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As a new blogger, I wanted to earn extra money online fast.

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I did not realize blogging would take a lot of time and effort to get to that point.

So, if you are a new blogger seeking to earn extra money online fast with your blog don’t give up because you are not alone.

But you don’t have to wait for your blog to start making you money.

There is a way to earn money as a new blogger with affiliate marketing.

Which is a way to earn money by promoting other people’s products to your audience.

Affiliate marketing is not the only way to make money blogging.

But it is the most profitable for beginners without creating your own products.

And of course, you have to have traffic to sell these products.

For this to work,  you have to be able to answer questions about others’ problems.

And have good solutions to solve those problems.

This is being a good content provider. 

The more questions you can provide solutions for the more followers you can obtain. 

The goal is to be able to answer questions, provide great solutions, utilizing posts to help with the solution.

This will help you earn extra money online fast and maintain followers.

This is called monetizing your blog.

Being able to solve problems many people are seeking answers to will make you a hit.

At this point monetizing your blog should be easy:

Time to monetizing your blog:

You could write an article that gets millions of searches online daily like, How to earn extra money online fast.

Knowing the answer to this problem will help carve out a niche for you.

Especially if you can answer the problem and people get results.

This could be the number one reason people will go to your site and click on a post.

If you are promoting a product as an affiliate that product needs to address the problem you are solving in your blog.

The best problems solving content to write about are ones that can be relevant every day of the year.

These problem-solving content can be in the form of tutorial, review, comparison, or list.

Where you will state whatever is positive and or negative about whatever you are writing about.

The main goal is to share your understanding of the problem and how the solution has improved your/their life.

Using Post to earn extra money online fast:

You can add posts to your blog to earn extra money online fast.

 These posts must be relevant to the solution you are putting out. 

When you are using posts in your blog use H3 titles to make posts stand out.

You also have to let the reader know that you have affiliate links in your article.

Affiliate links are posts for which you get a commission.

Now is a good time for me to mention this article contains affiliate links for which I will receive a commission.

Remember relevance and put posts in the upper portion of the blog 

because people don’t always read through the entire article.

You can place all of the most important posts at the end of your article too.

For those that do read the entire article.

Traffic does matter when you are placing posts in your blogs.

Because people need to see your posts to click on them.

Getting subscribers is hard work but you will get them eventually.

By producing good problem-solving content, which will in turn increase blog traffic.

Increased traffic will increase the chance to earn extra money online fast.

To earn extra money online fast we do need traffic.  

Some blogs can have a lot of conversions without a lot of traffic. 

That is because of the relevance of the posts.

These are the best kinds of blogs to have.

You should promote posts that are not readily available to the public.

This will help encourage purchases of your posts.

Make sure you offer a variety of priced posts in your blog.

And structure the article so that the title makes a promise and causes curiosity.

The article needs to be reader-focused with posts bold, so one could see them. 

These strategies are from a brilliant blogger Carly Campbell”s E-Book,  Starting a Profitable Blog.

Earn extra money online fast: 

  • Remember be consistent
  • Build an audience 
  • Create good content 
  • Use Pinterest to build traffic
  • Become an affiliate
  • Create and sell courses
  • Utilize Adsense 
  • Work hard
  • Be patient

Then and only then will you earn extra money online fast.

How can you earn money daily:

Need money right now?

Learn this simple way to earn extra money online fast.

One of the easiest ways to earn extra money online fast is to take surveys.

Survey sites only require your e-mail address.

The surveys are free, legitimate and allow you to make extra money online fast.

Just sign up, give your profile, then give your opinion on ads, products, services, and more.

You just share your opinion in groups.

These companies are looking for qualified people to join their research groups.

If you love putting out your opinion focus groups are for you.

The big question is not how can I earn extra money online fast but how much money can I earn?

 And how much work is needed to earn this money?

Are surveys worth your time and energy?:

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Survey Junkie

Are you reading this article because you are looking for new ways to make extra money online fast, free, and legitimately?

Why not make extra money online fast by taking online surveys?

Surveys sites only require your e-mail, they are quick, easy, and free!

They are well worth your time and maybe fun!

First of all taking surveys is easy some find it fun and you can earn incentives for participating.

You can earn a few extra dollars, or gift cards to your favorite places to shop.

Taking surveys is easy work that can be done from the comfort of your home.

You just need a smartphone, laptop, and a little time then you are good to go.

The cash is small but easy, fast, free, and legitimate to make.

You probably will be online anyway so why not make some money while you are browsing?

Why not earn extra money online fast instantly and free?

.Some online research payout as much as $150/hour you can earn pretty good money 

There are no special qualifications but you do have to qualify to participate in certain surveys.

Fill out your profile properly to see if you qualify, then start earning!

You have a choice whether to participate in a given survey or not. 

Remember the more you participate the more extra money you can earn.

But doing surveys is not a dependable source of income.

