Crystal Healing for The 7 Main Chakras

Crystal Healing for the 7 Main Chakras

There are 7 main chakras centers.

Each of which is designated to a specific region in our body.

Each is associated with different ailments that can occur in our body.  

Chakras are a small whirlpool of energy in the body surrounded by major muscles and organs.

Blockage or unbalance in a chakra can cause physical ailments in the associated areas.

Our chakras can be unaligned or imbalanced, presenting negative

energy which can lead to emotional, mental, and physical distress.

When our chakras are clear and balanced we can get through our days with ease and grace.

When our bodies are clear, balanced, and aligned we move through life with confidence. 

Lack of balance can manifest in many ways like poor work, too much stress, etc…

For crystal healing to occur the chakras must be in balance and in harmony.

What is a crystal:

A crystal is a naturally occurring mineral.

An inorganic substance with a specific crystalline structure.

Composed of chemical elements.

Arranged in groups based on their chemical composition.

The mineral composition can affect the crystal’s use and the quality of its energy.

Crystals have been used in healing rituals and as magical practices for centuries.

Today they are found everywhere and in everything.

Like computers, ultrasounds, lasers, watches, and many other electronic devices.

Even collected by some as decoration or used by others as holistic treatments, or as cosmetic products.

While others may use them as art.

How do crystals work?:

Crystals are made of energy.

This energy emits a vibration that resonates at different frequencies.

Humans are also made of energetic structures that vibrate at different frequencies.

Our health, feeling, thoughts, and beliefs can affect our vibration in a positive way.

Causing us to vibrate at a high frequency or in a negative way

causing us to vibrate at a lower frequency.

Vibrating at a lower frequency could bring on illness or attract

unfortunate circumstances into our lives.

While vibrating at a higher frequency, we are happy, and this can

promote healing and attract good fortunes.

Crystal healing occurs when the vibration of different crystals affects our vibrational frequency.

Allowing us to positively impact our health and wellbeing.

Changing the circumstance we attract into our lives.

Crystal healing for the 7 main chakras:

Crystals and chakras are interconnected through their connection with energy.

The healing energy of crystals enters the body via the chakras.

Which leads to a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

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Crystals are often used to help balance chakras because chakras

draw the healing energies of the crystal into our bodies.

Chakras and crystals are organize by color, and spiritual energy.

Crystals of similar color as the chakras are used respectively to reset the vibrational energy of the chakras.

This in turn opens and unblocks the chakras allowing energy to flow freely through them.

Crystals can put you in the right frame of mind to effectively balance your chakras.

Smoothing the flow of energy through your body while addressing bodily complaints. 

Crystals’ healing powers to the body can occur via

  • wearing the crystal
  • laying the stone on the body or
  • drinking crystal elixir

It’s important to balance the entire system to avoid chakras from being overactive or underactive.

Each chakra has associated healing crystals.

Role of chakra in healing.

Every animal, plant, and mineral has an aura or electromagnetic field

that allows organic and inorganic beings to communicate as an energy system.

These energy systems intermingle until a balance is reach and resonates in harmony.  

Chakras are the key to crystal and chakra healing methods.

Because our chakras draw in, process, and distribute life force energy.

Also known as chi or prana.

Chakras act as the doorway to the healing energies of the crystal.

For healing to take place the chakras must be balanced and in harmony.  

As noted by, Karen Frazier, crystals don’t cause healing rather they

vibrate with the energy our body entrains and absorbs.

It is you who do the healing by drawing in that energy.

While crystal help brings out the energy by putting you in the right

frame of mind to balance your chakras.

We are allowing the energy to flow addressing bodily complaints.

Role of crystals in healing:

Crystal is a solid form of mineral that comes in all shapes and sizes

with precise atomic structure and mineral composition.

There are seven crystal systems: cubic, hexagonal, tetragonal,

rhombohedral, orthorhombic, monoclinic, and triclinic.

The defining property of a crystal is its system.

Crystal healing embraces a form of vibrational healing or energy

medicine, tools to help us balance vital life force and bring about optimum health.

We have to strengthen the chakras, all of which have certain

weaknesses due to their location in the body. 

 There are ailments that can cause the chakras to become imbalanced or unaligned.  

The 7 chakras all have healing crystals associated with them in

achieving and maintaining balance and supporting wellness.

Best crystals to balance, align, and heal each chakra:

yoga pose with lighted chakras symbols and gemstones

There are 7 main chakras that control specific areas of the body.

And the way we interact with the external energies of others people, our surroundings, and our lifestyle.

Each chakra has associated healing crystals.

When selecting crystals for healing follow your intuition.

Be drawn to the crystal.

