How To Protect And Keep Your Aura Clean.

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How to protect and keep your aura clean. the aura is referred to as our energy skin that protects and shields our energy system.

The aura is around our body like a spherical shape of energy. 

Seen as rings of colors, the aura can be heard as musical tones.

It vibrates and feels via temperature changes and pulsate tiny rings pressure or magnetism.

The condition of the aura is directly related to future health.

Aura contains info about our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional state as well as acting as a protective zone around us.

Aura plays a role in preventing disease in the form since disease states show up in the body’s energy field sometimes years before they have a physical impact.

Therefore maintaining a healthy aura is truly preventative medicine.

Healthy Auras:

A healthy aura presents an energy field surrounding and extending out from the body at least 1 ft in all directions.

And composed of bright color, strong vibrations, pure tones, full and smooth boundary

Sick Aura: 

A sick Aura is depressed, sad, unsure of itself, and does not protrude away from the body.

With a sick aura, everything is affected, the color, usually dull and murky, frequency is slow and erratic, the boundary shape is bumpy and distorted, may have a tear or breakage.

The aura at this point is not serving as a protective shield between you and the energy field of others.

It’s leaving you open to environmental influences.

All indications the aura needs healing.

Time to clean:

Cleaning your aura empowers you to shine your authentic truth raising your vibration.

Allowing it to shine brightly around you.

Act as a protective mechanism.

It’s critical to clean your aura daily or weekly basis.

You can easily protect the aura by carrying a piece of black 

Tourmaline  one of the best crystal for protecting against 

negative energy. 

The importance of protecting the Aura:

How to protect and keep your aura clean.

Your aura is your energy field and protecting it is crucial. 

Protecting the aura relaxes the mind as well as your body allowing you to let out toxins you have taken in.

Your aura is an early warning system.

By paying attention to these forewarnings you can take preventative aura healing actions.

When you are around others you are exposing yourself to their energies which can be negative and harmful to your aura.

How to treat others energies:

How to protect and keep your aura clean.

A grounded clean aura allows you to sense negative harmful energies.

And when they are directed towards you, you have the choice to accept them or clean them out of your space.

This allows you the chance to remain stable and unaffected by others’ energies.

You remain safe secure and grounded when functioning with a healthy aura.

A healthy aura intercepts negative energies which will not be able to interact with your energy system.

Not allowing undesirable intrusions into your well-grounded energy system.

Crystals and stones can be used to protect your aura from these negative effects also.

Unprotective aura allows energies to leak out which can lead to stress, trauma, depression, abuse, and physical injuries.  

The aura will not function properly if it is not healthy.

Which layer is affected when illness occurs:

First of all, there are 7 layers to the Aura as explained in the article,” What is an aura, meaning, and definition.”

The layer closest to the body is the layer where illness can occur.

This is the layer of life forces.

When you are ungrounded or out of your body this is the layer that is diffuse and allowing in illness.

The layers of the aura are a template and matrix of health and disease.

Being able to scan the seven layers of your aura give you a current health evaluation and diagnosis.

Most unsuitable emotions can be cleansed and healed from your auric field before you absorb their ill effects. 

Being able to read your aura act as an early warning sign.

The aura absorbs and contains life-giving energy.

It acts as a positive protection.

Illuminating healing energy, therefore, it must be in a whole and healthy state to be able to support the energy field. 

How to maintain a healthy aura: 

Your physical state is a good indication of the state of your aura.

By surrounding your environment with healthy plants, visiting naturally energizing places like botanical gardens, eating fresh produces, being with people who do not drain your energy with negative energy.

You will feel vibrant and strong which is equivalent to a healthy aura.

While symptoms of an overextended aura are headache, irritability, depression, stress, anxiety, muscle pain, joint pain, Nausea, these are signs that your aura needs cleaning.

These issues can be fixed with meditation or salt baths.

Maintaining a healthy and well-balanced life energy field is not impossible.

You need to take a few healing approaches like:

  • Daily meditation and grounding practices
  • A nurturing home space
  • A harmonious work environment
  • Self-love, affirmation, and a strong grounding
  • Exercise and nature walks
  • Being with  healthy people and animals
  • Taking care of your body’s needs
  • A nutritious diet 

While your aura boundary

Can be depleted by 

  • Neglecting daily meditation
  • Not paying attention to yourself
  • verbal, physical, or energy attacks
  • Interacting with negative people
  • Crowds of people
  • Not speaking the truth
  • A constant focus on negativity
  • Compulsive caretaking of others

How to see and heal aura

When the aura is healthy 

  • You connect to an inner self and spirit
  • Are able to live authentically in chakras harmony
  • Endorse protection and security
  • Are full of your own energies
  • Have healthy emotional boundaries
  • Able to say no without feeling guilty

When you are feeling healthy your aura is clean and healthy.

