The Awesome Ritual Of How to Smudge

Smudging stick emitting smoke mist held by a hand with a blue background

The art of how to smudge is discussed in this article, along with the history, the purpose, and the types of equipment used. Smudging has been used for thousands of years. It is a sacred ceremonial practice by indigenous people. People who work and live on the land and are attune with their spiritual roots. … Read more

White Arua (with emphasis on cleaning)

white aura

A white aura indicates a pure state of light. We are balanced and in harmony.  With a high energy form in our life. White aura color possesses a high vibration frequency. That vibration is associated with human experience and emotions. White aura color individuals are very sensitive. Let’s back up, to understand aura we first … Read more

Aura Colors Meaning Simplified

 Aura colors meaning simplified What is an Aura?: Color and nature stimulate and enliven our emotions. Many emotions shape our aura. The color evokes our emotions and mood. And how they interact with others. Aura color can give us an insight into the interpretation of auras. The aura exists in many colors.  There are fourteen … Read more

Reading Energy Of The Amazing Aura

Want to advance spiritually by reading the energy of the amazing aura. This Blog may contain affiliate links. This invisible field of energy surrounds every living and nonliving thing. Energy healers and some psychics can read the auric field. Reading the aura allows you to see emotions, health status, power level, or moral alignment. Reading … Read more

Learning To Feel Your Aura

This article contain affiliate links Learning to feel your aura is easy if you pay attention to your aura in the presence of others. Learning to feel your aura is a preview in learning how to read and see auras. You can sense your aura by paying attention to how you feel in the presence … Read more

How To Protect And Keep Your Aura Clean.

what is an aura

There are affiliates links in this article How to protect and keep your aura clean. the aura is referred to as our energy skin that protects and shields our energy system. The aura is around our body like a spherical shape of energy.  Seen as rings of colors, the aura can be heard as musical … Read more

Simple Exercises to See Your Aura

Trying to see your own  Aura colors: This article is about simple exercises to see your aura. Aura is your energy field manifest as color around your body. Seeing an Aura is possible because energy is visible to the naked eye. You just need to know how to look for it.  Some people have clear, … Read more

What Is An Aura, Meaning, And Definition

The definition and meaning of an Aura according to Wikipedia is the unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. My understanding is an Aura is a luminous body surrounding the body of living creatures. And is regarded as an essential part of the body, including emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. These auric fields … Read more

How To Clean Your Aura of Negative Energy

How to clean your aura of negative energy to maintain aura health and avoid a feeling of brokenness. The aura is the energetic field that extends about a foot and a half outside of your physical body. Consisting of several layers. Your aura soaks up the energy it comes into contact with every day.  Such … Read more