How to Unblock Your Chakras

Unblocking the Chakras: 

Chakras are 7 energy centers in the body that align with the spine. Each one governing various organs or regions of the body.

Balanced and opened chakras have energy flowing freely, making us feel alive and whole.

Balanced chakras with optimum energy flowing are associated with a higher state of consciousness, bliss, and transcendence feelings.

We encounter so much negative energy on a daily basis, which builds up over time.

These negative energies can cause our chakras to become blocked. 

Causing us to experience resistance and a sense of lacking.

This negative energy accumulates in our energy field over time until it overwhelms us resulting in the need to be cleansed.

There are many ways to clean our energy field.

Some are simple, modern, or more technical done by raising our vibrational energy.

Cleaning the Chakra:

The only way to rid ourselves of this negative energy is to cleanse our energy field.

Working with each chakra individually can be very potent

at unblocking the chakra energy effectively.

The state of our mind and physical body offer indicators of our vibrational levels. 

Therefore, they will alert you when a spiritual detox is in order.

Getting rid of the feeling of disconnect.

 And a more joyous, clear, energized, spiritual, connection can be had.

By listening to your inner wisdom.

Your heart will guide you. 

When you are due for higher vibrational energy to come into your life.

You will feel out of  sorts.

Time for balance:

Our balance do get out of sync due to an excess flow of energy or an underactive flow of energy through our chakras system.

By keeping our chakras clear and free flowing we can strengthen our psychic abilities.

To be truly healthy in every way it is essential that we attend to the mind, emotion, and spirit.

Chakra blockage needs to be removed.

This allows the chakra to flow and vibrate at a frequency that is aligned for optimal health.

How do we open these blocked chakras:

The first step to opening your blocked chakra is to know them.

Unblocking your chakra begins with using the body to become more aware of it.

The chakra can be unblocked with yoga, prana(breath), crystals, walking, or just doing housework.

These acts will easily realign the chakras and improve both health and wellbeing.

One of the simplest ways to realign the chakra is to spend more time outdoors in nature.

Another way is to practice visualization.

Realigning your chakras:

We should realign our chakras daily.

Realignment can be done by breathing deeply and relaxing to the calm flow of energy in the chakras.

Thinking about the chakra colors also help with realigning the chakras.

Each chakra has its own distinct color like the:

  • Root chakra color is red
  • The Sacral chakra is orange
  • The Solar Plexus chakra is yellow
  • The Heart chakra is green
  • The Throat chakra is blue
  • The 3rd Eye chakra is indigo 
  • The Crown chakra is violet

Just wear the color of the chakra you want to work on to balance

Balance with daily gratitude which raise our vibrational frequency.

Making us more receptive to attracting positive energy into our life.

Positive energies as abundance, happiness, peace, and improvement of relationships. 

Here I look at unblocking the chakras, more in depth with crystals.

How to unblock your chakras energy with:

1. Yoga:

Chakra energy flows through our body secondary to the way yoga poses bend and twist our bodies in unique ways. 

Opening up spaces, increasing circulation, stimulating and calming our nervous system.

After yoga, you can feel the flow of energy, it releases when you practice.

Yoga makes us feel tinkling, softening, warming, or cooling in the region of the chakra.


Crystals and stones can balance our chakras in 10 minutes.

They work through resonance and vibration.

Crystals, known for their theraputic properties, contain minerals.

They are natural and from the earth so when you connect with their natural and stable frequencies they help your body find alignment.

Crystals can reset the vibrational energy of chakras.

 Allowing the chakra to open and unblock.

This in turn allows energy to flow freely through them.

Energy flow rate:

Crystals can adjust energy flow and

heal the mind, both physically and nonphysically.

Vibrations in crystal help balance energies of the mind and bring about healing.

By easing stress, emotional issues, insomnia, nightmares, anxiety, depression, grief, and lack of enthusiasm.

Crystals embody the physical aspect of you, 

by balancing your body’s energies 

and bringing about physical changes.

Like headaches, low energy, exhaustion, and similar body ailments.

Use of Crystals:

Crystals have healing powers.

  • The most common is to hold in the hand or place them on the body while you meditate.
  • Make crystal elixir
  • Tape to your work chair
  • carry in your pocket
  • In your bathwater
  • Wear close to the skin
  • Sprinkle around the perimeter of your property

Crystals seek to align with our highest and greatest good.

As long as we accept what the energy bring.

Let your intention, do the work, remove judgment expectation, and allow the energy to serve your higher good.

Crystal Healing:

Crystal has its own vibration and the human body has its own.

By working with crystals you can change your body, mind, and spiritual energies through entertainment. 

Spirit purely nonphysical can assist in balancing spiritual energies like unconditional love, forgiveness, and compassion.

They can facilitate communication with our higher self/soul of a higher power.

Crystals vibrate at a higher rate than humans, therefore, being helpful to humans.

Allowing us to advance spiritually and move in a positive direction mentally, physically, or emotionally.

The healing powers of crystal:

While all crystals have unique healing properties, however, some are more powerful and versatile than others.

Crystals we should all have for chakras cleaning/balancing 

  • Selenite
  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Emerald
  • Aventurine
  • Carnelian
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • Red Jasper
  • BlackTourmaline 

Is Crystal Safe?:

Working with crystals is safe, however, some crystals contain aluminum, copper, sulfur, fluorine, strontium, or asbestos which are toxic to humans.

These crystals should be handle with care.

Crystals should be cleaned when you purchase them, after wearing them, or use for healing.

Jewelry should be cleaned prior to use because they hold negative vibrations that can be passed on to you.

 Crystals as tools:

Crystals are tools with which you can bring about enhanced wellbeing.

You are the one with the healing powers not the crystal.

The use of a crystal for self-healing is not dangerous, just a kick start on your healing process.

Be guided by your intuition.

Benefits of cleaning the chakras:

Chakra cleaning is important because, it put the chakra back into balance.

Allowing energy to flow freely, avoiding distress.

Free flowing chakras allows for increased intuition, decrease depression, increase harmony, reduction of headaches, anxiety, and strengthen our aura.

Cleaning the chakras regularly help us to notice positive energetic changes.

The chakras will be free of stagnant energy due to blockage in your emotional or spiritual life.

Stuck energy:

Stuck energy need help to flow freely.

By cleaning the chakra you free the energy.

Energy can build-up due to stress and leave you feeling discouraged, joyless, and helpless.

Chakras cleaning helps to absorb and radiate positive energy through the body.


Our chakras can become dysfunctional and spin sluggishly secondary to blockage.

The blockage have to be address before the chakra can spin properly again.

You have to think of the chakra system in its entirety and how each one works in harmony with the other to bring yourself a complete sense of wellbeing.

Each chakra work at a unique, optimum frequency.

When the seven chakras are spinning in harmony, at the same speed, the system runs smoothly as a single mechanism.

 Blocked chakras can lead to many problems!

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