Blue Aura Meaning And Healing Powers

What is an aura?:

The aura is the electromagnetic field that radiates from all matter.

As a luminescent colored light that completely surrounds the body.

Everyone or thing has an aura made of many different colored bands of light. 

That extends approximately 6 feet out in all directions from the body.

The aura is oval-shaped, the outer boundary is strong but flexible.

And made of several structural but fluid layers seven of which are the main layers.

We can tell if a person is happy or sad, healthy or ill.

By the intensity and vibrancy of the color, as well as, the expansion

and size of the aura.

One person’s aura may be bright, vibrant, and expanded with a sense

of openness, wellbeing, positive self-esteem, and health.

While another’s aura may be faded, tightly drawn to the body.

Showing fear, illness, lack of self-esteem, hopelessness, or showing

a need for protection. 

A dark densely colored, muddy aura usually reveals depression,

anger, or self-pity.

Each colored band tells a story.

Each color contains information about a person’s life, past or present.

Blue aura meaning and healing powers.

Aura color meaning:

Edgar Cayce believes every thought and action possesses an

energetic vibration.

 That is reflected in a person’s aura.

And each individual has an affinity to certain colors due to their soul

growth and personal vibration.

Being able to read and understand the meaning and healing powers

of each colored band will help you process information and interact with others.

Understanding our aura energy helps us to handle love, relationships,

and understand our purpose in life.

And give us permission to change unwanted behaviors and attitudes,

while being more accepting of ourselves and others. 

The more colorful, clean, and bright the aura the more spiritually

advanced a person is.

The more uniform the energy level the healthier and more

harmonized the person is.

Blue aura meaning and healing powers.

Aura subtle energy:

Subtle energy and energy bodies are terms we use to speak of aura,

aura layers, and energies.

Read more on subtle energy in, “Reading Energy Of The Amazing Aura,” a prior article.

These energies are feelings we cannot physically feel or see but can sense.

We perceive subtle energies daily and react to them unconsciously.

So, our aura is like a scale that defines our personality and abilities.

Along with our DNA, it forms part of the blueprint of our consciousness.

Our aura is not just an individual part of our body it’s a multi-layer

the aspect of our consciousness.

These are known as our subtle energy and subtle energy bodies,

each one correlates to our chakras.

These are terms we use to speak about the aura, aura layers, and

energies that we cannot see or feel but can sense.

We continually receive and react to subtle energies around us on a daily basis.

And we need to create a personal practice with one of these subtle energies.

To train our system to shift into mindfulness and maintain our aura’s health. 

How to read people’s aura:

The aura is interpreted through its colored rings of light energy.

The aura consists of seven layers that inter-relate and form a cohesive body.

The layers represent the physical, emotional, rational, astral, and

divine components of a person. 

Each person has their own aura that reflects their personal energy

and affects their ability to connect with others.

Auras tend to intermix with things around them affecting daily

interactions and relationships with others.

The same frequency helps us to get along forming good

relationships with others.

Aura is interpreted through its colored rings of light energy.

Color can be destructive or constructive.

They can stimulate or attract, inhibit or reject.

Have a male character or a female character.

Why is aura important:

Human Aura in Blue

Aura contains information about us that can be deciphered.

Colors are energy waves of magical power referred to as the human energy field.

Made of seven layers that interrelate.

The layers represent a person’s personal energy and their ability to

connect with others.

Each color in the aura has meanings.

And tells a story of itself, its pattern, and its purpose, through its’

vibration which emanates from it.

Because aura intermingles with those around us it affects our

relationship and daily interactions with strangers.

Aura changes according to the bearer’s need and emotional state.

If we are feeling happy and positive the aura will extend far beyond

our physical body.

Consequently if one is feeling negative or sad the aura will contract

and remain close to the body.

The Seven Layers of The Aura and their healing powers:

The seven main layers of the aura are arranged one inside the other

as seen by Laura Styler.

They vibrate at different frequencies and are of different colors.

The vibration of each layer increases as the layers move further away from the body. 

Each color/layer corresponds with a chakra and is associated with a color.

The layer connects to a different aspect of human experiences

The seven layers of the aura are: 

The Etheric Layer

Layer: First

Chakra: Root

Color: Light Blue/Dark Blue

The etheric layer is the first layer of the aura and is closest to the body.

This layer is connected to the root chakra.

It vibrates at the frequency of physical survival and vitality.

