Reading Energy Of The Amazing Aura

Want to advance spiritually by reading the energy of the amazing aura.

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This invisible field of energy surrounds every

living and nonliving thing.

Energy healers and some psychics can read the auric field.

Reading the aura allows you to see emotions,

health status, power level, or moral alignment.

Reading the energy of the amazing aura.

Aura is like a bubble of energy that surrounds all things.

One can detect distortions and see events before

they happen by reading the aura.

The color of your aura is impacted by your health.

What we are experiencing at the moment.

What we spend our time on, thinking about, 

viewing, doing, and believing all have an impact 

on the quality of our aura.

How to see the aura and read a person’s energy

our aura is a part of our energetic signature.

And contain information about our life’s plan.

Drug use, trauma, prayers, and healing can 

change the substance of the aura.

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What the aura is:

Aura is an electromagnetic field that surrounds a 

person’s body.

This electromagnetic field that surrounds

the physical body is referred to as our aura or auric field.

This luminous energy field emanates and 

envelope the body of all living and nonliving 


The aura can only be seen by certain people. 

But it can be felt by everyone.

Reading the energy of the amazing aura.

Spiritual belief is the aura is a colored emanating 

and enclosing an animal, or inanimate objects. 

The aura’s shape:

The aura is oval in shape strong and flexible. 

Made of structural layers that hold and support 

each other.

Similar to the way bones and muscles function in 

our physical body.

 And extends in front of and behind the body. 

How to see the aura and read a person’s energy.

The aura pass through your body. 

Energy express by the aura;

All the energy you generate is contained in your aura.

Your aura acts as a buffer between you and all

other energies around you.

The aura also interacts with every energy body 

it comes in contact with.

This body contains all of our physical vitality, 

emotions, thoughts, and experiences related to others. 

Our aura allows us to receive life’s experience on 

multiple layers of existence and to express 

ourselves dynamically.

The Aura’s Origin: 

The aura thought to originate through Ayurveda and 

traditional Chinese medicine during early 


Reading Energy Of The Amazing Aura.

They help to create the ability to detect and see 

the aura outside of the human body. 

Proof of the existence of the aura: 

Ancient cave drawings depict aura.

The aura is on modern artwork of Jesus, 

The Buddha, Mother Mary, and other Saints.

The depiction of the halo is thought to represent

the human aura.

In modern times the aura can be seen via Kirlian 


The layers of the aura:

Aura is made of many layers but we normally 

refer to the first 7 layers.

Each layer has a distinct purpose and meaning.

Reading the energy of the amazing aura.

The aura gives life through our chakras system.

A healthy aura is an asymmetrical front to back and side to side.

With clear edges and defined boundaries. 

It has vibrant colors that dance and flicker

creating structures for energy to flow through.

The outer ring extends one foot above the head up

into the earth.

And expand out even length from the center of the 


The energy you put out is the first thing you share 

with the world. 

Your hide nothing.

Your aura sense information in the aura of others 

before you say a word. 

When you fine-tune your ability to experience 

auras you will be able to understand your fellow 

humans and yourself on an intuitive and energetic level.

Because everything is energy, some things may 

be more complicated.

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Aura is part of our subtle energy body:

Subtle energy body connect to our soul and 

higher self.

Subtle energy is not physical but it is visible and immortal.

The auric field moves from being gross energy to 

subtle energy.

From the physical to the spiritual body.

When the soul leaves the body the body can no longer live.  

Subtle bodies:

Subtle bodies are aura layers and energies.

They are not physically seen or felt but are 


We respond to energy instinctively because we 

are attuned to it.

Sensing subtle energy is interwoven in our DNA.

The Nadis: 

The nadis are subtle energy pathways within our body. 

They connect the subtle energy and keep 

prana(life forces) moving.

The subtle energy system has several nadis

There are three primary nadis:

  1. The Ida: run primarily along the left side of the

       spine and is associated with feminine energy

  1. The Pingala: Run primarily along the right side of the spine and is associated with masculine energy.
  1.  The Sushumna: Runs along the center of your spine and passes through each chakra. It is the most important nadis and channels energy from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

The nadis are all connected to the seven core chakras.

They are within the frame of the spinal column.

The Ida and Pingala weave around the Sushumna 

Nadi crossing each other at six points along the spine.

Our natural and intuitive abilities:

We are born with natural psychic and intuitive abilities.

Most people can’t see aura without learning how to.

We have to have natural intuition and a high

sense perception to see subtle energy.

