The Awesome Ritual Of How to Smudge

The art of how to smudge is discussed in this article, along with the history, the purpose, and the types of equipment used.

Smudging has been used for thousands of years.

It is a sacred ceremonial practice by indigenous people.

People who work and live on the land and are attune with their spiritual roots.

These Native American rituals are a sacred and essential part of their healing preparation with herbs.

These special plants/herbs are used to purify the air, cleanse and protect them from harmful spirits.

They used the cleansing smoke to purify the body, aura, energy, and personal articles.

Light Smudge Emitting Smoke Mist Bowl ON Brown Background

This purification removed bad energies and negative harmonies from places and things that are important.

The art of smudging is a spiritual self-development practice to connect and enhance one’s spiritual bonds.

Improve one’s psychic connection to his higher self and God.

The practice is based on intentions.

The Ritual  Of smudging is set with intent:

Smudging with intention will help you ask the universe for whatever you want.

The intentions have to be said out loud.

And be in your heart for them to come true.

The practice is not static but a ceremonial blessing.

Which evolves with you.  And must have positive desires and natural humility.

Smudging can be a simple or complicated process.

With the main benefit being, the ability to purify.

May it be the energy in your home, yourself, or your items.

Saying prayers, bring in love, compassion, protection, and

take away negative energies.

The intent is the key to these blessings.

What is Smudging?:

The definition of smudging according to Wikipedia is the rites

involving the burning of sacred herbs or resins, in a ceremony

practiced by some indigenous peoples of the Americas.

I will take this a step further and tell you the reason why we smudge.

Smudging is the process of burning various sacred substances such

as herbs, resins, or wood to purify the energies in a given space. 

Smudging is used to purify one’s energy, as well as, items like jewelry, decor items, and clothing.

The purification occurs when the smoke produced from burning the

sacred herb, resin. or wood spread through the air and contact whatever you are smudging.

It’s simple to tell when a space needs to be clean. 

You just have to pay attention to how you feel when you enter that space.

Because energy expresses itself in specific feelings.

The body knows how to read energies when you enter a space.

Are you happy or sad? Energetic or tired?  Are these spaces places you try to avoid?

Your body is speaking to you and it does not lie.

The air is stale.  Signs you need to clear negative energy.

The energy in your home affects your health and happiness.

Smudging cleans negativity and pain.

Smudging in rituals:

The ritual of smudging is used to empower and create peaceful energy.

It’s a spiritual ritual, in which, a sacred bundle of herb burns.

And the smoke emanates throughout the room, the house, or person to clear out negative energy.

Smudging is a cleansing ritual used in many spiritual paths that dates back to ancient times.

The ritual is usually performed by Native Americas for healing and cleansing spaces.

The ritual is simple, once your intent is set.

Smudging shows us the importance of self-care.

How to protect our home while we are away.

The herbs create a strong smoke.

This smoke is thought to be the ” tool of magic transformation.”

It uplifts and opens our eyes to the world and universe.

We form a connection to the earth.

To demand better, we require better:

We connect to the people around us, in our homes, in our lives.

We connect with our creator, with our spirit.

Smudging brings spirit around us.

Energy with our aura and take away negative energy.

It purifies, bringing in good thoughts and feelings.

Smudging cleanses our body or space taking away the emotional and psychic negative energy that is around us.

The smoke connect humans to the spiritual world, while the spirits of

sacred plants drive away negative energy and put us back into balance and harmony.

Cleansing is complete when the sacred herb ceases burning and smolder out.

We usually feel better right after a smudging ritual is complete.

The Healing Power of smudging:

Your expressions give power to the ritual.

Smudging brings cleansing, blessing, and protection.

Creating calm and clear energy in our homes.

The energy in our home can affects our health and happiness.

Our energy affects all areas of our lives, even our ability to manifest our dreams.

Energy need to be clear, strong, and nourishing to support us in our life’s endeavors.

Smudging help clear these energies and the energy in our home.

And bring blessings you may be longing for in your life.  

Smudging clears the air and allows a fresh start.

By dissolving or transmuting energy blockage in your space. 

Our health and happiness depend on the quality of energy in our home.

So regular smudging rituals help to clear this energy and provide a good energetic foundation for a happy home.

Smudging for protection brings about powerful vibrations from


Allowing us the energy our bodies need to keep healthy in this world.

Regular smudging teaches us how to empower our life, our home, and our heart.

When to Smudge:

You can smudge anytime you feel like it.

Especially when your home has more negative energy than positive energies.

This allows stale air to accumulate, smudging will help you clear this stale air.

And shield your clean space from negative people’s energy.

Another good time to smudge is after an argument or moving into a new home.

After sickness or before or after you have guests visit your home.

You should smudge when you begin a new job.

After meditation, there are many times when smudging will be in your best interest.

