Aura Colors Meaning Simplified

 Aura colors meaning simplified

What is an Aura?:

Color and nature stimulate and enliven our emotions.

Many emotions shape our aura.

The color evokes our emotions and mood.

And how they interact with others.

Aura color can give us an insight into the interpretation of auras.

The aura exists in many colors. 

There are fourteen essential aura colors.

We will be concentrating on

the seven that connect to the chakras.

Each color has a different meaning.

Aura colors meaning simplified:

Meaning of Aura colors

I will try to reveal and decipher aura color meaning as they exist in

the human body.

The human aura is a strong electromagnetic field.

That surrounds the human body in all directions.

This band of energy surrounds us.

Is thought to be life’s energy.

And can be sensed around every living thing. 

The aura is thought to be three-dimensional in healthy people. 

Elliptical in shape with seven layers.

Each with a distinct purpose and meaning.

The first three layers are not accessible to human perception.

The shape, the size, the color, and vibrancy of color indicate specific


About our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

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What color is your aura:

The aura is composed of 7 intertwined rings.

That reveals a spectrum of color around us. 

The vibration of our spirit and body are perceived as color.

Aura color is directly related to the frequency of the person’s

energetic vibrations.

The aura is part of a more extensive system called the subtle energy body.

It is given life through our chakras system.

Each of the subtle energy systems works together to make the whole function properly. 

The aura is interpreted through its’s colored rings of light.

Aura colors meaning simplified.

The rings are displayed as colored rings of light energy.

Ring number one expresses the person’s state of health.

While the second ring relates to emotions. 

The third ring relates to the state of cosmic consciousness.

Ring number six is related to our spiritual consciousness.

And the seventh ring is related to the auric level.

It is connected to a higher level of energy.

Identifying your life color:

Aura color is not easily seen by the naked eyes without training.

check out the article,” Simple exercises to see your aura.”

Auras are thought of as the unseen field of energy.

That surrounds a person’s physical body. 

A person’s aura is unique and reflects their own particular energy.

This energy impacts the ability to connect and interact with others.

Most of what we do in our lives leaves a mark on our aura.

The aura is connected to both our mind and our body.

It is affected by our mood, our emotional state, and even the state of

others around us. 

Key-value of aura:

Meaning of Aura colors

Aura colors meaning simplified.

The key thoughts and emotions we conveyed through our messages

to the universe. 

The universe is kind.

And allows us to take in what we put out. 

When we are afraid, we attract fear.

When we are loving, we attract love.

Likewise, when we feel successful, we attract success.

The auric field can do all of this and more.

Because it provides us with an interactive membrane.

Between the physical body and the energetic field.

That supports material things. 

Life’s color:

Aura color signifies a multitude of meanings.

Each color holds information about us. 

Our life experiences, feelings, physical health, and chakras health.

Aura color ranges from primary to metallic.

Some of the colors are a combination of the other seven colors.

Auras can have neutral colors like tan, grey, and black.

The colors can have varying shades and intensity.

Which may have a different meaning than the same color in their primary shade.

For example, pink may mean one thing.

While muddy pink will mean something else.

The aura is seen as luminescent bands of light.

That completely surrounds the body.

Aura colors meaning simplified:

Everyone has an aura that contains many different bands of

light that radiate approximately three feet out in all directions from the body.

One can tell if a person is healthy, sick, happy, or sad.

By the intensity and vibrancy of their aura color.

According to Ted Andrews, the healthier you are, physically and spiritually.

The more vibrant our energy will be.

And the further our aura will extend out from our physical body.

So, expansion and size of the aura also express one’s emotion or health.

Someone that is feeling great and happy aura may display as, bright,

expanded, and open.

While someone else’s aura may appear faded and tight to the body.

This person may show signs of fear, illness, hopelessness, a need for protection.

Dark dense colored auras usually express depression, anger, or self-pity.

Why do we see color in the aura?:

Aura colors meaning simplified

Different colors in the aura are produced by the vibrational frequency speed. 

As the vibration frequency speed change so does its color.

A slower vibration frequency creates red and orange.

