Aura Healing

The body’s energy system works together for aura healing.

Joylina Goodings believe Imbalances affect the entire system.

Any healing affects all seven layers of the aura.

There are all types of therapies that can help heal imbalances. 

 By healing all seven layers of the aura you heal and realign the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

If you heal the chakras you heal the aura and its four bodies.

Any therapies used on part of the energy system will bring positive effects to all levels of the aura.

You can use therapies like color, aromatherapy oils, crystals, food, energy healing, or spiritual healing in aura healing.

You can heal a single layer at a time or treat all levels of the aura or focus on all layers. 

The body’s energy system work together. 

Imbalances in our physical, emotional, mental or spiritual bodies are reflected throughout the whole system.

Any healing in any one level will affect all the levels.

There is no quick fix, healing takes place at the pace that the person’s soul demand rather than at the speed we might wish.

The protection is worth it because when one issue is found in time and treated it can avert a potential illness.

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Food and the aura: 

Food is a great source of healing.

By nourishing your body with healthy food you energize and brighten your aura and your energy system.

By eating a piece of fresh fruit you can enliven a dull tired aura.

But it is imperative that you choose the correct color food for your chakras and aura.

You need to choose food and color that will aide in the removal of blockage from the chakras.

By healing the physical body we cleanse and heal the aura.

Most of our chakras work in concert with each other.

Where food of one color is not found you can choose food color from the next chakra that affects that region.

This is why it is good to know your systems and know which chakras work together.

Like the heart connect to the lower chakras so any food that benefits any of the lower chakras will benefit the heart chakra.

Calming the aura in a stressful situation. 

You can use meditation to help calm your stresses down.

By breathing in colors of peace and love and breathing out colors of negative energy. 

Help to brighten and lighten the aura making you feel at peace with yourself.

Energy healing /spiritual healing:

healing aura of soul

Aura healing work with universal energy coming from the heart.

Healing is a gentle process that may take many sessions to complete.

But you should see improvements within the first three sessions of going to a spiritual healer.

The soul will not pass more energy than a person can deal with at any given time.

Connecting to healing energy:

We can connect to healing energy via meditation.

Meditation can be used to heal and balance all chakras and all the layers of the aura.

By connecting to universal healing energy and touching your aura where you think it is needed.

Guided meditation will help you heal yourself physically, and emotionally via visualization.

As noted by Laura Styler

Our internal experience and the environment around us impact our aura on a daily basis. 

This is why it is important to cleanse and charge our auric field to create a new baseline for aura health and wellbeing.

Imbalances affect the size, shape, structure, texture, and color of the aura.

Size changes as vitality changes.

The aura looks smaller around the physical body during times of stress, lack of sleep, traveling or moving.

The aura increase in size with physical movement, excitement, anger, meditation, spiritual awakenings, and epiphany.

 The shape of the aura will change over time as emotions and beliefs of the world change.

When the chakras and aura layers are open and similar in shape and size you will experience harmony and health in your life.

Healthy auras may feel solid and flexible at the same time.

Texture in the aura tells us a lot about the aura.

Whether it is cold or warm, full or empty, tight or soft.

The color of the aura can shift in vibrancy and saturation as one expresses themself.

The aura can become darker and grayer in the areas we are not expressing ourselves.

Because we are complex and dynamic beings our aura is in constant flux, shifting to accommodate what we are feeling and thinking.

Imbalance in the aura:

The longer an energy block is held in the body the more imbalance is created in the aura. 

Negative thoughts and unconscious beliefs disconnect us from ourselves.

Leaving our aura with twists of blockage resulting in emotional upheavals and grief.

Affects the outer layer of the aura.

While, holding in emotions like resentment, guilt, shame, and humiliation are the biggest internal contributors to internal aura imbalances.

Signs of imbalances in the aura:

The longer we repress emotions of energy blocks in the body, the more imbalance it creates in the aura.

The more common signs of repressed emotions are anxiety, low energy, depression, and addictive behaviors.

Full healing address all layers of the aura 

aura layers in rainbow colors

Holding in emotions like resentment, guilt, shame, and humiliation is one of the greatest contributors to aura imbalance.

We harbor these feelings from a young age.

They become buried in our subconscious forming blind spots that are hard to find and correct.

This is why mental illness is so challenging to heal because we can’t see them.

Working with internal imbalances allows you to heal. 

Feeling the subtle energy of our aura is a powerful tool in aura healing.

There are many tools we can use in aura cleansing.

We can support ourselves through integration and change.

These tools can help expedite the movement of stuck emotions, clouds, and blocks in our aura and rebuild our energy.

Some of these tools are sacred herbs, crystals, essential oils, mineral salts, and relaxation.

Sacred herbs:

offer a quick aura clearance. 

The smoke cleanses general emotional debris and negative energies in the outer layers of the aura.

