How To Clean Your Aura of Negative Energy

How to clean your aura of negative energy to maintain aura health and avoid a feeling of brokenness.

The aura is the energetic field that extends about a foot and a half outside of your physical body.

Consisting of several layers.

Your aura soaks up the energy it comes into contact with every day. 

Such as negative thoughts and emotions directed towards you sometimes not towards you.

We can pick up negative energies from any where, other people, closed places, shopping malls, public transport.

When we collect negative energies we feel drained, stressed, depressed, irritable, for instantce, we will vibrate at a lower frequency and attract similar situations, emotions, and thoughts.

This energy can leave you feeling emotions that are not yours like anger, anxiety, etc.

An aura cleaning is in order.

Because these issues cause your aura to become blocked or imbalanced, leaving you feeling broken.  

All of these feelings will make you feel tired, motiveless, and disconnected.

Making it necessary for an aura cleaning.

What is aura cleaning?:

Aura cleansing is the technique of clearing negative energy from the

body of a living being, therefore, you can feel refreshed, energized, and vibrant.

Clease aura boost positivity energy.

Why is it needed:

For instance, when the aura is not cleaned it will lead to short-term and long-term illnesses, like depression and anxiety.

A blocked aura makes you feel tired or disconnected.

This is when a cleansing is needed.

Cleaning the aura regularly help the aura remain healthy and strong. 

Cleaning is done by several means ie: taking a walk

Getting wet in the rain.

You need a clean aura to live a  happy and successful life and to 

  • Increase your concentration
  • Eat appropriately
  • Put your lifestyle on track
  • Exercise daily
  • Sleep peacefully

Bring positivity to yourself by remaining optimistic and surrounding yourself with positivity.

How To Clean Your Aura of Negative Energy

There are severals ways to clean your aura as stated below:

Crystal healing:

Crystals originate from the earth element and help you remain grounded.

Create crystal grids, allow the aura and direct energy toward healing.

Placing crystals on the floor, bed, or body.

Cleaning crystals area:

  • Clear Quartz
  • Amethyst
  • Selenite
  • Rose Quartz
  • Citrine
  • Black Tourmaline

These crystals play a powerful healing protective role in keeping your aura from damage.

Visualization and prana:

Visualization allows you to see your energy and feel it

Prana is the practice of bringing the breathing pattern from a nervous state to a relaxed state.

By using the power of focus you can move energy through your body in a steady stream.

Sound Healing:

Releasing stuck energy from your field listening to uplifting music can melt away stressful energy.


Which is natural is a great healing power.

Along with visualization are a great cleaner for the auric field.

How To Clean Your Aura of Negative Energy:

Get outside in nature.

Nature has a natural power to clean and uplift your energy.

Connecting with nature is easy and always available.

Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you. 

Clean your space:

Cleaning your space will clear your energy. 


Quiet and clear your mind through prana and meditation. 

Meditation help you focus on your desires and work on your goals.


Yoga, walking, dance replenish and connect you.

Think positive:

Surround yourself with positive people, music, uplifting messages, and raise your vibration.


Cleanse your energy with light.

Imagine light soaring all around you and clean your mind, body, and spirit from head to toe.


Repeat positive affirmations and mantras.

This is the easiest and fastest way to clean your aura.

Affirmations can be repeated as often as you need to feel the power of the words you are saying.

Clean your mind of negative thought:

Clear your mind of negative thoughts and focus on positive thoughts.

Self confidence:

Have confidence in yourself.

Turn off the down side:

Identify the adverse/trolls in your life. 


Is importance to maintain opositive goal driven spirit.

Salt baths(spiritual bath):

Are an effective aura cleaner that consists of herbs, essential oils, sea salts, and plants.

Sea salt is an element from the earth and can leave you with a feeling of stability and productivity.

Herbs use for spiritual baths are:

  • Lavender: relax and restore aura
  • Sage: heal all parts of the aura and eliminate negative energy
  • Rose: Promote love and positivity
  • Citress: energize your aura leaving you feeling refreshed and restored.

Salt baths will help you feel calm and remove stress.

Spend time in nature:

Helps clean and restore your energy.

Sit out in the sun: 

Sunlight is necessary for human beings.

 Be good to others: 

Do onto others as you would like them to do onto you

Any little act of kindness will make you feel excellent and satisfied.


The acts of using sacred smoke bowl blessing to cleanse your spirit, mind, and body.

Smudging done with herbs, essential oils, and crystals.

Used to clean a house,  building, vehicle, workplace, or another person.

The main smudging herb is white sage along with sweet grass.

Other smudging herbs are:Thyme: which work to heel post-trauma and negative emotions associated with them

Cedar: eliminate fear and inspire courage

Palo Santo: heals your aura actively

Mugwort: use to boost your intuition

Coastal Sage: repair tears in your aura

Smudging is one of th best aura cleaning technique to heal and clean your field.

Protecting your aura:

You can protect your energy with a protective bubble around your aura because this will put you in control of what energies can affect you during the day.

A higher power is protecting your body.

Avoid negative people because we absorb and internalize the energy they put out.

Surrounding yourself with negative people can take a toll on your aura, from taking in all that negative energy.

Prolong exposure to negative people will drain your spirit leaving you feeling tired, stressed, and not yourself.


Our aura is our first line of defense against lower harmful energies, like stress and anxiety, as well as, environmental pollutants.

The aura support our physical, mental, emotion, spiritual health.

When the aura is weak, damaged, or full of negative energy, for instance, you may get sick, feel fatigued, have nightmares, feel anxious, or depressed.

Cleaning your aura will allow you to feel your best, gain your desire and feel at peace.

Fortunate for us there are multiple quick, practical, and effective things we can do daily to take care of our aura and keeping it strong.

These practices become beneficial when done constantly.

Choose one way of clearing and creating your aura’s daily health routine.

And protect your aura from damage!

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