Do Teeth Whitening Products Have Dangerous Side Effects

Ever thought of whitening your teeth? 

Whether professional or home kit administered by you?

There are many means and products available from vegan to gluten-free, 


to teeth whitening wipes to swabs, gel, and pens.   

All of which promise the best whitening system. 

Few ever mention the side effects, which we will examine in this blog.

How dangerous are the side effects of teeth whitening products?:

From what I could find out in my research, do teeth whitening products 

have dangerous side effects, side effects are few.

Most people do not suffer any notable side effects.

Most whitening treatments are safe for the most part. 

Some may have teeth sensitivity that could be relieved by using

sensitive toothpaste and brushing gently post-treatment. 

Eating foods at room temperature helps with the sensitivity to hot or cold foods.

Use of sn OTC pain reliever to help offset the pain if it is unbearable.

Undesirable results may occur, the results received after whitening may not be what you were looking for.

Soft tissue may receive chemical burn causing irritation to the gum exposed to the bleaching solution

This could cause inflammation and redness to the affected area.

Side effects occur with repetitive use of the treatment product.

Misuse of the products seems to pose more danger to users of these products than anything else.

Consumers tend to overuse and abuse these products.

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Are teeth whiteners safe?:

The very product we use to whiten the teeth can lead to tooth decay. 

Tooth sensitivity and gum irritation can occur with abusive usage.

According to the Dental Health society the peroxide in the product can wear away tooth enamel and irritate the dental nerve.

This is why it is imperative to follow the directions of the product correctly.

Tooth discoloration is due to intrinsic or extrinsic factors check a previous article for these definitions.

You need to know what type of discoloration you are trying to treat. 

So you could choose the proper treatment safely.

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dentist i examining room

Consider a Professional: 

Knowing the type of stain intrinsic vs extrinsic is important in helping you choose the proper treatment.

Only a dentist can differentiate between the two types of stains. 

For example, we all know some foods and drinks may cause extrinsic stains. 

These are soda, coffee, tea, alcohol, fruits, and candy they wear

away the enamel of the outer layer of the teeth.

While the worst extrinsic stains like obsessive tobacco use, produce 

harmful chemicals which stain and may cause gum disease.

Genetic and medication stains are usually intrinsic stains. 

These stains should be whitened by a professional.

Aging wears away the enamel over time yellowing the teeth.

Good dental hygiene is the primary defense to maintain teeth white.

Not brushing or flossing regularly may lead to tooth decay which also stains teeth.

Teeth also lose their luster due to the decaying process.

Brushing and flossing regularly helps eliminate the build-up of plaque and 

leftover food on the teeth which can cause stains.

Dental plaque is a sticky deposit that builds on the tooth surface causing 

fungi and bacteria to multiply and produce coloration that forms stains.

Professional vs do it yourself home kit:

Knowing the stain’s type will let you know if you should try to treat yourself 

or choose the professional route of whitening.

The peroxide in the bleaching solution can damage the cell in the gum resulting in soft tissue burn. 

Since home bleaching solution is much weaker than the bleaching solutions used by the professional. 

Chemical burns are rare.

This is another reason why home whitening kits are thought to be safe.

The teeth can become inflamed if there is a crack or fissure on the tooth.

This is where the dentist is important he would check for any of these prior to you doing the treatment.

How dangerous are the side effects of teeth whitening products?

One could damage the nerve, blood vessel, or connective tissue of the tooth trying to whiten with a decaying tooth.

Overuse can increase sensitivity and cause gum irritation by wearing away teeth enamel and irritating dental nerve

Overuse can also cause a chemical burn resulting in severe pain and inflammation if the chemical reaches the gum.

What are the long-term effects of teeth whitening use?

Home kits can cause “Zingers” these are sharp pain in the teeth that could last for several minutes.

One can get a  stomach ache secondary to swallowing the bleaching agent during the whitening process.

This should subside within 48h though.

These side effects usually clear up in a couple of weeks if the use of the bleaching solution is stopped.


Is teeth whitening permanent:

Most people get that bleaching is not permanent.

But when bleaching stops the teeth usually regress back to their color prior to bleaching.

Our teeth become dull, stained, and discolored over time.

Leading to people’s abuse of the product by not following the treatment instructions.

They began to do too many treatments in too short of a period of time.

People become addicted to using the whitening gel, wanting their teeth dazzling at all times. 

Too much of anything is not good for you.

But most people don’t stop using the chemical leading to damage of the teeth.

The chemical is harsh and this damages the tooth enamel over time.

Diy vs chemical whitening:

Diy tooth whitening methods have been used for ages.

There are Diy means of whitening the teeth which I would think is safer 

than whitening home kits, which contain chemicals while Diy products consist of natural ingredients. 

Diy methods may be less toxic and less expensive than their chemical home kit counterparts.

Because they tend to be made with natural ingredients which can be found in the home.

Even though both home kits and Diy products may use peroxide as the bleaching agent.

Diy may use baking ѕоdа and salt.  Which can іnѕtаntlу and ԛuісklу whіtеn your teeth.

Baking soda eliminates plaque and stains on the teeth while balancing the ph in the mouth.

But uѕіng baking soda long term саn cause harm tо thе рrоtесtіvе еnаmеl оf уоur tееth. 

