Raise Your Vibrational Frequency|Change Your Life

What is Vibrational Frequency?:

Vibrational frequency is the intensity of our spiritual energy within our body.

It can be low or high or in the middle.

Each of us possesses a unique frequency that 

culminates with all our life experiences (past and present), 

outside influences, internal joy, and overall happiness.

The faster our energy move the higher its rate of frequency.

When we are trying to bring more positive things into our lives 

we are increasing the number of regularly occurring positive 

events, thereby increasing the energy in our bodies.

If you harbor negative feelings like fear, doubt, jealousy, envy, 

insecurity, imbalance, hatred, or judgment, you will be on the 

the low end of the energy spectrum.

When you focus on having an abundance of positive feelings like

joy, happiness, love, peace, harmony, balance, kindness, and

the compassion you will be on the high end of the energy spectrum.

You will be at a higher energy frequency because you are 

focusing on the positive events in your life.

Vibrational frequency is the constant rate of electrical flow that is measurable between two points.

We all can increase the rate of electrical flow within our body and energy system.

There is a correlation between raising our vibratory rate and our ability to repel disease.

Raise your vibrational frequency, transform your life.

The science of vibration:

Vibrating ions and electricity surround us. 

The vibrational speed changes things into solids, liquids, or gases.

With high frequency, we experience lots of positive variables putting us at a high energy level.

With low frequency, we experience depression and low energy.

Increased pulse is equivalent to increased vibration, which can mean love, hope, and passion.

While greed, terror, hostility, sorrow reverberate

 at a lower vibration.

Your vibration is your energy frequency.

It is a culmination of every life you have ever lived.

Every thought you have ever had and every action you have ever performed.

It is the energy that surrounds and permeates every cell in your body.

Your vibration is your divine signature.

Your soul essence and is special only to you.

It is a reflection of your inner thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and choice of words.

How well you take care of yourself, the earth, and others.

The higher you vibrate the more light you hold.

The faster your light particles vibrate.

The higher your consciousness.

The stronger you are connected to your soul.

When your vibration is low.

Your light particles are vibrating slowly and become condensed.

Your energy feels heavy and operates from fear of your lower self or ego.

With distorted beliefs, fear, anger, resentment, greed, and poor health.

Which keeps you in low vibrational energy.

High vibrating energy helps you to recognize your divinity within others.

You are in alignment with your soul.

You are healthy with a lifestyle that flows with ease and grace.

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency|Change Your Life:

Why raise your vibrational frequency?

Learning how to raise your vibrational frequency will 

strengthen your mind, body, and spirit.

Your mind will become more tranquil, your body will become stronger and healthier.

Your energy system will become more fluid and balanced.

We are designed to vibrate at a higher energy level.

And we are responsible to be accountable for our self-improvements.

To manifest the best of ourselves.

To raise personal vibration for improved health, increased vitality, and cultivate inner peace.

Vibration is a state of being,  the energetic quality of a person.

When a person has no direction, has difficulties facing social 

issues lacks enthusiasm, or energy is said to be full of negative emotions.

He will be stuck in the same place in life for years.

Leaving him vulnerable to mental health issues. 

Learning how to raise your vibration, life becomes easier. 

Changes are in your hands.

With hard work and perseverance, you can develop good positive self-esteem. 

This is an important part of keeping your vibration elevated.

You are responsible for your own life but you can help others to elevate their vibration.

Feel The Vibration:

Blue framed writing in white with a Blue background

Vibration is a person’s emotional state.

Feeling the vibration means you can sense the energy of a person or a situation.

Feeling different types of vibrations affects our mental health.

Being around someone who gives out positive vibes will lift our mood.

And help us look at the brighter side of things.

It is in our better judgment to surround ourselves with optimistic people to remain happy and content.

Places of a calm peaceful environment with happy vibes will help 

keep our minds from negative things and boost our spirit.

Everything in the universe carries an energetic vibration.

When you tune into these vibrations and align with the ones that feel good to you.

The world would be a magical place.

You feel the universe responding to your every thought and feeling.

When you synchronize your life with positive energy. 

The amazing world becomes your reality.

You reach your fullest potential.

And live a life that feels joyful and purposeful.

AT this point you are a powerful being.

With the potential to create a life that feels positive, supportive, and loving.

No matter what circumstances you find yourself in.

What happens when you raise your vibration?:

Raise Your Vibrational Frequency|change your life.

Help you build your insight, strengthen your spiritual beliefs and release misery.

You may form new relationships with family and friends.

You may begin new life experiences.

Life is always shifting.  

Each day is fresh, each circumstance is special. 

There are four areas we look into when we are increasing frequency.

They are The Emotional, The Mental,  The Physical, and Spiritual frequencies.

1. The Emotional Frequency:

Your emotional balance has a big effect on your spiritual energy.

If you are unstable it will be hard to gain control of your energy level.

Once we can control emotions we can control our energy level. 

You can find balance in the way you take in energy and the way you put energy out.

2. The Mental Frequency:

Being able to accept things at face value

When we analyze things to death, we become mentally 

exhausted and can’t think straight, then it becomes hard to focus on doing energy work.

It’s much easier for us to accept things as they are. This will allow us to raise our vibrations.

Faith and belief can go a long way in energy work.     

3. The Physical Frequency:

Our physical appearance affects our spiritual energy.

If we are unhappy with the way we look.

We need to work from the inside out.

Even though, how we look should not be an issue when it comes to energy work. 

But if we are unhappy with how we look these feelings can block us from realizing our full vibrational potential.

If you have concerns about your looks either on the outside or inside you can work on both areas together and make it easier to do energy work.

Making changes on both our inside and outer appearance,

will make it easier to release negative energies. 

