Simple Exercises to See Your Aura

Trying to see your own  Aura colors:

Aura is your energy field manifest as color around your body.

This article is about simple exercises to see your aura.

Aura is your energy field manifest as color around your body.

Seeing an Aura is possible because energy is visible to the naked eye.

You just need to know how to look for it. 

Some people have clear, auras some have a rainbow, and some have auras with colors of specific dominant colors.

We all have home colors-what you see one day may fade out the next day. 

Underlying energy is our aura.

To see the aura is a matter of training your eyes to look for the energy field around something or someone.

Anyone can read an aura.

It’s about trusting your intuition 

How to see Aura exercise:  

Aura is the energetic field around a person and it contains insightful information into their present state of being.

Aura can be seen by a clairvoyant.  That is someone who is able to see someone’s energy field without training.

Everything is made of atoms which are tiny bits of energy. Consequently, everything has an aura.

Auras are made of several layers with one color dominating.

As a result, this is said to be the base color. 

Which describes their personality, who they are as a person.

This color is usually displayed each time you see that person’s aura.

There are seven layers to the aura which are constantly changing. 

Why you shouldn’t concern yourself with seeing the Aura:

The Yogi Mystic and Visionary Sadhguru think spiritual seekers should not concern themselves with seeing the aura.

Because the aura exists on the periphery of a person. Likewise, superficial to the skin.

It should not be of interest to spiritual seekers, who should be more focused on the core of a person and not what’s on their surface.

We shouldn’t be trying to see a person’s aura we will see things that are not there.

Leave the fixing of the surface for the MDs

Focusing on the core means a good aura.  Likewise, focusing on the surface result in a miserable aura.

We make aura an asylum by seeing things that are not there.

Physical, mental, and emotional energy status is represented by your aura.

How to see your Aura:

There are several steps involved in following simple exercises to see your aura.

First, you have to develop the magic eye puzzle.

This will train your brain, consequently, to look for something that is not there.

Once you train the brain to see pictures within a magic eye image. As a result, your brain remembers how to do this.

This trains your brain to understand that by relaxing your eyes something more will be revealed.

Once you learn to relax your focus. After that, you can look for the auric energy field surrounding you.

Simple exercises to see your aura:

Once you learn to relax your focus.  After that, you can look for the auric energy field surrounding you.

Dim the light:

  • Subtle energy is easier to see because your senses are relaxed
  • Dim things down noise lights
  • This opens the senses to perceive more 
  • Natural light works best

Get comfortable:

  • Relax your body
  • Give yourself some uninterrupted time
  • Sit in a semi-upright position
  • Start with your hand then move to the mirror

Relax your vision:

  • Release all strain from your vision
  • Relax your eyes 
  • Widen your gaze
  • Focus on the object then release to a gaze
  • This help to develop your peripheral vision
  • Practice concentrating on one spot for 30-60 sec
  • This will increase your sensitivity to light 
  • Focus on the space between the fingers 
  • Unfocus your eyes but take in the shape of your fingers and a spot beneath them.
  • Consequently, you are still seeing via your peripheral vision
  • Once your eyes become unfocused
  • Keep staring in the space between your fingers.
  • Until you can see an outline of color around your finger via the peripheral vision
  • However, you will see only one layer at first 
  • Keep practicing you will begin to see more layers extending from your body
  • With practice seeing the aura will get easier
  • Look for auric energy field surrounding you

Learn to relax your focus:

  • Look for auric energy field surrounding you
  • Start with your hand once that is conquered.
  • Then move to the mirror
  • Stand in front of a mirror in front of a light-colored background
  • Concentrate on a focal point in the middle of your forehead
  • Stare at yourself without blinking when your vision becomes blurry.
  • Then you will see a transparent shadow 2-4 fingers wide extending from your body 
  • This is your energy field. Which,  may only be a white energy outline 
  • Without moving your eyes scan the perimeter of your head and shoulders
  • The color you see surrounding your head and shoulder is your aura
  • You will see energy expand to color with practice.
  • Practice on other objects if you are having trouble seeing your own Aura

Gaze at your subject:

Aura Colors and their meaning:

People usually have one-two dominating colors in their Aura. Consequently, these are their favorite colors.

When viewing others’ aura. 

You may not see everyone’s Aura.

Because a hurt person who is afraid. May recoil their aura.

Some aura color is easily diffused. However, they have open energy fields. 

Learning to see someone’s aura can tell you a lot about them.

It can encourage you to make changes to improve your life.

However, following these simple exercises to see your aura chart.

Will allow you can get clues into someone’s nature.

You can spot a liar.  Aura can’t be fake.

Aura can diagnose disease. That is to say, before physical symptoms appear.

Everywhere we go we perceive other people’s energy on the aura.

These simple exercises to see your aura help us to see this.

And indicate our moods, emotion, and vibrations.

When you meet someone for the first time.

Consequently, your aura makes the first impression.

The human eyes cannot see the aura without training.

See and read Aura:

Once you can see and read Aura

You begin to understand Aura color and meaning.

You will understand yourself and others.

We do communicate telepathically with others through the auric field.

By seeing aura colors, we can figure out why people’s vibes affect us in different ways. 

It’s about trusting your intuition.

Most importantly, Aura color can enhance personal growth but doubts and fears will block your ability to see the aura.

The more colorful, cleaner, and brighter the aura, the better and more spiritually advanced the person is.

 A gray or dark aura reveals one to have unclean intentions.

The more uniform the energy is distributed in the aura the healthier and more balanced the person. 


The Aura reflects thoughts, feelings, and desires which appear like flashes, clouds, of flames usually away from the head area. 

Aura can change color with a change in mood depending on your company and your self-care, diet, and exercise 

Aura rings need to be cleaned because we pick up energy that is not ours.

These energies can make you feel out of sorts, exhausted, and anxious. Consequently, that’s when it’s time for a cleaning.  

There are several means of cleaning the Aura as explained in the article, “How to clean your Aura of negative energy “.

Training your peripheral sight to see the energy of living subjects helps you to maintain your concentration.

Raising your vibration help to develop your psychic skills. As well as, releasing negative filters and limiting beliefs from your life.

You can learn how to raise your vibrational frequency from the article 12 Ways To Raise Your Vibrational Frequency.

Integrating new levels of joy, love, and light to open up psychic abilities.

Quiet your mind connect with your angels meditate, laugh, and enjoy.  

All will boost your vibration and bring you into alignment with your being able to see an aura.

Doubt and fear, however, will block your ability to see an Aura.

The more you practice the easier it become to see Auras!

Practice makes perfect!

The Aura reflects thoughts, feelings, and desires which appear like flashes, clouds, of flames usually away from the head area.

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