And salt may harm the enamel and your gum.

Other Diy whiteners include fruits, vegetables, nuts, charcoal, apple cider 

vinegar, coconut oil, sesame oil, spices, herbs just about everything.

One extreme Diy method is called oil pulling where coconut, sesame oil, or 

any edible oil is used to detox the mouth and whiten the teeth.

This is said to prevent tooth decay, bad breathe, gum inflammation, bleeding, and infection.

By getting rid of toxins and bacteria in the mouth. 

The oil act as a natural cleanser, strengthening the gum and teeth. 

Diy products are easy to use and are cost-effective. 

Which teeth whitening procedure is the best?


There is a new whitening product on the market that is getting rave reviews called Dentitox Pro. 

Dentitox Pro is a supplement that fights periodontal disease, whiten, treats tooth decay, and sweetens breath.

This product is made in the USA is FDA approved and is GMO certified.

It maintains a perfect, bright, white smile.

It does not contain any dangerous additives.

Is low in cost and nonhabit forming.

Dentitox Pro is a supplement that supports the health of your teeth with 100% natural ingredients.

It is a drop supplement that reacts with your saliva producing a total cleanser.

That detoxifies the body’s system while fighting gum bleeding and tooth decay naturally and efficiently.

Dentitox Pro clears inflammation in the mouth while rebuilding gum and teeth.

It’s cheap and simple to use. 

Providing you with stronger and whiter teeth by getting rid of stains, cavities, bleeding gum, and bad breath.

Just apply 1-2 drops below the tongue in the evening let it react with your 

saliva, you may brush your teeth gently following the ingestion.

The formula stops, as well as, correct periodontal disease.

Your teeth will get stronger, brighter, whiter and it also deters bad breathe.

Do teeth whitening products have dangerous side effects?:

Dentitox Pro is a teeth whitening product that does not have dangerous side effects. 

It’s a product that supports your teeth’ health

The solution works fast you can see results in weeks especially if you have gum disease.

This supplement will reverse the disease by rebuilding your teeth and gum, stopping the bleeding, swelling, and pain.

How do Dentitox Pro works?: 

More than half of the calories we consume contain ultra-processed foods sugar being the most common. 

Making our teeth health worst than ever.

These processed food are harmful to our body, teeth, and gum.

Since we take this food in via the mouth, this is where our oral health breakdown begins.  

Dentitox Pro neutralizes the chemicals and toxins creating a healing 

substance that acts as a detoxifying substrate, traveling through the body.

 While fighting gum bleeding and tooth decay naturally and efficiently.

The detoxifying chemical:

Dentitox Pro is a natural supplement consisting of plant and vitamin extract 

that work long term to rid the body of toxic chemical that builds up in our 

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dentist i examining room

body from all the processed foods we consume.

These chemicals promote poor oral health, causing tooth decay.

Dentitox Pro detoxify those chemical stopping periodontal disease,

throbbing tooth pain, decaying teeth, and bad breath. 

It’s safe for adults taken daily evening or morning. 

The best dosing regimen should be once a day for 6mos. 

For added protection, it can be taken once a day for 9mos.

Should not be consumed by pregnant women or young children.

The pros and cons of this product:

How dangerous are the side effects of teeth whitening products?:


  • The supplement is made in the USA in FDA approved and GMO certified facilities under strict and precise standards
  • Has a 60 day guarantee
  • Only available from its official website
  • Stop the need for pain meds 
  • End the embarrassment of having to cover mouth in public
  • Talk and smile with confidence
  • Can eat what you want without experiencing pain
  • Can show off bright, white, smile
  • Decrease visits to the dentist for treatment of periodontal disease
  • End bad breathe 
  • Promote good dental hygiene
  • Health supplement
  • Not a drug
  • Does not have any side effects


  • For adults only
  • Not for children 
  • Not for pregnant women
  • Cannot be bought on retail
  • Chance of being scammed out of your money if you don’t order from the official website

Conclusion for do teeth whitening products have dangerous side effects:

The worst side effect of teeth whitening products is an abuse of treatments. 

I will give some suggestions professionals recommend for helping your treatment last longer. 

Brush right after consuming stain-producing foods or beverages. 

Swishing the mouth with water will help keep staining to a minimum.

Adding this to your routine care after a whitening treatment will add

a month or two to your results lengthening the time between treatments. 

Brush twice a day, say no to sugars that contribute to tooth decay.

Eat seeds and nuts these help act as exfoliates for your teeth buffing and whitening the surface of the teeth.

Maintain newly whiten teeth by minimizing staining liquids. 

Drinking with a straw, seeing your dentist for regular cleanings, will

help maintain whiter teeth and keep your teeth strong and healthy. 

Teeth whitening is not a one-time process.

Your teeth are important, so do your best to maintain them white and healthy.

Do your research, ask your dentist for recommendations when

choosing the best treatment regimen this is important.

These teeth whitening products don’t have dangerous side effects.

But you should still try to avoid stain-causing foods and maintain your dental hygiene.

And when you do choose a whitening treatment choose one that is the least damaging to your teeth.  

Leaving you with a great smile feeling attractive and confident.

Also, think about trying Denitox Pro it is a simple natural way to

whiten and keep your teeth healthy and bright.


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