How To Easily Manifest More Effectively

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The word manifestation means to create something or turn something from an idea into a reality. In psychology, manifestation generally means using our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to bring something to our physical reality.

People from all walks of life have used The Secret to manifest their perfect homes, life, partner, cars, jobs, their promotions.

Some of the greatest stories have come from people using The Secret to attract what they want in life.

The Secret has inspired many great people to share their stories and

all kinds of things since the release of the film.

The Secret has brought joy to billions around the world.

The knowledge is there and could give you whatever you want.

What Is The Secret? 

According to Bob Proctor, The Secret is infinite power- one law one power.

The Secret is the Law of Attraction.

Everything that comes into your life is attracted into your life by you.

Every thought of yours is a real thing a force.

It is said that the law of attraction is the most

powerful in the universe.

The law responds to your thoughts no matter what they may be.  

Like, attract like.

Humans are the most powerful magnets in the universe.

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What is The law of attraction?:

How to easily manifest more effectively using the law of attraction.

You become what you think about most and attract what you think about most.

So if you don’t want something to come true think about what you do want to come true and it will come true.

Our life is a reflection of our past thoughts. 

According to The Secret, we can change this.

Mr.  Proctor says, If you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hands.

“Thoughts become things,” as said by Mike Dooley.

Through the Law of attraction, your thoughts become the things in your life. 

Humans are the most powerful transmission towers in the universe

Our frequency transmits through the entire universe. 

We transmit this frequency via our thoughts.

Our thought transmissions create our life and these life transmissions create the world.

The pictures we receive from the transmission of our thoughts are pictures of our life.

To change these pictures we have to change these thoughts.

How to live in abundance:

Clark Haanel says,” the vibrations of mental forces are the finest and most powerful in existence.”

We need to see ourselves living in abundance to attract abundance.

The question is why doesn’t everyone live in this manner?

According to J. Arsaraf, most people are thinking about what they don’t want and this is what shows up for them.

People are learning and trying to apply the Law of Attraction more these days.

By thinking and speaking about what they want.

We have to remember the law of attraction work on our thoughts whether good, bad, or indifferent.

We have to learn to put out thoughts of what we want at all times to get good things to come back to us.

Because the Law of attraction just receives our thoughts and returns those thoughts to us amplified as our life experiences.

When we focus on something we are calling that thing into existence. 

The law of attraction does not hear negative words in front of a thought.

All thoughts go out into the universe and come back even more powerful than they went out.

How Does The law of attraction work?:

The law of attraction is just giving you what you are thinking about.

The law of attraction is always working and creating.

We create our life through our thoughts.

We think ourselves into existence.

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The law of attraction is working even when we are asleep, that is why

it is important to have good thoughts before falling asleep at night.

Our thoughts are where our powers are.

Because we draw everything to ourselves the people, the wealth, the debt, the joy, the car, the community we live in, like a magnet. 

Our entire life is a manifestation of thoughts that go on in our head.

Nothing is excluded from the law of attraction.

Our life is a mirror of the dominant thoughts we think of.

All living things function through the Law of attraction.

Humans can intentionally think and create their entire life with their minds.

Set your intention, you are the master of your thoughts.

The great secret of life is the Law of Attraction.

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How to easily manifest more effectively:

You can have all you desire utilizing the law of attraction.

You attract into your life whatever you put your focus on.

Also referred to as fate, karma, out of the blue, fell into place, etc.

The law of attraction is a law of nature that is precise.

It will be hard to control every thought because we have so many per day. 

But we do control some of them through our feelings.

Our feelings tell us what we are thinking.

Our feelings are the quickest way to tell what we are thinking.

We have two sets of feelings the good and the bad.

We are emitting a powerful frequency when we are feeling good and having good thoughts.

These thoughts emit back to us more good things, which in turn, will make us feel even better.

When we are feeling good, we are powerfully attracting more good thoughts.

We can turbocharge our manifestation by adding our feelings to what we want.

So our thoughts and our feelings create our life.

We create our universe as we go along.

Is the law of attraction related to manifestation?:

The law of attraction is our tool to create what we want in our life.

What we put out is what we attract back in return.

There are three steps in the creative process of manifestation.

Ask and you shall receive. 

  • Be precise when asking 
  • Be clear
  • You only have to ask once
  • Asking help you to be clear to the universe 


  • That it is already yours
  • Believe in the unseen
  • believe you have received whatever you are asking for
  • The law of attraction moves people, events, and circumstances for you to receive


  • Feel wonderful about it
  • Good about it, feel happy
  • Feel the way you would feel once your desire has manifested
  • Feeling good, put you on the frequency of what you want

Be perfect with your manifestation:

How to easily manifest more effectively using the law of attraction.