Allowing us to get into our best shape and accept ourselves as we are, then we can work on personal energies.

People who are in good condition don’t worry about how they look and can exude their full vibrational potential.

4. The Spiritual Frequency

Spirituality is where the most work is required to increase 

 our frequency.

Connecting with our true spiritual self, beliefs, and ideals 

 will help us reach high vibrational levels. 

Spirituality does not necessarily have to do with how you 

 feel about religion.

Once we can look at our true selves, our core 

 spiritual entities can get us closer to our creator.  

Discovering our true spiritual self puts us on the path to

 a higher frequency.

  Connecting with our core spiritual self and increasing 

   our vibrational rate to raise our frequency.

   Empowering ourselves to turn positive energy into happiness 

   and abundance.

   Elevating spiritual energy and attracting purpose and joy into 

   our lives.

Why do we want to raise our frequency?:

We have to make sure and determine why we want to increase our frequency.

Once we determine the why, we will be able to meet our goals much easier.

Not knowing why can result in us sinking even lower than when we started.

We need to build our foundation so we can begin with a solid base.

Because our frequency has been with us since birth, increasing it will be challenging.

But once our foundation is solid this task will be less challenging.

As long as we avoid negative thoughts, which will weaken us.

What we do is find our point of balance as we do our energy work.

That point of balance is where we need to be brought back to if things go off-key.

We should always pause before speaking, this will avoid negative actions with words.

We should learn to spread compassion to share light and love.

Visualize what we want to happen in our lives.

We can resolve problems or manifest things for ourselves.

Creative visualization allows us to create a new reality in our mind’s eyes.

This allows us to solve problems and think of things in a new way.

If we can create in our minds, we can create in our lives.

What we visualize, we can manifest in our lives.

Think Positive! 

What are the benefits of raising your vibrational frequency?:

There are many advantages of raising our vibration.

We will have more energy.

Increasing our frequency lets go of lower-level energies like 

anxiety, envy, and rage creating room for higher-level energies.

We will have more passion, we will respect others, and ourselves 

more, and we will improve our sympathy.

We can listen more to our knowledge.

And become compatible with our higher selves.

We step into the light of greater awareness seeking enlightenment.

Awaken and release everything that no longer serves our higher good.

How to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency |Change Your Life:

Blue Flash of Light on a Dark Back Ground

Everyone should have the goal to raise their vibration.

It brings good things to us, makes us happy, and improves every aspect of our lives.

There are several ways to raise our vibrational frequency.

We will look at a few.

 Maybe you will be able to find one or a couple that you enjoy. 

And can easily apply to your own life and raise your vibrational frequency:

  • Reflect
  • Learn motivational songs
  • Attend seminars
  • Check movies about the supernatural
  • Perform strength therapy
  • Become involved in a hobby
  • Do something you truly enjoy a job, a passion, something that reaches you at your soul and fill you with joy.


Can be performed in many different ways a popular one is Vysasanna/breathing meditation.

Meditation is great.

There are positive benefits.

From improving gray matter in the brain to having a better focus to being more relaxed. 


Move get your blood pumping, go for a walk in nature.


Get out into the sunlight, breathe in the fresh air, birds, 

trees and wind are stress reducers.

Nature provides harmonic frequencies that are compatible with our frequency.


Just smiling through your day. Will shift your vibration to a happy place.

Be grateful:

Grateful to be alive.

Gratitude offers a great way to feel happy.

Think of things you are grateful for and lift your mood.  

Being grateful is a great vibration lifter.

Do something nice for someone:

Pick something small and genuine, send some good energy into the world.

Give someone a genuine compliment.

Random acts of kindness raise your vibration. 


Listen to music you love.

Music can shift the frequency by making you happy and getting you moving.

Powerful affirmations:

Affirmations are simple statements that create health and abundance for you. 

When you speak and think positively

you create favorable circumstances.

State with confidence and belief.

  • I am healthy and full of energy
  • I am a high vibrational being
  • I am grateful for my life
  • I am prosperous in everything I do.


Our energy centers within our body affect our physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. Open and flowing freely leave us in higher vibration frequency.


Fresh organic fruits and vegetables, nutrient-dense foods will supercharge your vibration and help you stay healthy, happy, and living vibrantly well.


Drink Plenty of crystalline water which helps flush out toxins.

Conclusion of Raising Your Vibrational Frequency|Change Your Life:

Raising your vibration is a regular spiritual practice and should be our preference.

We should encourage ourselves to be truthful as a regular daily goal.

This helps us to start our day with good thoughts.

Also, help us to grow spiritually inside and throughout

 our being for balance, purpose, and joy.

When we raise our frequency by turning positive energy into happiness and abundance.

We elevate our spiritual energy and attract purpose and joy into our lives.

An energy field that vibrates at a high level of frequency draws positive, healthy, happy, experiences.

Whereas, an energy field that is low in vibration draws experiences that are negative or unhealthy. 

Positive thinking is the first step in raising our vibration.

Negative thoughts have just as much power as positive ones.

According to DawnJames, “Raise Your Vibration Transform

Your Life.”

They slowly chip away at us, resulting in poor self-esteem, depression, and other illnesses.

Only our mental attitude can change the outcome of either of these situations. 

Herein lies the direct correlation between raising personal

vibration, improving health, increasing vitality, and experiencing inner peace.

We are creators and we live to create.

Each choice we make creates consequences for others, as well as, for ourselves.

Positive energy is about tuning our lives to the energetic vibrations of our souls.

Life is not as serious as many of us make it out to be. 

It is a temporary journey of discovery, learning, growing, and enjoying.

We must strive to maintain a positive attitude and we will be

triumphant in the end no matter what the circumstances.

It is about living from a place that is in harmony with our mind, our body. our soul, and the universe.

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