You are self-confident, calm, and grounded.

When the aura is out of harmony 

  • You are  neglectful of yourself and your spirit
  • Engage in unhealthy lifestyle choices
  • Not healing self when you need it
  • Easily distracted not in the present
  • vulnerable, unsure, or afraid
  • Defensive  or reactive
  • Responding inappropriately
  • Having difficulty containing feelings
  • Feeling unwanted energies in your space 

You exhibit signs and symptoms of visual aura weakness in arms and legs, numbness of one side of the face, balance difference, stiffness of the neck, vertigo, stomach problems, trouble hearing, ringing in the ear

How to protect and keep your aura clean.

There are simple ways to care for your aura. 

You can carry crystals with you like Hematite. 

Cleaning your aura is a good way to protect it and get rid of negative energy.

An aura can change in color, width, and strength depending on the person’s mood or situation.

When you go through stress, depression, anger, traumatic 

experience, pain sickness, physical injury your aura becomes weak.

Drugs and alcohol can also weaken the aura.

The main way to protect the aura is to keep it cleaned.

There are several ways to clean the aura to another article where some of the ways to clean the aura.

How often should you clean your aura?:

You should clean your aura at least once a week.

If you work in a place of negative energies.  

You should clean your aura every day.

Meditation encourages vibration at a higher frequency and helps you maintain a strong connection to your spiritual guide 

What can happen to unprotected auras:

An unprotected aura can cause your chakras to become out of alignment.

You need to protect your aura to keep your chakras in alignment.

People with healing auras:

When you have a healing aura. You attract damaged people.

You attract a lot of damaged people that can be draining your energies.

Which can drain your energy so have to be careful.

 You do not have to heal everyone that enters your life.

Why are some layers of your aura dull:

Some layers of your aura may be dull if you are under a great deal of stress, depressed, or physically ill.

Lack of color is not caused for concern because the aura changes color over time.

Your aura needs a good cleaning if you are feeling sluggish, tired, or off.

Cleansing can be done easily.

It is important to learn how to tell when your aura needs to be cleansed.  How to protect your aura?

You need to get into the habit of cleaning your aura weekly or daily when under a lot of stress.

Ways to protect the aura:

How to protect and keep your aura clean.

There are many methods to protect the aura one of which is to just ask for help.

Ask the god/guardian angel to protect you from unseen forces.

You can also turn to prayers.

Depending on divine intervention use a mantra or spiritual shield. 

Shields do wear off and need to be replenished.

Especially in negative environments, spiritual shields remain in place for 8-12h less in negative environments.

Staying grounded is important in keeping your aura positive and strong.  

You need to remain grounded and focused.

You have to remain calm and relaxed to keep yourself centered. 

There are rituals you can perform whenever you feel not grounded.

You cannot give too much of yourself.

You have to learn how to balance yourself personally and spiritually to maintain a healthy aura.

Stay grounded:

You can stay grounded with breathing exercises and shielding yourself on a regular basis.

And not being drained by needy, egotistical people who only focus on themselves and drain you of your internal energies.

Limit contact or try to limit them from your life.

You have to train yourself how to recognize these types of people they will destroy your energy field.

Bad energies need to be pushed out, cleaned out.

A clear aura means an equal balance of emotions and a protected aura.


How to protect and keep your aura clean.

When we clear the blockage in our internal energy system and cleanse our aura.

We will have positive ideas and exude positive energy which in turn attract positive things, events, and people.

The one thing we can control is the type of energy we give off.

You can have control over your life, relationship, and circumstances.

The balance of our energy system is directly related to how we will be able to use the law of attraction to our advantage.

To do this we have to learn how to balance our internal energy and the key to doing this is learning about auras and chakras.

How to clear them, how to cleanse our energy, and protect our aura.

This is why it is so important to be able to feel auras and understand and protect them.

In order to attract the things, you need and desire.

Keep yourself grounded and spiritually protected to live a positive happy, healthy, spiritually protected life.

Health is a choice, make wise choices in creating your body of health.


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