Make it a daily habit to determine every event in your life in advance through your thoughts.

You can set the universe’s forces ahead of you in everything you do and everywhere you go.

It takes no time for the brain to summons what you want.

It is as easy to manifest one dollar as it is to manifest one million dollars.

Whatever your circumstances, they will change when you begin to use manifestation.

To change your circumstances you have to change your thinking.

You are the creator of your life.

So you must begin each day with grateful thoughts of gratitude.

You have to learn how to be grateful for what you do have to get 

something different.

Tools require for manifestation:

How to easily manifest more effectively using the law of attraction.

You can use visualization, the tool to create pictures in our minds of seeing what we want.

To generate thoughts and feelings of having it already.

Visualization is powerful, it is seeing thoughts as done.

Having it now, the law of attraction then returns that reality to us. 

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Imagination: is the preview of life’s coming attraction.

Expectation: is a powerful attractive force.

Gratitude: is powerful for shifting our energy and bringing more of what we want.

Giving thanks in advance for what we want turbocharges our desires  

and sends more powerful forces out into the universe.

We have to make the law of attraction a habit.

At the end of each day go over each event and replay unwanted events the way you want them to go. 

This will help to change the outcome.

When you focus on lack and what you don’t have 

you will never be able to get past lack because you get back what you put out.

To get abundance, to get prosperity you have to focus on abundance, on prosperity.

Then the universe will move people, circumstances, and events to deliver wealth and prosperity to you.

Be patient with your manifestations:

Success comes from within not from without.

How to easily manifest more effectively help us to discover what is within.

We need to go for inner peace, joy, and happiness.

Then outer peace, joy, and happiness will occur.

To attract money we have to focus on wealth. 

Focusing on the lack of money will not bring us wealth but keep us in lack.

Imagining we have money already will make us feel better about money.

When we feel better more will flow into our life.

Feeling happy now is the fastest way to bring whatever you want into your life.

By shifting your way of thinking and feeling better put out happy thoughts, 

Happy thoughts will help you to be open to what you want to come to you.

We can manifest into our lives every wish, thoughts, and feelings by the thoughts we put out into the universe.

We can’t rely on others to bring happiness to us only we can do this.

When we feel bad about ourselves or a situation we block the love

and attract people and situations that will also make us feel bad.

This is why to make relationships work we have to focus on the  

qualities you like about your partner.

Focus on his strength you will get more of them.

Why we think negative thoughts about others:

The main reason people tend to think about the negative in others is

found to be related to stress, which begins with negative thoughts.

It is said that love and gratitude will dissolve all negativity in our lives no matter the form it has taken.

Laughter is the best medicine along with gratitude and faith.

To remain healthy we have to focus on perfect health.

 And let laughter attract joy and release negativity which will lead to cures.

The disease is held in the body by thoughts.

Change the thoughts and the disease will go away.

Think about health and internal youth to remain vibrant and healthy.

The universe is the unusual supplier of things. 

Everything comes from the universe.

The law of attraction is equivalent to the Law of supply.

Energy flows where attention goes and is delivered to us through

people, circumstances, and events by the law of attraction.

Manifestation and energy:

When you emit the perfect frequency of what you want,  the perfect

people, circumstances, and events will be attracted to you and delivered.

You have to learn how to emit the perfect frequency of what you want to attract.

Whenever you attract anything you want. 

You attract it to you by the law of attraction.

 By being on the same frequency and in harmony with the universal supply.

Affirmation of perfection:

I am is the most powerful words when dealing with the law of attraction.

When we say I am the words that follow are important they should

be words of certainly, they should be to your advantage for example 

I am Love

The words I am happy (happy is a positive vibration)

I am healthy etc.

Everything is energy the word I is perfection.

And we are an energy magnet.

We electrically energize everything to us that we want. 

That‘s why it is said we are the creators of our destiny and the universe.

We are all connected and we are one. 

Keep rooted in your values:

We are the only ones who can create the life we want.

Since inner happiness is the feeling of success.

We have to be happy and feel good now.

The more we use the power through us the more power we will draw 

through us.  

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We have to let go of limiting thoughts and do what we love.

What we put out into the universe is what we get back in return from the universe.

Since the law of attraction work in three stages.

Identifying the attraction helps us to limit contrast in all areas of our life and present clarity to what we want.

How to manifest more easily and more effectively.

