Atkins Diet

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Atkin Diet Review: 

The Atkin diet, the best diet for weight loss, developed in the 60s by a cardiologist is a diet that is popular for low carbohydrates.  The diet decreases carbohydrates, increases proteins and fat, this diet is well known for its low carb diet trend.  Atkins Diet is considered the best diet for a flat belly, lose weight and keep it off by changing the way you eat.


The diet purpose is to change one’s eating habits to help him lose weight and keep it off.  This diet is said to be a healthy and life-changing alternative to help you lose weight, boost your energy, and help you improve health problems like blood pressure or metabolic syndrome while gaining a flat tummy.

People who tend to like the Atkins Diet for Weight loss:

Atkin diet tends to be followed by people who like the type and amount of food featured in the diet.

  • People who want a diet that restrict certain carbs that help them to lose weight.
  • People who want to change their overall eating habits.
  • People who have medical issues that they think the diet may help them improve.
  • People who like the related Atkins Diet products, cookbooks, shakes, and energy bars. 

How does the Atkins Diet work?

The main dietary focus of this diet is to eat the correct balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats for optimal weight loss and health maintenance by controlling carbs unlike a previous Diet The Keto Diet.

The diet stipulates that consuming too many carbohydrates, especially sugars, white flour, and other refined carbohydrates is what leads to blood glucose imbalances, weight gain, and cardiovascular issues.

The diet does encourage eating high fiber vegetables rather than high animal proteins.


The Atkin diet does not require calorie counting or portion control but you are required to track your carbs.  The lack of carbs is intended to burn off body fat stores, regulate the body’s blood sugar to achieve optimal health while leaving you without a feeling of hunger or deprivation.  The diet is said to help one identify their personal carbohydrate balance by being able to consume the proper amount of carbs each day without losing or gaining weight. This diet plan is the best diet plan for weight loss and a flat stomach.


The Atkins diet claim exercise is not vital for weight loss and flat belly but exercise can help maintain weight loss achieved, as well as, offer other health benefits.

The Atkin Diet is structured into four phases:

Phase 1: Induction: the strictest phase in which you cut out almost all carbs from the diet allowing carbs from mostly vegetables, proteins should be from fish and shellfish, poultry, meat eggs, and cheese at every meal with no restriction on oils and fats.  You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. This phase usually lasts for two weeks, depending on the amount of weight you lose. 

Phase 2: Balancing: In this phase you continue to eat fewer carbs a day mainly from vegetables, avoiding food with added sugar.  You slowly add back nutrient-rich carbs such as vegetables, berries, nuts, and seeds while you continue to lose weight.  This phase lasts until you are 10 pounds away from the stated weight loss goal.

Phase 3: Pre-Maintenance: In this phase, you continue to gradually increase in the range of foods 

you eat, at this point, the number of carbs remains cut back allowing the addition of carbs as long as the weight continues to come off until you reach your weight loss goal.

Phase 4: Lifetime Maintenance: This phase is when you reached your goal weight.  This phase of eating is continued for life.

Atkins has multiple products that were produced and sold along with diet plan to promote this Diet

Typical Atkins Diet day menu phase 1:

Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with sauteed onions and cheddar cheese allowable beverage of coffee, tea, water, herbal tea or diet soda.

Lunch: Chef salad with chicken, bacon and avocado dressing, with an allowable beverage.

Dinner: Baked salmon, asparagus, and arugula salad with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers and allowable beverages.

Snack: two snacks per day are allowed such as Atkins’ chocolate shake, or a granola bar or a snack of celery and cheddar cheese.

Health benefits:

The Atkin diet proposes that one can prevent or improve health conditions such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease with their eating plan.  Most health experts have stated that almost any diet that helps you lose weight can obtain the same results, in fact, some health experts think that consuming large amounts of animal fat and proteins as the Atkins diet allows can increase one’s risk of heart disease and/or cancers.


The Atkin diet acknowledges that drastically cutting carbs in the early phase can cause such ill effects as:

  • Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Constipation
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Very low carb diets restrict carbohydrates so much they can result in nutritional deficiencies or insufficient fiber, which can cause constipation, diarrhea, and nausea.  Although eating carbs that are high in fiber like whole grain and nutrients can improve one’s health. The Atkins diet has changed over time to help prevent health problems and is now recommending taking in small amounts of salt and vitamin supplements to meet a balance.  Its also noted that the Atkins diet is not appropriate for everyone like the person on a diuretic, insulin, oral diabetic medications, people with severe kidney disease, pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding.


The Atkins Diet declares you can loose up to 15 pounds the first two weeks during phase 1 but these results are not typical, secondary to initial weight loss is attributed to water weight loss. You’ll continue to lose weight in phase 2 and 3 if you continue to eat fewer carbs than your body can tolerate. 

Most people do tend to lose weight once they restrict calories for short periods of time, so over the long term the Atkins diet is no more effective in weight loss than any other standard diet that restricts caloric intake, and for the most part, people tend to regain the weight back regardless of diet plan.

The main reason for weight loss on the Atkins Diet is lower calorie intake from eating fewer carbs.  A second reason sighted for weight loss on the Atkins diet is there is such a limited variety of food choice,  one eat less since the extra protein and fat included in the diet keep you feeling full longer.

Try the Atkins Diet Low Carb for quick weight Loss:

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