It is through these natural and intuitive abilities we 

are able to experience auras.

Some souls are born with the ability to see auras.

Children are said to be more aware of the energy of auras.

Most people have the natural ability to feel the energy.

The ability to feel energy explains why you may

feel drained or energized around certain people.

Auras are three-dimensional atmospheres that

surround the body.

These are colors, shapes, and patterns within auras.

Which vary from person to person.

Reading the energy of the amazing aura:

Aura can tell you more in the here and now.

Auras always tell the truth they show levels within 

people that go beyond what you expect. 

The aura is made of seven different layers that 

interrelate and form a cohesive body.

The layers reflect physical, emotional, rational, 

astral, and divine components of each person.

Each person has their own aura that reflects their

personal energy and affects their ability to connect with others.

Each color in the aura has meaning.

Before we perceive someone’s else energy field, 

we perceive our own.

We look through our own energy first then we can 

see someone else’s.

Information in our aura:

There is a lot of information in our aura.

Aura holds all colors of the rainbow.

They change according to your mood and 

emotional state.

If you are feeling positive and happy your aura will 

extend far beyond the physical body.

When you are feeling negative or sad. 

The aura will contract and remain much closer to the body.

Everyone has a unique type of aura that shows

their personal energy. 

Purpose of the aura:

The aura is a direct connection to your soul and higher self.

Your higher self contains all the information about

your purpose for being here and any past lives

you may have had.

Being able to access this information will help you 

better understand your purpose for being here  

and make sense of your life.

Your aura keeps you alive.

So your subtle energy system is just as vital as 

any other system in your body.

Whatever is going on in your body and mind will 

present itself in your aura.

Your aura is a mirror of what is going on in your body.

An aura is a powerful tool for understanding and

healing yourself.

Your aura offers protection:

Your auric field can help deflect negative energy 

and save you from what is known as,” energy vampires.”

Your electromagnetic field is never constant.

It changes with every passing opportunity, event, or encounter.

The aura pattern, shape, and color do not remain constant.

Reading the energy of the amazing aura:

We are not able to see the aura. 

We can feel/sense the presence of it.

Or teach ourselves how to see it.

Being able to see the aura will help us to know 

more about ourselves and others we interact with daily.

Aura intermix with things around it:

Affecting our daily interactions and relationships with others.

You do not have to match others’ aura’s to get along.

But the same energy frequencies can lead to 

a healthy relationship between you and others.

Your aura intermingle with others around you and

can affect your relationships and daily interactions with strangers.

Electromagnetic field layers:

As mentioned before the aura is part of our

electromagnetic field which contains 7 layers.

One layer corresponds to each chakra.

Each layer increase in vibration as it moves

outward away from the physical body.

With the slowest vibrational frequency being 

closest to the physical body.

The seven layers each govern a different aspect

of life and overall health.

The Enteric body layer :

  • The 1st layer
  • Physical in nature
  • bluish-grey in color 
  • is a web-like structure that mimics the physical body
  • Supports the physical body, correspond to the 1st chakra
  • Grounds us gives us the ability to thrive
  • Governs basic survival
  • Weaker in those who lead a sedentary lifestyle 

or when immunity is compromised

The Emotional body layer:

  • 2nd layer
  • Physical in nature
  • Associated with feelings 
  • This structure is fluid and full of colored clouds of light
  • 3ft away from the physical body
  • The colors here reflect the mood
  • Associated with the 2nd chakra
  • Governs sexuality
  • Giving and receiving pleasure, self-love
  • The state of the chakras can easily be determined from this layer

The Mental body layer:

  • 3rd layer
  • Physical in nature
  • The structural layer is like the 1st but vibrates at a faster speed
  • Usually seen as yellow
  • Contain the structure of our thought and ideas
  • Related to the third chakra
  • Governs our perception of power, will, and knowledge of our place in the universe
  • Stronger in those who engage in mental tasks

The Astral body:

  • 4th layer
  • Filled with colored light
  • Objects from past times exist here
  • Govern by the 4th chakra
  • Maintain our openness to life
  • And how we love and serve as a bridge from the lower to the upper chakra
  • Can be weaker during breakups or conflicts with loved ones

The Enteric template layer:

  • 5th layer
  • A structural layer
  • Can vary in color
  • Serves as a photographic negative of the 1st level
  • The level where sound creates matter
  • Correspond to the  5th chakra
  • The chakra of communication
  • Healed and made stronger by expressing your truth 
  • And knowing who you truly are

The Celestial body layer:

  • 6th layer
  • Where our spiritual dimension of emotion exist
  • Full of opalescent postal light
  • Pearly white in color
  • Spiritual ecstasy
  • Oneness with spirit
  • Correspond to our 6th chakra
  • Unconditional love and clairvoyant vision
  • When strong the person may have the ability  to communicate with the spirit world

The Ketheric Template layer:

  • 7th layer
  • The casual body and the mental level of the spiritual plane
  • Furthest away from the physical body
  • Golden web of light
  • Where energetic vertical power current run up and down the spine 
  • Our divine wisdom
  • Our connection to our spirituality 
  • When strong give you the ability to surrender to the path of the Divine 
  • Can help increase psychic abilities

Aura healing:

Today we have instruments sensitive enough to 

prove what ancient healers have relied on for centuries.

That we are a field of energy with channels 

running through us and into our organs.

And we take in energy from bodies around us. 

Through major power centers called chakras.

Chakras allow us to experience a connection to the world.

Aura healing allows us to absorb, strengthen, and 

cleanse our energy field. 

Absorbing energy into the aura: 

We can utilize a number of ways to absorb energy 

into our aura.

Breathing, meditation, visualization, or movement 

are all exercises to access the energy around us.

Once taken in we move it to areas in our body it is 

needed most. 

This process of channeling positive energy 

via our chakras from people and places around us 

is how we increase the energy in our aura.

Strengthening the aura:

We lose energy from things we avoid. 

Like certain emotions or daily stresses.

This energy has to be replenished 

to restore balance.

Aura healing seeks to replenish lost energy.

And restore the balance between areas in our aura.

The aura can become blocked and require cleaning.

How to clean your aura:

The aura can become blocked. 

This can lead to problems/mood disorders.

Like depression and anxiety.

Which can lead to you feeling tired, negative, and disconnected.

This is the time for a good cleaning of the aura.

This will keep it bright.

Keep negative thoughts out of your mind.

You remain positive and optimistic.

Brightening the aura boosts your mood and 

improves relationships with those around you. 

when your energy field is clean and flowing freely

energy runs smoothly.

Your aura contains the energy of all that you are. 

It’s vital to keep it running smoothly.

Regular maintenance has to occur. 

The aura ability to serve diminishes when the 

aura contains negative energy. 

Mood disorders or loss of emotional stability could occur.

A cluttered or weakened aura could lead to physical

illness, pain, or disease.

Cleaning the aura:

Cleaning the aura entails the removal of old energy. 

Energy blocks, emotions, sn beliefs systems we 

have outgrown.

Cleansing your aura, home, and workspace from 

negative energies help uplift and restore you.

This proves greater depth and understanding of yourself

There are many tools, techniques, and rituals to 

aide you with this.

Aura cleaning can be done with:

  • Crystals
  • Smudging for energy clearing
  • Salts baths
  • Getting and staying healthy
  • Positive mood
  • Acts of kindness

Learn more about keeping your aura clean by 

reading the article,” How To Clean Your Aura Of Negative Energy

Negative aura:

A negative aura is an aura that is in a bad phase 

of your life and is completely changeable.

By paying attention to your physical, mental, 

emotional health everything will fall into place

A small shift in any of these areas will make a 

great impact on your aura.

Because your aura is alive and is an essential 

part of the universe.

It has a  direct effect on its surroundings and vice versa.

Benefits of understanding the aura:

Once you understand the aura you become

more intuitive.

You are better at detecting dishonest people.

You will be more in tune with your needs and the 

needs of others.

Learn to protect your energy.

Understand and help heal health issues.

Become more empathetic.

Understand your personality and purpose better.

Feel less drained around,” energy vampires”.

Energy vampires are damaged people who drain 

you of your energy.

When you have a healing heart you attract these people.

You better understand yourself physically, 

mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Each aura is like a fingerprint. 

Completely and totally unique.

Before you shake hands, hug, or greet someone. 

The energy of your aura will meet the energy of 

the other person’s aura.

This energy exchange explains why you 

sometimes feel things about people 

before you know them or even speak to them.

We shape and heal ourselves from our 


You can train your system to shift into 


Feeling, perceiving, and cleaning your aura allows 

you to work and replenish any nuances that arise.

Each person has their own aura that reflects their 

personal energy and affect their ability to connect 

with others.

People who have endured trauma and tragedy 

often have larger auras.

Everything you experience in your physical body 

show up in your aura.

For your greater health and wellbeing.

Reading Energy Of The Amazing Aura.

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