Crystal healing powers bring healing and protection.

Crystal Healing for the 7 Main Chakras:

Healing the Root Chakra: the survival center,

supporting, determination, and the thing that nurtures us.

Located at the base of the spine in the colon and bladder.

Associated with the feeling of security and confidence.

The root chakra is the center where we experience our connection to the earth.

A healthy base keeps us grounded and helps us move forward in life.

Maintaining physical health, spiritual and lifestyle health.

When imbalanced or blocked can cause issues with the lower back,

pain in the legs, stress, eating disorders, constipation, and anxiety.

Also a feeling of being stuck in a rut, unable to release emotions,

fertility issues, impotence, immune disorder, and feelings of insecurity.

Healing Crystal: Crystal for protection, Shungite, Black tourmaline, garnet, red jasper.

Healing the Sacral Chakra: Located just above the pubic bone regulates sex and creativity.

When balanced we feel energized in every area of your life.

Life is calmer and easier.

When imbalanced you can have a feeling of frustration, extreme

lethargy, lack of joyful moments, lack of stamina, and sexual issues.

Some will have complaints of chronic lower back pain, menstrual

cycle dysfunctions, intestinal disorder, spleen condition, kidney, and urinary tract infection, and disease.

Gall bladder disorder, sexual impotence, lack of confidence, imbalance of emotions, and eating disorder.

Healing Crystal: The grounding stone, Carnelian, Calcite

Healing the Solar Plexus Chakra: Located in our core above the

belly button regulate self-confidence, standing in your own power.

Blessing us with bravery, responsibility, self-esteem, and strength.

When imbalanced or blocked can cause issues with feeling

powerless, especially when under pressure, and nervousness.

An inability to gain power over your life, lack of concentration, and failing memory and digestive disorder.

Healing Crystal: The powerful cleanser and regenerator, Citrine

crystal healing for the seven main chakras

Crystal Healing for the 7 Main Chakras:

Healing the Heart Chakras: Located between the breast bone.

Love and compassion, our connection to everyone and everything around us.

Love safety, trust, adventure, relationship, faithfulness, commitment,

forgiveness, hope, seeing beauty, harmony, and kindness a few things provide in this center.

When imbalanced or blocked can cause issues with loneliness,

demanding, jealousy, cold-hearted, issues with the heart, and lungs, and early physical signs of aging.

Healing Crystal: Stone of unconditional love, Rose, Noble green serpentine, Jade

Healing the Throat Chakra: Located center of the throat

Our center of communication and creative expression.

Both physical and verbal communication.

When imbalanced or blocked can cause issues with shyness, weak, fear of speaking, unable to listen, arrogance, and weak back.

Also attention deficit disorder, skin rashes, heart attack, and digestive problems.

Healing Crystal:  Help to reduce stress and see the truth, Angelite, Lapis lazuli, Turquoise, Aquamarine

Healing the Third Eye Chakra: Located between the eyes.

This is our center of intuition, intellect, and personal magnetism.

Keep us sane when things around us are chaotic.

When imbalanced or blocked can cause issues with manipulation,

panic, fear, lack of intuition, nightmares, mental illness, and headaches.

Sinusitis, eye condition, learning disability, feeling of negativity, and lack of ambition are other things that can develop..

Healing Crystal: Calms the mind and mental clarity, Amethyst, Sodalite

Healing the Crown Chakra: Located on the top of the head.

Center of spirituality, enlightenment, and thought.

You understand your life and environment.

When imbalanced or blocked can cause issues with apathy, broken spirit, crisis, nerve pain, feeling lost.

No specific purpose in life, cognitive issues, mental disorder,

depression, skin condition, dementia, and vanity.

Healing Crystal: Regulate energy, Clear Quartz, Selenite, Lepidolite, Diamond

Conclusion of Crystal Healing for the 7 Main Chakras:

Crystals can heal and prevent disease, adding physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

A balanced chakras system allows us to sense the world around us.

Balancing your chakras will help bring focus and clarity to your life and keep you healthy and happy.

Using crystals to balance your chakras can help cleanse them and

bring balance, health, peace, and mindfulness to your life.

Crystal constantly emits unique healing energy that helps all or most of the body’s energy hot spots.

Balancing chakras on a regular basis can help you find mental, emotional, and physical clarity.

Your chakras should be balanced daily to feel balanced as a whole.

Balance can be achieve via several means, crystal, yoga, diet, and meditation.
When all 7 chakras are open and spinning they are in balance and

energy is able to flow freely through the body.

Helping it to function properly and fully on a physical, emotional, and mental level.

Healing crystals help us to accept ourselves and become whole, this is their healing power!

crystal healing for the seven main chakras

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