This layer is from which the physical body and human aura grow.

Connected to the root chakra and take care of health, vitality, and

structure for your life force energy.

Where you experience your willingness to be alive.

The Emotional Layer

Layer: Second

Chakra: Sacral

Color: all chakra colors(red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, white)

The emotional layer is the second layer and connects to the sacral chakra.

It vibrates higher at the frequency of emotions and feelings about ourselves.

The rainbow layer of the aura, the layer that we experience our full

range of emotions.  

The Mental Layer

Layer: Third

Chakra: Solar Plexus

Color: Yellow

The mental layer, the third layer of the aura connects to the solar plexus chakra.

This layer is where our gut instincts are located.

The Astral Layer

Layer: Fourth

Chakra: Heart

Color: Pink

The astral layer, the fourth layer of the aura and connects to the heart chakra.

The astral frequency is love.

It includes relational love, self-love, and receiving and giving love.

Is seen as the bridge between spirit and Earth.

The Etheric Template Layer

Layer: Fifth

Chakra: Throat

Color:  Cobalt Blue

The etheric template layer, the fifth layer of the aura associated with

the throat chakra.

This frequency is associated with communication and self-expression.

The Celestial Layer

Layer: Sixth

Chakra: Third Eye

Color: Opalescant Pastel

The celestial layer, the sixth layer of the aura is associated with the

third eye chakra.

The frequency of creative thinking and ideas, spiritual bliss,

unconditional love, and oneness.

Grace and peace are two core qualities of this layer.

The Ketheric Template Layer

Layer: Seventh

Chakra: Crown

Color: Gold

The ketheric template layer is the seventh layer of the auric field that

connects to the crown chakra.

This frequency connects to the divine mind and universal consciousness.

This layer contains the information of our soul, on a soul level in the

past, present, and future.

These layers are our personal energy spaces, the place where we

keep all of our energies, emotions, thoughts, and experiences.

Aura Color:

Blue face picture With Red Lettering

Blue aura meaning and healing powers.

Aura colors manifest just like sounds are created.

Like vibration, as the wave of energy changes its vibrational speed

the color change.

Slow vibration results in reds and orange while faster vibration in

blues, violet, and indigo.

No color is better than the next,  just different speeds result in

different experiences.

And we are not limited to certain experiences or goals.

We are free to expand, grow, and change in any way we choose.

By understanding the attitudes of color, we can consciously draw in

specific colors for specific purposes.

Like healing, prosperity, or compassion.

We may have different methods for achieving certain goals or purposes.

 But we remain part of a whole, a part of the colorful rainbow.

Aura’s life color:

Our aura contains many different colored bands.

The first couple of bands closest to our body is our primary methods

of processing life.

And our primary purpose for being on the planet.

These colors usually do not change.

While the outer band of the aura changes color and position frequently.

These bands reflect what is going on with us at any given time.

Discover blue aura meaning and healing powers.

Aura color is categorized into three families according to Pamela Oslie

  1. The physical colors
  2. The mental colors
  3. The emotional colors

People with physical colors process information through their

physical bodies, through touch.

These colors are Red, Orange, Magenta, and Yellow.

Those with mental colors process life intellectually, by gathering

information then analyzing it.

These colors are known as Logical Tan, Abstract Tan, Sensitive Tan,

Environmental Tan, and Green.

While those with emotional colors process life through their feelings,

emotions, and intuitions.

These are your Blues, Violet, and Indigo.

Blue aura color is the color I will be writing about in this article.

Why does aura color matter?:

Aura color matters because it demonstrates our personality.

Even though aura color is not static.

Aura color may change moment to moment, day to day.

For the most part, we are born with one life color.

Some are born with two life colors these people are said to have

combination colors.

Which show up as two bands of color close to the body.

Having two life colors can be powerful.

Giving that individual an additional dimension to their abilities

Or it can create inner conflict.

Our life color can fluctuate during times of stress or indecision.

It does change and grow with us, as we mature and take on new qualities.

One may choose a second life color to add more power, energy, or

fun, and creativity to their main goals in life.

Because our aura reflects who we are it is said to be the blueprint of our soul.

Each color has a specific meaning attached to it.

Which relate to our thoughts, emotions, talent, physical health, and dreams.

Aura color meaning:

The aura connects to the chakra system and its colors.

Each color represents a predominant set of traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

Two people may share the same color aura but have different life paths.

This is why it is imperative that we learn our life color.

