

Helps with: Luck and prosperity, safe travel, and speaking personal truth.

Protection against pollutants in the environment aligns. 

Enhances institutions and meditation

Purification, calming.

Store for exhaustion, depression, or pain attacks.

Usage Tip: Store in your bedroom to promote harmony

Turquoise is an efficient healer.

Solace for the spirit, protective stone

Straightens the meridian of the body, heals the whole body.

Personal power

Give voice to creative ideas

Protection against theft empowerment


The 10 best crystals to help you attract wealth and prosperity.

Remember some stones are not associated with abundance; they may work to assist you in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Like black Tourmaline is good for working on your debt.

Use this stone to help clear clutter.

That’s why it’s important for you to read, research and practice working with different crystals.

To feel which suit your energy best.

Your own belief is very potent in your having success with crystals To bring out the magical aspect.

Choose 8 crystals and get on the road to prosperity.

Stone Placement:

Keep the stones around you at all times in a small pouch, purse, or in your pocket.

Place in your home, around the workplace, or your office to amplify your wealth energies.

You can place stones on top of your business card or business paper to send the energy out into the universe. 

Form a crystal grid place in the southwest quadrant of your home

The wealth and abundance section leaves in place at least 21 days.

The stones will invite the flow of abundance into your life and your home.

Working with individual stones or groups of stones through ritual grids or often practice is a powerful way to boost your wealth energy. 

Wearing a crystals combination will take you to another level.

These crystals will work in a distinct manner to bring you the abundance and wealth you are seeking.

Certain crystals may not attract wealth but they may work to assist you in ways you never thought like, Bloodstone will help you retain/conserve your money.

Sleep with your crystal, put it under your pillow to help bring money-making ideas while you sleep.

Use in elixirs to receive their energy.

Use while meditating.  

Combining the energies of these stones with your personal initiative is one of the most impactful ways to open up your life to receive a big flow of abundance into your life.

I like to source my crystals from a local shop, where I can go in and touch them but there are other available ways to acquire crystals if there is not a local shop in your area. Here I avail to you the Amazon links for these crystals which are reasonably priced.

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