And give our desire attention to increasing vibration and fuel our desire while allowing our attraction to occur.

We can use the law of attraction to get more of what we want.

The law of attraction doesn’t know if we are generating a thought by

remembering, pretending, creating, visualizing, or daydreaming.

It simply responds to our vibration.

We can only send out one vibration at a time.

We can learn how to duplicate a feeling of abundance more

intentionally by changing the way we use our words and thoughts.

When we create the vibration of abundance we create more vibration and this creates more abundance in our life. 

It is easy to create the vibration of abundance.

This is why we need to be taught the law of attraction from a young age.

Thoughts are superpowers:

We are constantly creating our reality.

This is how to easily manifest more effectively and help us discover what is within.

We are active participants in what is showing up in our lives.

Our dreams are alive through us.

We just have to set our intentions then clarify what we want then apply them.

When we don’t get what we want it is our fault for holding ourselves.

back and not vibrating at what we desire.

We need to release our resistant thoughts.

We are an extension of source energy.

Source energy is our thoughts. 

Which can never be separated from us. 

We have to pay attention to our feelings to know if our desire is coming true. 

We can guide ourselves to any desire we want.

Because if we can desire something the universe can provide it.

We cannot say no to the universe.

Saying no is the same thing as saying yes because the universe doesn’t recognize negative words.

We can change thoughts but we have to do it gradually. 

You cannot jump from one thought to another because each thought may be on a different vibrational frequency.

This is why thoughts can be changed but it has to be done gradually.

Our attitude is always pointing towards whatever is comforting.

Life is always in motion so we cannot be stuck.

What we focus on is what we manifest in our life.

Visualized Manifestation and the subconscious mind:

Visualization is a big part of our manifestation.

Visualization is thoughts in pictures. We will manifest as long as we have no resistance.

True manifestation is the highest good for all. 

In,” The Secret,” ” how,” is not our concern or job when manifesting.

But not giving our subconscious mind a plan will render it unable to bring us where we need to go. 

Because our subconscious mind is key for our manifestation to get out into the universe.

How to manifest more easily and more effectively is key to our manifesting.

If we are to guide the universe we need to know the,” How”?

Our actions produce our manifestation how to easily manifest more effectively helps us to discover what is within.

Manifestation is a goal-setting and goal-achieving process.

The steps are Identifying and working on our manifestation blocks.

Set the right kinds of goals.

How to easily manifest more effectively.

Then take action you may start to see manifestations become easier over time

We can automatically manifest all that we desire in life while repelling

what we don’t want by aligning our subconscious with the universe.

The subconscious mind is the most powerful entity in the universe.

We become what we think about because everything in the universe is made of energy not matter.

Which we change with every thought, action, and emotion.

We put what we don’t want in our lives by the way we think and feel

because our subconscious is misaligned with the natural laws of the universe.

The key to unlocking the ability to manifest whatever we want is to believe in whatever we want.

We have to not only speak of what we want but we have to believe in what we want.

Rewiring the subconscious for manifestation:

How to easily manifest more effectively can be done by rewiring our subconscious.

You use your mind to heal your body and affect reality.

The human mind can alter the outcome of things around them with

audio and sound waves that affect the brain and mind.

Sounds and waves are energy waves, energy waves are our thoughts.

Since energy waves are our thoughts like sound and light then the sound can impact our subconscious through thoughts.

This, in turn, affects the universe around us. 

By being a combination of isochoric tones, alpha waves, beta waves,

theta waves, delta waves, ancient chant mantras, and other

frequencies have been created to help us align ourselves with the universe.

By retuning,  rebalancing, and reprogramming our subconscious.

Helping us to dispel the blockage that prevents us from creating an abundance.

Negative emotion will begin to melt away allowing the brain to become more in sync.

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rebound less, limitless, and manifest abundance, love, and wealth using the power of our will.

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Conclusion to how to easily manifest more effectively:

We may begin to see manifesting become easier over time.

We just have to take action, check our mindset observe our thoughts. 

Flip negative thoughts into thoughts you want. 

Don’t think about debt think about abundance and ways to make more money.

Set it and forget it. 

Don’t be controlled by debt.

Visualize yourself debt-free and with an abundance.

We become what we think about.

The human energy field is created by thoughts.

We change subtle energies within and around us with every thought, action, and emotion.

Most of us are filling ourselves with what we do not want in our lives because our subconscious is misaligned with the law of the universe.

Our consciousness can manifest anything that we wish.

The law of attraction helps us to create what we want in three steps ask, believe, and receive.

Things will happen in your life. 

So think good thoughts!

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