Faster vibrations create blue, violet, and indigo.

Red, orange, magenta, yellow represent physical colors. 

They represent physical colors.

And process information through a physical body like touch.

While brown and green represent mental colors.

They process life’s intellectual.

Blue, violet, indigo, lavender, and crystal are emotional colors and

process live via feelings, emotions, and intuition.

One-color is not better than the next

It just signifies our different desires.

Ring position in the aura:

Rings closest to the body represent our priority methods of processing life.

These rings rarely change.

While the outer rings reflect what is happening at any given time.

These rings do change color, position,  and frequency often.

Rings of the aura relate to our chakras. 

Each aura color has individual patterns of behavior.

That is distinct from each other.

The patterns describe the primary behavior of an individual of that color.

Each color within the color spectrum has strengths and weaknesses.

There are many rings but we usually focus on the first seven.

These colors and patterns in our energy field are a blueprint of our soul.

The key to our personality.

That represents a chart of our potential.

That is why it is important for us to learn the colors and meaning of our aura. 

Aura colors meaning simplified.

Why should you know your aura’s color and its meaning?:

The aura is interpreted through its colored rings of light energy.

When we know the color of our aura we can better understand our

emotions, talents, and potentials. 

The first ring is the person’s state of health.

While ring number two is related to emotions.

And ring number three is related to consciousness. 

Knowing this allows us to know our personality.

And enable us to make decisions, important changes, and take risks.

When people work with their aura color they give themselves the gift

of personal peace enhanced by a sense of power and fulfillment.

One can figure out which color is most compatible romantically, for

friendship, or careers.

Each color in the aura spectrum varies in hue and value.

The more in touch we are with our own unique talents and skills.

the richer more luminous the color of our aura.

The color of withdrawn people is more faded and pastel in color.

Aura color spectrum based on the seven chakras:

Meaning of Aura colors

Physical colors:

  1. Red: The Aura Color Of The Root Chakra
  • the lowest frequency color on the spectrum
  • Associated with the grounding chakra
  • It is connected to our primal urges, physical health
  • sense of life
  • Represent courage, passion, desire, will drive power  
  • vitality, strength, leadership, ambition
  • People with a red aura are strong and powerful
  • accept pleasure from the physical world
  • It is a strong aura that can attract
  • repel other vibrations around it

Negative: Can lose control of their drive 

  • Can turn into aggression and anger, irritability, fiery temper
  • destructiveness

A.Pink: The Aura Color Of The Root Chakra

  • Aura represents one who is gentle and pleasant
  • With loving energy 
  • These people represent romance and love
  • The Comfort zone for others around them are uplifting
  • Love sincerity, friendship, companionship, giving, romantic
  • healthy faithful
  • Help heal others, affectionate
  • Aide, us to be gentle with others
  • Portray a softness and innocence
  • Are very gentle, have a loving nature

Negative: color shade: Muddy pink

  • Immaturity, emotional imbalance
  • Look for affection in return, self-absorbed
  • Full of envy
  • Can mean serious health issues 
  • Associated with the heart chakra at this point

B.Magenta: The Aura Color Of The Root Chakra

  • Vibrant 
  • Understanding, creative, high energy, free-spirited, fun, loving

Negative: Need constant stimulation, artistic eccentric, non-conformist

Aura colors meaning simplified

2. Orange: The Aura Color Of The Sacral Chakra

  • Joyful
  • Creativity, warm, inspiring, confident, sociable
  • Perceptive, uplifting, thoughtful, strength in leadership skills
  • Relatable and sociable, emotionally expressive, sexual energy
  • outgoing
  • Extrovert

Negative: Clinginess, prone to the attachment to things and other people

  • overdependence

3. Yellow: The Aura Color Of The Solar Plexus Chakra

  • Vibrant frequency of confidence, happiness, strong sense of self
  • Ability to inspire others to achieve greatness
  • Have high energy, encourage and support others
  • Radiate, full of inner joy, very generous, not attach to anything
  • Leadership, bright, great sense of humor
  • Enthusiastic, cheerful, fun optimist
  • Intellectual, open-minded, relaxed, organized
  • Thoughtfulness, confidence, motivation,
  • encourage personal growth
  • self-worth, not easily stressed, very observant