They attract positive energies and offer sacred prayers and blessings.

Sacred herbs may have antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Crystal stones: 

multi colored healing crystals

Offer enhancement to the energies of the chakras while strengthening a specific color in our aura.

Crystals can program and cleanse to transmit intentions.

Bathing in the energy of crystal’s color by wearing the crystal as jewelry or placing them in our bath.

Holding the stone in our hand as we meditate or just viewing and enjoying the presence all have aura healing effects.

Crystal and stones can enhance the energies of the chakras and strengthen the particular color of the aura.

Here are seven stones that strengthen the chakras for aura healing. 

Black tourmaline

  • A cleansing and grounding stone
  • Cleanse the emotional body of negative thought, anger, and feelings of unworthiness
  • Increase physical vitality, reduce stress, and tension


  • Open and create a vibrant connection to personal power 
  • Strengthen the emotional body
  • Help circulate vital energy


  • Strengthen connection to inner sovereignty  to stay true to one’s authentic needs
  • Makes one less susceptible to negative influences and has cleansing qualities
  • Can be programmed with one’s intentions

Rose Quartz

  • Transmits the frequency of love, kindness, and purity
  • Can hold personal intentions


  • Open perception of subtle energies and communication between you and your higher self
  • It balances all the layers of the aura
  • with the physical body


  • Is a soul stone
  • It provides strong physical support and strengthens the light body around the aura
  • Gives clarity of mind by removing unhealthy influences from the psyche


  • Vibrate with the pure energy of light and divide consciousness
  • Clears energy blockage, purifies all chakras, and cleanses the energy of other stones and objects
  • It never needs cleansing

Essential oils :

multi colored healing crytals, essential oils smudging bowl

Hold the healing frequency of plants and herbs.

Apply the oil directly to the body with a carrier oil to expose the benefits.

Oils can be utilized in sprays with water to mist our aura for an instant cleansing effect.

Each oil has specific qualities that strengthen and balance the aura.

Essential oils can uplift or calm the nervous system.

They can nourish or activate our energy.

Five Popular essential oils used for aura healing:

Five of the more popular essential oils for healing and cleaning the aura are: 

Cedarwood: sweet, comforting, and warming brings spiritual clarity.

Jasmine:  harmonizes the aura, calms, and soothes while opening intuition.

Lavender: has many uses is the quintessential oil

Harmonize all the chakras and balance the aura

Lemon: promotes clarity with uplifting stability

Peppermint: invigorates, energizes, and helps clear headaches

Mineral salts:

Dead Sea Salts, Epsom, and Himalayan added to the bath will promote aura healing. 

Each mineral salt has its own distinct qualities. 

Dead Sea Salt is composed of over 20 minerals and is high in magnesium without high chloride.

Its good for clearing inflammation and dark clouds and astral debris from the body and dark clouds from the aura.

Epsom salt is also high in magnesium.

Himalayan salt cleanses the aura and remineralizes it while strengthening chi circulation in the body.

Baking soda can be added to the bath with either salt to provide alkalinity or soften the bathwater with cleansing and detoxifying benefits.

You can heal and strengthen any portion that causes the body, mind or soul to be out of balance.

If the aura becomes blocked overactive or weakened the effect may bring on conditions or exacerbate existing conditions.

You can cleanse, heal, and empower the aura:

Each aura band empowers or is empowered by a chakra.

The effects of blocked or overactive chakras are reflected in the aura layers. 

The aura can be healed or strengthened by working directly with the aura layers.

Working with your aura heals both physical health and emotional issues.

And keep physical and emotional problems from reoccurring.

Fill the aura with light at least once a month to attract good situations or opportunities.

People who work in sunlight, moonlight, or pure white candlelight will clean and brighten their aura.

Water can add energy to our aura while crystals can offer a quick fix.

Fragrance offers a fast way to keep our aura bright and healthy.

We can clean pollution from our aura by breathing in light and exhaling darkness.

Richard Webster believes a healthy aura glow with life, health, and vitality.

Letting the world know the person is healthy in mind, body, and spirit.

When anything is wrong in any of these areas it will show in the aura.

In fact, ill-health will show up in the aura long before it appears in the physical body.

Mental and emotional factors affect the aura all the time.

Creating health issues or illnesses according to how a person is living their life.

You can determine the aura’s health of an individual by the aura’s size, shape, appearance, texture, or color.

All of these are affected by the onset of the disease.

They show up in the aura long before a person is aware of any problems.

Ill health is usually the result of years of negative thinking. 

Potential illness can be seen by looking at the aura’s size.

People with chronic pain will have a shrunken aura that is subdued and dull.

Aura healing by sending prayers:

By combining thoughts with feelings and emotions

The person doing the praying is able to send vibrations directly from his aura to the person being prayed for.

Sending healing thoughts from your body is a common practice

Using color to heal:

Cassandra Easom share with us the effect of utilizing color to help with a physical ailment.

