Aura Colors And Their Meaning

What are Auras?

Aura Colors and their meanings, learn how to read people’s spiritual chart and see what their aura say about them.

Auras are fields of energy surrounding physical objects and beings.

All living creatures have a special connection with the universe, aura is the energetic field around a person, which contain information into their state of being.

Remember everything that exists vibrates with energy.

Aura reading is ancient spiritual teaching from the far East.

The energy of the universe and the relation between the cosmos. 

Auras are said to give insight into the spiritual, emotional, and physical side of an individual, as well as, act as a protective zone around an individual. 

Auras present as different colors with different meanings:

Aura Colors and their meanings, learn how to read people’s spiritual chart.

Knowing about your aura, their colors, and their meaning will better prepare you stronger spiritually.  

Auras have layers of colors, usually 3 feet around the physical body, each of which has different meanings. 

Colors can be destructive or constructive, stimulate or attract, inhibit, or react.  They may even have a female or a male character.

In humans, the aura is composed of 7 different layers of light. Which can be sensed, felt, or seen around the physical body.

Aura Colors and their meanings, help us learn how to read people’s spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing at any given time.

Auras are a true reflection of our true nature.  That can be sensed around us allowing one to get information and insight into the aura’s visibility. 

They can change and shift according to your present mental or emotional state and the environmental experience of an individual.

The more colorful, cleaner, and brighter the aura the better and more spiritually advanced one will be.

The more uniform the energy distribution in the aura the healthier and more balanced the person is.

In addition to dominant colors, the aura reflects thoughts, feelings, and desires.

The aura is also important in preventing disease.  

It is important to maintain the aura healthy by eating fresh produces and surrounding yourself with fresh air, exercise, and hanging out with people who do not drain your energy with a negative outlook on life. 

Aura Colors and Meaning:

Once you start to see the energetic vibrations of auras, certain colors will appear.

You have to understand that aura colors will change and be seen according to the mental or emotional state of the individual you are reading.  

Aura Colors and their meanings, learn how to read people’s spiritual chart, and understand how different shade affects us.

Aura colors exist in multiple shades:

The shade of aura colors gives us a clue about a person’s state of mind, personality, maturity, and health.

The shades of an aura’s color also have a bearing on its meaning.  

We will examine the human aura’s main colors and their corresponding energies in this article. 

We will learn how to see auras colors in a later article.

Aura Colors:

Red Aura: 

People surrounded by a red aura are enthusiastic, energetic, and ready for new adventures.

Connected to the Root chakra, the red aura is the color of power.

Linked to the circulatory system, heart, and physical body.

  •  Are intelligent
  •  Self-confident and brave 
  • Risk takers
  • Have a tiny temper
  • Adapt fast
  • Usually successful professionally
  • Usually, become wealthy
  • Have the need to be on top
  • Can indicate strength

Impulsive want to try everything can end up in dangerous and unpleasant situations.

In a negative light, the red chakra can be angry, and an inability to let go.

Orange Aura:

Orange relates to personal power, health, and creativity.  

Connected to the Sacral chakra. Linked to the reproductive organs and emotional feelings.

Most intense of all the colors.

A mixture between the physical plane and the mental plane.

The constructive force that maintains the physical body in good shape, good health, volatility, and excitement.

In a negative light, the orange aura can lead to one developing high levels of stress and anxiety.

Yellow aura:

Yellow aura is analytical, intelligent, and logical people.

Connected to the Solar Plexus chakra, linked to sex and aural energy.

Related to spirituality, a bright, vibrant yellow indicate the onset of a spiritual awakening.

Manifest intelligence, intuition, and pure love, inner harmony.

Persons you can trust, honest, straightforward intense self-critical.

Over calculate everything, most are workaholics and are strongly focused on their material world.

Very reliable and very resistant to stress, depression, anxiety, have a strong mental profile.

Are self-sufficient, enjoy loneliness, but are great communicators, and do know how to socialize.

Don’t make friends easily.

Tend to lend towards friends who are intelligent and hard working.

Negative can indicate fatigue, stress, usually linked to learning.


Green aura rejuvenates, regenerate, soothe, and cool.

Connected to the Heart chakra.
Linked to healing powers, the heart, and lungs.

The negative can be deceptive, jealous, uncertain, and lack imagination.


Blue aura is related to connectivity. Connected to the Throat chakra.

Master communicators of the world, the throat, and thyroid.

Pure, lasting love, and unconditional affection, calmness, and serenity.

Color of the spiritual world, charismatic, excellent writers, poets, and politicians.Highly intelligent, very intuitive, and good organizers.

In a negative light can indicate fear, dishonesty, and difficulty in communication.


Indigo aura related to higher consciousness and visionary state.

Connected to the third eye and crown chakras.

Linked to the pituitary gland associated with intuition, the spiritual awakening of deep feeling, and physical sensitivity.

See on a spiritual level as well as a physical.

Brave and fearless.

Passionate and focused on a person’s inside rather than on their outer appearance.

In a negative light can reflect blocked perceptions, melancholy, rush and worry, domination, oblivion, fear, and hypersensitivity.


White aura represents the presence of light, the universal color of protection.

Connected to the Crown chakra. Is not a color but the incorporation of all the colors.

Associated with the pineal gland and our nervous system, the state of purification, the unity to transcend the material world reflecting truth and purification.

Highly intuitive and can be visionary both physically and spiritually.

May develop psychic abilities.

Highly artistic, angelic.
Dynamic, charming, confident, and can be known as futuristic.

Sympathetic to people in their surroundings.

Natural leaders.

When imbalance may be arrogant or narcissistic. 


All indicate blocked or stagnant energy, precede a physical illness.

Innate abilities.
Weakness in health and character can develop serious health problems.

Lack of imagination, vulgarity, pettiness, and mediocrity.

Associated with being on the wrong path.

Imbalance on a physical level.

Negative and anger, show a great deal of stored emotional grief.


Pink is aligned with love. 

Connected to the heart chakra.

Negative can indicate feelings of mistrust.


Associated with an abundance of money.

Nurturing highly intuitive.

Negative harbor unreleased fear in the body.


Gold is the color that reflects the dynamic spiritual energy and cosmic powers.

The highest energies of devotion and restoration of universal harmony. Highly spiritual, angelic protection, revitalization.

Have inner peace, are teachers, leaders, and guides for others.
The highest and most healing love of all.


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