Because the energy in your home affects your health and happiness.

Be sure and open a window before you began to smudge.

To let out negative energies which could expand if it has nowhere to go. 

Reasons you should smudge: 

  • Smudging clears the air of bad energy
  • Eliminating bacteria in the air of confined spaces
  • Help with asthma, respiratory problems, colds, cough, and headache
  • Clear your house and purify the air
  • Refresh the air
  • Purify the air you breathe without using toxic cleaners or harsh chemicals.
  • Improve memory functions 
  • Boost mood and awareness
  • Repel insects
  • Clear our spiritual impurities
  • Rid our space of negativity
  • Help bring peace of mind 
  • Improve your mind
  • Sooth stress

Spiritual tool required for smudging:

Feather Fan Abalone Shell Smudging Stickson a Grey Background
Feather fan, Abalone bowl, and Smudging Stick

Items needed are:

Abalone Shell: equal water

-or clean fireproof bowl which represents feminine powers.

Feather: represent air

The breath of life, the messenger of prayer.

The feather and the wind it creates represent air.

Sacred plants: represent earth

Tobacco: natural strong scent help lift prayers to the creator.

Sage: use to cleanse a space of negative thoughts and feelings.

Cedar: use to bless and purify an area, dispel fear and help enhance psychic ability, help with grounding.

Sweetgrass: used along with sage help to create positive energy and balance.

Bring about good spirit and a happy atmosphere which put you in a happy mood.

Herbs, resin, and wood represent the earth.

These four herbs are the ones typically use by Native Americans, referred to as medicine.

Nowadays there are a host of herbs used for smudging. 

It’s common to mix sage with other herbs to help influence different outcomes.

The goal is to get the correct aroma to produce the right outcome.

They have antimicrobial properties (keep infections bacterial, virus, and fungi down).

The strong spicy aroma is concentrate and will remove negative thoughts, feelings, and bad spirits.

Fire: represent fire

-used to light the sacred plant represented by the sun.

-Is a powerful space clearing ritual, fast purification 

– connect us to the energy of Spirit.

-Bring trust and meaning to our chaotic life

Traditional Native American ritual:

Native Americal Smudging Ritual

Smudging is a traditional and ceremonial Native American way of 

burning sacred herbs to create a healing mist of smoke for the purpose of connecting with the energy world.

The spirit world of the indigenous people where their divine helpers, angels, and the Great Spirit reside.  

To cleanse or heal the mind, body, and spirit.

How is the ritual of smudging done?:

A smudge stick is made of a sacred substance. 

Tired into a bundle with a cotton string.

This bundle is ignited with fire.

The flame is put out, so the bundle can smolder, releasing the purified smoke mist.

Or loose plant leaves are ignited in the bowl, leaving the plant to smolder in the bowl, releasing the healing smoke mist.

This smoke mist is then direct with a feather fan or your hand to your body or the surrounding area you want to cleanse of negative energy.

All the while you are saying your prayers with intent and belief.

To achieve what you are seeking prayer and intent must accomplied the ritual of moving the smoke mist.

The smudging ceremony can be as involved or as simple as you wish.  

The important thing is to have the smoke mist clear the negative energies.

And carry them to the outside and away from you.

To connect with the energy world. 

And cleanse or heal the mind, body, and spirit.

After the smudging ceremonial:

The smudging stick is allowed to burn completely out or is extinguish properly in some earth soil.

Smudging materials should then be put away for the next ceremonial use.

Open windows and doors to allow the smoke along with negative energy to escape.

Conclusion of The awesome ritual of how to smudge:

Native spirituality is positive and uplifting.

And has been around for thousands of years.

A smudging ceremony will always bring goodness as long as it comes from the heart with good intentions.

So start your day with a positive attitude and take away negative things by smudging.

Replace negative energy with positivity by performing a smudging ceremony.

It’s important to cleanse one’s space and himself of negative energies from others.

Smudging is the healing power that awakens and elevates the true spirit of who we are.

There is a healing nature which becomes medicine for our mind, body, and spirit.

Sacred smoke is a guide to anyone trying to practice the ritual of smudging.

The ritual of cleaning and clearing with smoke mist to protect, heal yourself, your home, and your family. 

Pray in silence, you will feel better when the ritual is completed.

Burning herbs has many benefits in this spiritual practice.

It has health benefits like enhanced alertness.  

Smudging sacred smoke mist contains antimicrobial properties.

Purification cleansing and bringing in good thoughts and feelings.

Smudging help to expel bad vibration in space and leave you 

feeling calm and at peace upon completion of the ritual.

Smudging carry across many cultures and lifestyle.  

Don’t let negative energy, people, or situations control your life.

Smudging can mark the end of something, as well as, the start of something.

It is an important ceremony that should not be taken lightly.

Smudging Sticks in a Basket Bundled with Colored Flowers

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