Sending color thoughts combined with prayers can be very effective in healing too.

When feeling out of sorts, breathe in a brighter shade of the problem color.

The color may have fade or has holes.

The entire process is mental and spiritual from your body.

The seven true colors:

color healing , color chakras mandala

Color breathing is an effective way of aura healing.

The seven true colors correspond to the seven chakras and the seven colors of the aura.

And make up the auric field they are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.

These colors are pure, the colors of the rainbow or spectrum of sunlight, as dispersed by a prism.

Energy, color, and light in aura healing:

You have to visualize the color while taking in deep breaths this is usually done outdoors in fresh air and sunlight.

This works because every part of the body is controlled by a different color and every color have a different vibration.

When a part of the body is not well.

An infusion of the correct color that vibrates the same as th diseased organ will help destroy the disease resulting in a cure.

Color healing uses the colors of the rainbow to help restore balance and harmony to the aura.

Color along with light will provide the color that is lacking or a complementary color to help cease the suffering from an excess of one color.


color healing , color chakras mandala

Each color has a part in aura healing and can be apply via visualization to rays of light, drink, eat, or even gemstones.

Red :

  • stimulate and excite
  • Is never use alone, usually use with blue or green
  • Release adrenaline
  • Stimulate the circulation of blood and restore lost vitality


  • Is a stimulating color 
  • Create a feeling of contentment and well being
  • Strengthens the spleen, pancreas, and lungs
  • Help alleviate bronchitis, asthma, and influenza


  • Cheerful, mentally stimulating
  • Raise our spirit
  • Decrease depression
  • Work on the nervous system 
  • Help muscle tone and general vitality
  • Used for constipation, flatulence, dyspepsia, and heart palpitations
  • Spread energy to all the chakras


  • Harmony and healing
  • Natural tonic
  • Release stress and tension
  • Stimulate the pituitary gland
  • Color for fertility


  • Antiseptic and astringent qualities
  • Calm and peaceful
  • Relieves inflammation or feverish conditions
  • Cooling effects
  • Control the throat chakras
  • Useful for colds, sore throats, and goiter
  • cuts, abrasion, nursing, and rheumatism 


  • Cooling properties
  • Work on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels
  • Reduce bleeding
  • Used for problems with ears, eyes, and nose


  • Work on the highest level 
  • Is useful for stress and strain
  • Help with insomnia, eye problems, and mental disorder

Aura protection is crucial especially if you feel your energies are being depleted by stress, ill health, or by someone.

You need to avoid harmful stress.

Prevention is better than having to find a cure after the fact.

Quick fixes for aura healing:

Some quick fixes can recenter quick and easily.

These fixes can be used daily to provide a temporary mood or energy boost.


We have large energy centers in our hands that can be use for healing.

Use a common essential oil and rub some into the hands.

healing hands

Then takes some deep breaths to breathe in the scent slowly through the nose and out through the mouth.


Put on your favorite music and dance. 

A quick way to expand your aura the emotional and astral layer


Create a 5 minute time out to recenter and uplift in a simple manner.

Like burn incense, light a candle, listen to music or say an affirmation


Choose an energizing crystal to get some extra energy.

Wear a crystal stone or carry it in your pocket.


Find a space outside.

Light a sage bundle, and swirl the smoke around your entire body.

Envelope your entire aura with cleansing smoke while stating an affirmation.


Music can be soothing to the aura.

Open yourself to receive new and higher energies into your aura.

The aura responds too slow gentle music by expanding it gains energy.

Every note in music relates to color and this also has an effect on aura healing.

These quick fixes can be done regularly to keep your energy vibrant and activated for overall aura health.

Conclusion to aura healing:

By understanding the link between the aura layers and the chakras we are able to heal our aura.

One can see aura healing with practice.

The elements are the primary source of life’s energy and support for aura healing.

Creating quality time in your schedule to be out in nature is a supportive addition to your lifestyle.

That refuel and releases lost chi from daily stresses.

In nature, we absorb grounding energy from the earth, prana from the air, and life force energy from sunlight. 

Gardening, hiking, and walking are all ways to rev up our energy centers.

And ground ourselves into earth’s energy.

Waken before sunrise, walking on the beach, and getting direct sunlight are an all great support for our aura healing.

There are many meditations and guided visualization that strengthen our chakras and aura layers.

Our commitment to alleviate our relationship with the lower vibrations in our aura supports our entire auric field.

Positive thinkers are optimistic and have a large bright expansive auras.

Their thoughts keep them healthy, motivated, and ready for action.

Dull, condensed auras need to be charged.

And can be charged with motivational readings and self-help books.

These books build self-esteem and gradually develop our aura to become large, expansive, and beautiful.

silhouette of woman in lotus otus pose on beach at sunset view glowing 7 chakras

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