Ten Essential Crystals In A Healing Starter Kit

Crystals in a healing starter kit:

People work with crystals in a healing starter kit in four primary ways. 

-to absorb lower or harmful energies

-to dissolve or release a blockage

-and provide the energy we need to heal or  transform our lives

-or to increase the flow of chi or prana(the natural life force).

From home decor to on-the-go healing tools crystals add magic to every moment of our daily life. 

Their beauty enhances jewelry, 

shape, and color inspiring science and art. 

And their hidden powers bring healing.

The chakras are the doorway through which positive healing energies of crystals enter the body.

Chakras draw the healing energies of crystals into our bodies 

and then release this power through the meridian(the chakras energy

pathway) and out into our surrounding aura.

We can get beneficial changes to our body, mind, spirit, and

emotions by applying crystals.

Using ancient and modern techniques.

Wearing or carrying crystals, laying on stones, preparing crystal

elixirs, rotating crystals to focus energies, or crystal chakras healing.

Keeping crystals in our workplace will supercharge our creativity and productivity.

Tumbled stones or jewelry are a great source of magic around us while on the go.

Tucked in a bra, sock, handbag, pocket, or car everywhere to 

promote chakra healing.  

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How Crystals Work:

Crystals top the list of nature’s most beautiful creations 

and have a history of being treasured as organic home decor.

Crystal healing origins bring vibrational balance, color, healing, and magic.

Life, as we know it, all have a magnetic pulse and vibration keeping

them in motion by their own vibrating energy.

A healthy balanced chakra has energy flowing through it.

When diseased the body is not in a state of ease or wellness,

and energy flow is slow or becomes blocked.

Working with crystals directly can heal and prevent disease.

Aiding in mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Allowing you to live your life to the fullest.

Crystal’s color has been used for health and well-being since ancient times.

Crystal color is one of the most potent aspects of their healing powers.

We are affected both physically and emotionally by the color that surrounds us.

Our chakras system is energized and activated by specific colors.

All crystals heal through a balancing process.

Crystal provides one of the easiest ways to add bright and 

organic color to our homes and workplace.

And change our mood and energy with their uplifting rainbow hue.

Essential  crystals in a healing starter kit:

female hand sowing all 7 chakras crystal found in a healing starter kit:

Crystals are objects believed to have magical miraculous abilities.

We choose to bring crystals into our life with specific intentions or goals.

Our specific intentions transform crystals into our personalized magic. 

Crystals encourage our conscious and subconscious minds. 

Helping to nudge us to become the person we want to be.

Crystals manifest their magic in subtle(deep, long-term magic)

forms of holistic healing.

Healing crystals have expansive and multifaceted energies.

They all carry many gifts.

The meaning that resonates with us is the one holding magic,

especially for you.

Buying personal crystal should be a simple and intuitive process.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a crystal that is right for you.

The best crystals for healing and growth:

Here is a list of the most practical crystals to acquire for a beginner-starter crystal healing collection. 

Two crystals can mean a collection if they have meaning to you.

The goal is to select yours mindfully from the information you learn

and your intuition.

Remember crystals choose us as much as we choose them.

We can work with one crystal or put together a combination of

crystals to achieve the desired result.

These essential crystals to have in a healing starter kit 

are chosen for their versatility and multiple purposes.

And should be in everyone’s starter healing collection.

All crystals have healing properties some are just more powerful than others.

Essential crystals in a healing starter kit:

  • Smoky Quartz: manifestation stone convert negative energy  to positive energy
  • Rose Quartz: support all types of love unconditional and romantic
  • Amethyst: help you tune into intuition and guidance from higher realms and the power of dreams
  • Black Tourmaline: a protective and grounding stone that keeps negativity at bay        
  • Clear Quartz: work with every type of energy
  • Carnelian: help with boundary setting, and creativity
  • Citrine: promotes self-esteem and prosperity
  • Hematite: a protective, grounding, and centering stone that attracts energies you like in your life
  • Rainbow fluorite: deepens intuition, promotes love, and facilitates clear communication
  • Turquoise: promote luck and personal powers        

Choose by intuition.

Crystals speak to us through our intuition.

