Healing Crystals Do, They Work

This blog contain affiliate links Healing crystals, do they work? What is a healing crystal?  A healing crystal is a stone that promotes holistic healing Holistic healing is a non-invasive healing process. Different stones have different healing properties. People have used these forms of healing for thousands of years. So healing crystals are minerals, used … Read more

Crystal Healing for The 7 Main Chakras

Crystal Healing for the 7 Main Chakras There are 7 main chakras centers each of which is designated to a specific region in our body and each is associated with different ailments that can occur in our body.   Chakras are a small whirlpool of energy in the body surrounded by major muscles and organs, blockage … Read more

Ultimate Guide to Crystal Healing

This post contains affiliates link Ultimate Guide to Crystal Healing I am new to Crystal Healing knowing the claims that these stones with their beauty and magical mystique have healing powers make me curious to dwell into their mystical healing powers to energize my mind, body, and soul utilizing this alternative to medicinal power to … Read more