There are much better forms of side hustles out there that will supplement your income.

Like as mentioned above Affiliate marketing, Blogging, Virtual assistance, Website tester, Transcription, Teach English online, to name a few.

Tips to increase the best use of your time with surveys:

First of all, you won’t become rich filling out surveys.

But you can increase your opportunity to earn more money.

 By signing up for as many surveys sites as possible.

Then send them to a new email account that is for those notifications only.

This will allow you to come across more earning opportunities easily.

And increase your cash payout by doing as many surveys as presented to you promptly.

Choose surveys that pay out the most for your time. 

And sign up for as many of the surveys that are sent to you as possible.

This will give you a continuous flow of surveys to keep you earning extra money online fast.

Also, use your time wisely by doing other things when sitting to do surveys.

You can qualify for even more incentives by inviting family and friends to join you to make extra money online fast.

Taking surveys is an easy side hustle that helps you earn extra money online fast!

Start earning extra money online fast today!:

Here are a few top survey sites I have used personally to earn extra money online fast.

Survey Voice: Take a survey and get paid at Survey Voice!

– you can make $50-100/week completing surveys.

– qualify instantly and view exclusive offers in exchange for

– your opinion

– get paid survey clinic trial opportunities

– get part-time work offers! 

Join Survey Voice Now!

Survey Junkie: This site is visited by 10k + user per month is legitimate

– sign up for Survey Junkie and start earning rewards and cash for your opinions in points

– have to accumulate 500 points to cash out

– must be 16 yrs or older

– free to join

– can earn up to $50/survey

Join Survey Junkie Now!

Inbox Dollar:  Inbox dollar pays members in cash from

green background in a grey frame with white and black lettering framed by pink

– 00.50-$5.00 some can be as high as $10.00-$20.00

– take surveys online which usually take 2-25 minutes to complete

– shop at certain stores

– read e-mails

– play games

– watch videos

– go shopping

– must be 18+

Join Inbox Dollar Now!

Survey Voices Work From Home:

You can make as much as $50 + a week

– just by completing surveys

– qualify instantly then view exclusive offers for 

– your opinion

– get access to paid surveys

– clinical trial opportunities

– and part-time work offers

– join Survey Voices Work From Home Now!

Survey Premium: Hobby Lobby

Collect 100 coins and get a $25 Visa gift card  

– join Survey Premium  Now!

Note the survey sites are completely 100% free to join:

Life Point: Join the Life Point community of over 5m + members

– do surveys in exchange for points 

– and start collecting Life Points today

– earn 10 Life points just for signing up

– points can be redeemed for gift cards, charitable donations, or cash

– collect your favorite rewards!

– join Life Point  Now!

Opinion Champ: As a member of the Opinion Champ you will be a part of a global community of people who share their opinions in return for cash and other rewards.

– just register 

– then you will receive an e-mail to confirm invitations to qualifying surveys

– most surveys take about 10 minutes to complete

– then just sit back and watch your points grow on your personalized dashboard!

– can earn up to 250 points/survey

– join Opinion Champ Now!

Panda Research: Get paid for each survey you complete

– get paid for your opinion 

– get access to paid surveys

– join Panda Research Now!

Pinecone Research: Become a member of Pinecone Research and get the opportunity to evaluate products before they hit the shelves.

– this site is very popular surveys get filled quickly

– Pay-out is good

– you have the chance to help shape the products before they go on sale

– fill out your profile as complete as possible, incomplete profiles render you with non-invites

– users can earn as much as $3/survey

– join Pinecone Research Now!

Additional top free online survey sites to earn extra money online fast.:

i-Say: Connect users to survey opportunities through Ipsos

– Ipsos is a market research firm which awards in point format

– do have to wait for 96h  from registration to redeem points

My Points: offer points for certain retailers

–  can redeem points for cash or gift cards

– offer a $10 bonus sign-on

– will need to redeem points within 30 days to keep the bonus 

Swagbucks: is a very popular site that pays you earn you to take surveys

– offers activities like playing games

– searching the web

– watching videos

– you earn swag bucks points

– which can be redeemed for cash or gift cards

– you can earn about 00.40-$2.00/survey

Toluna: Let you pick the topic of your surveys

– can earn 15-50K points per survey

– points do expire after a year

– can choose cash or gift card for pay-out

Conclusion of earn extra money online fast:

There are a lot of ways to make money online fast.

 Just make sure you choose one or more to have an additional income stream.

So you are not dependent on one means to bring in an income.

Remember online surveys are Free.

And they can take a long time to build the points up to cash out.

Remember you won’t become financially independent.

But completing surveys to earn extra money online fast is plausible.

So sign up for as many survey sites you want, the more site you sign up to 

the more money will be available for you to make during your spare time.

Try surveys to earn extra money online fast!

Let me know about your experience!

Please pin and share this post!

Thank you for your support!

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