There may be only a subtle difference between some of the life

colors for example: 

Blue, yellow, and violet all show the same emotional qualities.

The same desire for relationships and the same desire to help people

but in different ways with the same outcome.

For example, a yellow aura person helps people by fixing things for

them: their car, their stove, or their physical body.

They prefer not to get too involved with people emotionally.

While a blue aura helps others on one, emotional level by

counseling, teaching, or nursing.

They care about ones’ emotional wellbeing. 

Then you have the violet aura person who usually helps many people

at one time by inspiring and empowering them.

Blue aura meaning and healing powers:

Human Aura With The Words Dark Blur Arua in Blue
Blue Aura

Blue Aura:

Association: Throat Chakra, Etheric Layer

Personality Trait: Strong Communicator, Trustworthy, Resourceful,

Sense of Spirituality

Balanced Qualities: Honesty, Receptive, Open Minded, Calm in Most Situations

Imbalanced: Dishonest, Dismissive, Hyperactive

Blue is the second color we see easily in the aura.

Blue aura people are perceptive and have great timing.

They have a balanced existence and are not easily angered or shaken.

Life support, calm nervous system, transfer of strength and energy.

Their strong point is their aura is relaxed, balanced, and ready to live to survive.

They can survive the worst situations. 

They value honesty and being true to their world.

These people are open to receiving and communicating their truth.

They are the most caring, nurturing, and protective personalities in

the color spectrum.

Blue aura is powerful-minded individuals that give off an energy that

feels calming to others around them.

They live out of their heart and emotions.

Their life purpose is to serve, help, and love others.

They put great importance on personal relationships.

Blue aura people have an adept understanding of the divine. 

Some may have the ability to receive and translate information from

higher beings, guides, and angels.

Variation colors of blue aura:

Soft Blue:

Peace, honest, and intuition- at the beginning of your spiritual journey

Sky blue:

aura is present in the aura of people who are skillful with concept and divine.

They are intense and resourceful.

And have the ability to synthesize information around them to

communicate in a way that inspires and connects with others.

These people are usually politicians, poets, writers, orators, and architects.

Blue connects to living in your divine truth and purpose.

Learning to know, trust, and value your truth is key to creating vibrant

sky blue in your aura.

Royal Blue:

Maybe clairvoyant, generous, and highly spiritual 

Can void other aura’s color if the person receives or transmits

information telepathically. 


Related to the immune system: Thyroid

Emotion: Heart, Sincere, Confident

Traits: Considerate, Social, Loyal, Family Oriented

Turquoise aura color indicates the dynamic quality of life.

A personality is full of energy able to influence others.

Their strong point is they can do many things at the same time.

They are good organizers, are assertive, and inclusive.

Dark Muddy Blue:

Have a fair of speaking out and facing the truth of their future. 

The blue color in our aura appears too dark or washed out if we don’t

stand in our truth.

Totally blue auras are rare.

Conclusion of Discover Blue Aura Meaning And Healing Powers:

Whatever is going on in a person’s life is present in their aura.

When we know aura color, meaning, and characteristics we are in power.

When we are in power we are centered and living our positive

personalities and true potential.

Out of power, we are living imbalanced, in fear, in self-doubt, and hesitancy.

We are not living to our full potential.

We can regain balance and stay in power when we find ourselves out of power.

 By learning the meaning and healing power of our aura.

Our aura changes as the body’s physical health or vitality changes.

Even if we have never seen aura we have learned that each of us is

more than a physical body.

The tools we need in order to know the self has been with us all along.

Everything in the universe connects, people, events, nature, and places.

We are all full of energy that we pass along.

Our thoughts, emotions, intentions, and actions create and give off

the energy that others feel.

The world and people around us are all pulsating with an internal and

natural energy that we can pick up.

It’s because of this energy we feel sad, angry, ecstatic, or motivated.

It is because of this energy that positive or negative things happen in our lives.

Blue Aura Meaning And Healing Powers:

If we are willing to listen inwardly we could create healing from our soul.

Healing that will not only heal us but shape us into a healing

transmission for all we come into contact with.

Strengthening and healing our aura.

We lose energy from things we avoid, feeling certain emotions and

from daily stresses.

Aura healing seeks to replenish lost energies and restore balance.

When we are in balance, we give off a resonance of magnetic energy

making others enjoy being around us.

Aura Sceen In Blue Green. And Pink

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