Best crystals for self-healing:


raw amethyst crystals in a healing starter kit:

A form of quartz

Color: purple regal color and radiant sparkle

Chakras: 3rd eye, crown

Water Cleansing: safe, fade in direct sunlight

Help with intuition and insight, insomnia, safe travel, connection 

to the higher self and the divine, creativity, manifestation, stress,

anxiety, nightmares, addiction, calm, passion, cleansing the 

body, mind, and aura from negative or addictive patterns, a stone 

of protection, heighten psychic powers, bless everyone and everything

Work with: citrine, clear quartz

Physical Benefits: good for the circulation, heart, and immune 


treatment for blood clots, fighting bacterial and viral infections and cancer

stomach, liver, hormones, pineal, pituitary, endocrine gland

skin, bones, and teeth, improves posture, headache, some asthma, and arthritis

Black Tourmaline

black Turmaline crystals in a healing starter kit:

Color: Black

Chakras: root

Water Cleansing: safe

Help with psychic protection against negativity, grounding, stress 

release, cleansing, negative emotions, protecting personal boundaries, 

Work with: clear quartz

Physical Benefits: lower chronic back pain, varicose veins, 

sciatica, water retention, rectal, and oval problems, constipation

diarrhea, fertility issues, groins, hips, the pelvis, lower end of the 

digestive system, legs, knees, ankles, and feet


healing carnelian crystals in a healing starter kit

Color: brownish orange to red-orange

Chakras: root, sacral

Water Cleansing: safe

Help with: courage, security, safety, willpower, 

determination, returning passion to the relationship, 

developing a healthy sense of self, focusing on the present 

moment, overcome abuse, protection against envy, boosting 

energy, get our inner fire burning hot, and fright, encourage you to do your best, immune boosting.

Work with: Clear Quartz, malachite, sardonyx

Physical Benefits: chronic back pain, sciatica, gynecological 

issues, disorders around your pelvic girdle, sexual potency, urinary 

issues, conception, pregnancy, fetal development, cramps, excessive bleeding, PMS.

Ten essential crystals to have in a healing starter kit:


raw citrine crystals in a healing starter kit:

Color: Yellow 

Chakras: solar plexus

Water Cleansing: safe, fades in direct sunlight

Help with prosperity, self-esteem, self-image, creativity,

Encouraging generosity, promoting clarity, of thinking, 

manifestation, asserting personal will, facilitating a new beginning, 

Work with: clear quartz, amethyst, ametrine, smoky quartz

Physical Benefits: digestion disorder, indigestion, food allergies, 

stomach ulcers, intestine disorder, gallstones, bile, liver ailment. 

Eating disorders, enhance healthy metabolism, balancing blood 

sugars, arthritis, phobias, stress-affected skin problems 

Clear Quartz

clear quartz healing crystals in a healing starter kit:

Color: Milky white to clear

Chakras: crown, all others

Water Cleansing: safe

Help with amplifying the properties of all other crystals’ 

connection to the divine and higher conscience, working through 

all conditions, protection, cleansing, and purification

amplifying energy and thought, clarifying thought and beliefs, 

balancing body, mind, and spirit, improving concentration

master healer amplifies the effect of all other crystals, clearing stagnant energies.

Work with: all other crystals

Physical Benefits: help all conditions, pain or discomfort, general 

malaise, low energy, ME, ear problems, diabetes, MS, good for 

balance, the heart, the spine, and weight loss.

Rainbow Fluorite

Rainbow fluorite healing crystal

Color: Aqua blue, clear green, rainbow

Chakras: heart, throat, 3rd eye, and crown

Water Cleansing: safe

Work with: clear quartz, amethyst, sodalite

Help with balancing, and stabilizing energies, body, mind, and spirit

connection, facilitating intuition and communication with higher 

places, calming, enhancing creativity, harmonizing connection ti 

the divine, focus, clear thinking, and inspiration helping decrease inflammation

Physical Benefits: tear ducts, mucous membranes, nose, inner

ear, balance, throat, and speech

Essential crystals in a healing kit:


Hematite healing crystal

Color: Metallic silver dark gray/black

Chakras: root

Water Cleansing: polish only

Help with absorbing negative energy, balancing energies, 

relieving stress, and anxiety, grounding you in the present 

moment, detoxifying, helping things happen, allowing you to make

choices, and moving forward with

Work with: lapis lazuli, malachite

Physical Benefits: good for blood and spine, anemia, blood

clots, cramps, spleen, MS, backache, jetlag, fever( when drank 

as an elixir,) healing bone fractures, sea, and air sickness improves mental dexterity with numbers

Rose Quartz

 Rose quartz healing crystal

The classic love crystal 

Color: Pink

Chakras: heart

Water Cleansing: safe fade in direct sunlight

Help with compassion, kindness, unconditional love, self-love, 

emotional healing, joy, peace, and playfulness, 

Work with: clear quartz, amethyst, prasiolite, peridot

Physical Benefits: heal heartbreak, attract new love, sex drive,

 fertility, menstrual cycle, ease PMS, encourage healthy complexion,

and youthful appearance, reduce wrinkles and benefit the

circulatory system, help with asthma, heart condition, 

kidney disorder, adrenal gland, varicose veins, cough, influenza, burns, sunburns, and vertigo.

Smoky Quartz

Smoky quartz crystals in a healing starter kit:

Color: Light gray

Chakras: root, crown

Water Cleansing: safe

Help with transmitting negative energy to positive energy, 

amplifying positive energy, grounding, detoxifying, and connecting  

all the chakras to balance energies, connecting to higher 

guidance and the divine goes deep into energy transmutation 

rendering a relaxed state.

Work with: clear quartz, citrine, amethyst

Physical Benefits: good for legs, knees, ankles, hands feet, 

vitality, and sexual energy, help treat nervous speech impediments


turquoise healing crystal

Color: Light blue to deep turquoise

 Chakras: throat

Water Cleansing: safe

Help with personal power, luck, prosperity, safe travel, 

speaking personal truth, giving voice to creative ideas, protection

against theft, promoting ambition, and empowerment, calming, 

absorbing excessive energy, harmonizing, holy,  sacred, 

protective healing, representation of earth consciousness bridging heaven and earth.

Work with: clear quartz, onyx

Physical Benefits: multipurpose healer, good for circulation, 

lungs, throat, muscles, tissue regeneration, weight gain, detoxing 

post-operative recovery,stress-related skin disorder.

Care of Your Crystals:

Care of crystals in a healing kit is important to preserve and protect

them from wear and tear.

When you first acquire a new crystal you need to clean and 

charge them.  This is an important part of their care.

It is important to clear your crystal before you start working with 

them. So they are free from any energetic residue.

You should spend time giving them love and attention, this will 

keep you connected.

Opening the space for personalized magic to manifest.

A monthly moon bath, under a full new moon, is a powerful recharging for all crystals. 

It’s also important to keep them well-dusted. Dust reduces their electrostatic charge.

Dust can be easily removed with a quick water rinse or a dusting with a make-up brush.

Most crystals like water, sunlight, and moonlight.  But check 

before cleansing with water because some crystals can dissolve or rust from water exposure.

Sunlight can shine away stale energies which most crystals 

benefit from.  A short sunbath when 1st brought home, a sunny 

window sill for at least four hours.

You have to be careful with direct sunlight too because sunlight 

can also fade many varieties of crystals over time.

Moonlight is supercharging and safe for all crystals.

The moon’s mysterious magic allows crystals to thrive on moon baths.

Other cleaning techniques are:

  • Breath – with intentions
  • Smoke – from a favorite herb
  • Music – chants, rings, drums, live music
  • Earth – covering the crystal with soil
  • Salt – salted water or covering it with salt to purify
  • Reiki – or other healing modes

You could clear daily, weekly, or monthly depending on how often you will be working with them.

How Often do crystals need to be charged?

Charge when crystals seem dull and tired or drained of energy.

Clearing helps the crystal to recharge more rapidly.

Please note  No medical claims were made for the stones in this article.  This information is intended for informational and educational purposes and not as a replacement for medical treatment and should not be used as such.  Always consult your medical professional or attending practitioner in the event of any health concerns.

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