Negative: superstitious, impractical, inability to finish tasks


  • Things and people, fearful, lazy, careless

Mental colors:

4. Green: The Aura Color Of The Heart Chakra

  • Natural leader, put others at ease, respectful
  • Healing energy, unconditional love, responsible, perseverance
  • Tenacity, firmness, patience, dedication, gentle, caring
  • nurturing
  • Pleasant, attentive, deeply focused, adaptable, growth, restful
  • modifying energy, natural healing ability, nurturing, calm, and attentive

Negative: envious, materialistic, and selfish

Emotional colors:

5. Blue: The Aura Color Of The Throat Chakra

  • Second highest frequency on the spectrum
  • Most caring, nurturing, and protective personality
  • Life purpose is to serve others
  • Have natural psychic and intuitive
  • Think things out
  • Put the need of others before themself
  • Depth of feeling, devotion, loyal, trusting, intuitive,
  • inwardly focused, may enjoy solitude, non-competitive activity,
  • receptive, desire unity, peaceful, loving, and affectionate
  • Have a spiritual connection with the heart 
  • Despite love, compassion, and selflessness, kind
  • Unconditional love, generosity, feelings of jealousy, 
  • Can end up with the feeling of being used
  • Or taken for granted

Muddy blue: can signify a fear of the future and the unknown

Negative: moody, critical, snobbish

6. Violet: The Aura Color Of The Third Eye Chakra

  • High-speed vibration
  • Dynamic, charismatic, visionary, intuitive, innovative, futuristic
  • magical
  • Original, unconventional
  • Has psychic ability, fascinating, playful, nonjudgemental,
  • eccentric, 
  • open-minded, sensitive, compassionate, spiritual develop
  • lightness                    

Negative: prejudice, liar, disloyal

Aura colors meaning simplified:

7. White: The Aura Color Of The Crown Chakra

  • Spiritually motivated, open, receptive to the divine
  • Inner illumination, cosmic wisdom, reflect purity, spiritual,
  • radiate lightness, transcendence, inner peace, divine force quiet
  • live a life of purity and harmony, angelic qualities, quick thinker
  • inner peace

Dirty white: could signify a current illness, sharp mind, perfectionism

 Additional aura colors:

Black: May be associated with death, danger, unknown, mysterious

  • Unconcious, black magic, dark energy
  • Indicator of unresolved issues in past trauma, health concerns
  • need healing
  • Grief, anger, or longing
  • Aura darken by certain life’s event

Grey: mysterious, charm, charisma, shadow side sadness, depression,   

  • fogginess, confusion, fear, grief, lack of following through
  • Blockage in energy field, spiritual cleansing

Gold: divine enlightenment, spiritual awakening

  • Protection of the divine wisdom and guidance
  • Devoted, 
  • Radiate from the seventh layer, closest to the divine energy source
  • Everyone has gold in their aura

Brown: associated with everything  earthy, nature, grounding

  • Business like mentality, generosity, pragmatic 

Negative: greedy, self-serving mentality


Reading and seeing aura color is not difficult.

once studied and developed through meditation.

A person gives off multiple color aura.

Aura colors are not permanent.

As our lives change our aura will change.

If one has a dark aura this can change.

Each colored band tells a story about the one they surround.

Each color contains information.

About the person that presents them.

Aura colors meaning simplified:

Being able to read and understand the meaning behind each color.

Helps us to process information about how to interact with others.

How to handle love, and understand our purpose in life.

It also allows us the ability to change unwanted behaviors and attitudes.

The colors in the aura reflect our choices in this lifetime.

We are free to expand, grow, and change in any way we choose.

Because we are not limited to a particular goal.

Or ways of processing things.

By understanding the attributes of each color. 

We can consciously draw in color for specific purposes.

Like healing, prosperity, or compassion.

We may all have different methods, goals, or purposes.

But we are all part of the whole colorful rainbow of life.

Learn the fourteen colors.

Figure out which is yours, and be your best happy self.

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