Learning To Feel Your Aura

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Learning to feel your aura is easy if you pay attention to your aura in the presence of others.

Feeling your aura

Learning to feel your aura is a preview in learning how to read and see auras.

You can sense your aura by paying attention to how you feel in the presence of others.

You may think your aura needs work to make it pleasant and attractive.

But people with a positive aura usually draw others to themselves.

People are naturally drawn to others with a positive aura.

When your aura takes up the entire room you’ll feel connected to everyone in the room and they will feel connected to you. 

A person’s aura is unique and reflect their own particular energy.

It is this energy that impacts their capacity to connect and interact with others.  

The aura is connected to our mind and physical body.

Most of what we do in our lives have an imprint on our aura.

And you do absorb others’ negative energies.

The goal is to stop absorbing these negative energies because these energies do affect you.

You have to learn that you are not responsible for others.

You need to find your own environment.

And let needy people find theirs. 

Who you let into your energy space:

Don’t invite everyone to invade your space.

You have the power to choose who you invite into your energy space.

It’s important to pay attention to who you let into your space. 

Don’t let in those that will drain you of your energy.

You need to develop the habit not to give too much.

You have to learn how to balance personal evolution and spiritual growth.

Refrain from people-pleasing because you can’t please everyone. 

Your energy field will drained quite quickly leaving you stressed.

You need to stay away from energy vampires, people that drain you of your energy.

 Be careful of egotistical individuals, focused on themselves.

Limit contact or try to eliminate these people from your life.

Needy people do everything to get your attention by constantly asking for help and advice. 

They will waste your time and drain your energy.

You need to train yourself to notice these types of people.

Acts of kindness allow you to find a sense of meaning in your life.

But when you uplift yourself you uplift these people that are bringing you down and draining your energy field.

Learning to feel your aura:

You have to learn how to feel your own aura then you can learn how to feel others.

It’s important to learn how to feel others’ aura so you can weed out the needy, egotistical, and vampires before they enter your energy field.

And know that the auric body of each layer has its own vibration.

We are all energy beings who use different techniques to restore our energy flow to optimum balance.

We all have different vibrations.

The universal life force nourishes each part of the body.

The health of our energy system determines our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

If these systems get blocked or disrupted.

We are less able to cope with different situations.

Once we feel stress, which in turn, has a negative impact on our physical being and this could lead to stress.

We can better deal with situations that may be stressful.

Improving the flow of energy in the energy field supports the self-healing capacity of the body.

Caring for a weak aura:

We can identify issues before they manifest as disease in the physical body.

A weak aura can make you feel disoriented, sad, and uninspired.

You need to reestablish your connection to the divine.

When the aura is weak, damaged, or covered with negative energy or psychic debris, you can get sick, feel fatigued, irritable, have dark dreams, and feel hypersensitive to other people’s energy.  

You need to keep your physical body healthy and in shape to maintain a positive healthy aura.

There are ways to  prevent  this. 

Take care of your aura and keep it strong:

Keep the aura strong with crystals.

or one of the task below:

  • Smudging
  • Salt baths
  • Meditation with crystals
  • Returning to nature
  • Using the healing and clearing aura spray
  • Essential oils

These tasks need to be done with intentions and consistently.

And are most effective when done at the end of your day.

They all will help with the way your aura feels all day.

Infringed upon energy can leave you with,

  • Low vibration
  • Sadness
  • Sluggish

The energized aura has a feeling of uplift.

We can feel the size of others’ aura with our hands.

Feeling auras allow us the ability to tell if the life force of plants or animals is weak.

When we can feel aura we can tune in to the energy of crystals more quickly.

We also increase our intuition ability.

Our aura is the first line of defense against harmful energy psychic, or pathogens.

Learning to feel the aura get you in tune to seeing the aura.

How the aura responds:

feeling your aura

Negative people and environment pollutants affect the aura in a negative way by bringing on stress.

The aura is connected to our mind and body.

Aura helps us preserve all levels of physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health.

We all have an aura, whose function is to detect, protect, and absorb messages from the universal and maintain energy  all around us.

Most of what we do in our lives have an imprint on our aura.

The aura keeps us safe and it is our responsibility to keep our aura healthy.

The aura is spiritual energies that flow in and about the body.

We need this energy to flow easily to maintain good health and wellbeing.

The aura consists of seven layers that correspond to our emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects.

The color of the aura reflects our energy and spirit.

Humans are highly evolved spiritual beings.

While the aura  shows our active engaging spirit.

The aura reveals our mood, our personality, and the status of our health.

Aura guides our interaction:

Using psychic touch we can feel with the fingertips the health and color of the aura.

The more we work with the aura the more in tune we become with our spiritual energy and our angels and spirit. 

The aura energy is transmitted to and from the body.

Via the seven energy centers of the chakras.

Our energy is depleted by noise, pollution, rays from the computers.

And television, mobile phones, and electric appliances.

Our aura need to be protected at all times.

Especially at night when we sleep, because this is when it is most vulnerable.

Most aura awareness comes through sensing the aura of others, like the uncomfortable feeling you get when someone is too close, you get an uncomfortable feeling because they are interacting on your aura or personal space.

Or the relaxed feeling you get from hugging a loved one, where your aura has relaxed and the energy field boundaries have relaxed and flow temporarily into one.

Meaning of Aura color:

Aura colors may not be physically seen.

The mood of one’s personality is being transmitted as one or more colors.

These colors are experienced as sensations

We learn through touch the different energy strength of the aura and can feel the power and can dismantle the different shades:

  • Like Red feels hot and strong
  • Orange feel warm and confident
  • Yellow feel focused and stimulate ideas
  • Green feel gentle and flowing
  • Blue feels cool calm and rippling
  • Indigo feel peaceful and uplifting
  • Violet bring spiritual insight and sudden awareness and the presences of an angel spirit guide

The human aura contains all of your physical vitality, emotions, thoughts, and experiences related to others.

The more we are in touch with our  own unique talent and skills the richer more luminous the colors in your aura will be.

The color of individuals who are emotionally withdrawn.

Or have given up on life tend to fade into pastel.

Your aura is a key to your personality. 

There are 14 essential aura colors and one of them is yours.

When you know your color you can understand your emotions, talent, and potential.

You can note which color you are most compatible with romantically, in your friendship, and your career.

Sensing the Aura:

When you can sense an aura you can sense the energy that will restore balance back into the energy body or assist with amplifying energy for wellness.

Many people can sense the energy of someone before they see it.

When you can sense someone’s aura you can train yourself  to see this energy as a color.

Therefore by sensing and feeling auras you can gain clarity as to why some people give you icky vibes and you feel positive around others.

Being able to sense auras open up your clairvoyance ability.

Allowing you to see patterns of energy, blockage and light around trees, people, and animals.


Learning how feel your aura.

Being able to sense someone’s aura because of the magnetic or repulsive feeling you get when you first meet. 

Is the first step to training yourself to see auras.

Feeling auras is simple.

Seeing aura is a bit more complicated but once you can sense the aura you eventually evolve into being able to see the aura.

It is wise to start by sensing then feeling the aura eventually you will begin to see the aura.

First, you have to relax.

Developing your peripheral vision will enable you to see yours and others’ aura better.

Tune into colors.

So by paying attention to how you feel in someone’s presence, 

developing your peripheral vision, and tuning yourself into seeing colors, and feeling auras.

You will be able to train yourself to see bright colors and then to see auras.

Learning to feeling your aura

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