The Most Amazing Herbs That Align The Chakras

This Blog may contain affiliate links. The most amazing herbs that align the chakras. When the chakras are misaligned. Energy is our building block. When energy is blocked. We create physical, emotional, and psychological sicknesses. “Energy is meant to flow that’s its very nature,” Aletheia Luna. We suffer both physically and emotionally. The most amazing … Read more

The Best Essential Oils To Balance Your Chakras

balance your chakra with essential oils

This blog contains affiliate links The best essential oils to balance your Chakras. Everything has energy and so does our body. These energy centers are governed by chakras.  The wheel of life, which is the vital force of our well being. We are, therefore, in harmony and grounded. Because this energy force is free-flowing and … Read more

How to Unblock Your Chakras

Unblocking the Chakras:  Chakras are 7 energy centers in the body that align with the spine. Each one governing various organs or regions of the body. Balanced and opened chakras have energy flowing freely, making us feel alive and whole. Balanced chakras with optimum energy flowing are associated with a higher state of consciousness, bliss, … Read more

How Do Our Chakras Get Blocked

What are Chakras and how can they be blocked?: Chakras are psycho-spiritual energy centers that govern our thinking, feelings, sensations, emotions, perception, and intuition.  They are not part of the physical body but part of the biological process within the body. Chakra is a Sanskrit word for wheel. These are spiraling wheels that allow the … Read more

How to Balance Your Chakras

This page contains affiliate links to products I recommend. I receive a small commission for purchases made through links in this blog post.  Chakras are energy centers of consciousness within the body. How to balance your chakras is a question I will try to answer in this article. They hold the energy of our thoughts, … Read more

Chakras are, Your Chakra may be blocked if…

This article contains affiliate links Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel.    There are many chakras, but only 7 main chakras make up our energetic system. Around every living being is an ecosystem of energy which are balanced and organized through these 7 main chakras. Our body conducts electromagnetic energy constantly. The health of … Read more

Foods to Balance Your Chakras

Foods to Balance Your Chakras There are 7 main chakras in the body, each thought to be a center of spiritual power. The 7 chakras regulate the flow of energy throughout the body and they are connected to different organs and glands in the human body, each energy center has an associated mantra and color. … Read more

3 Ways to Balance Your Chakras

This article contains affiliate links Agitated thoughts’ emotions and feelings can cause the chakras to contract and overload hindering the life force and inner flow of the chakras. These influences can occur early if we hold emotional thoughts that express an unresolved relationship with the chakras. When we judge, resist, or close down all contribute … Read more