12 Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

12 Ways to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency!

What does it mean to raise your vibration?

Your vibration determines your entire life, the people you meet, your interest, the opportunities that appear in your life…

Choose a high vibration and your life will be everything you dream it could be.

You could manipulate your dream life easier and quicker by changing your vibration.

You attract people and experiences into your life that match your vibrational energy.

Emotion envoke/provide different vibrations.

 The chart below shows the vibrations of different emotions

Vibration Emotion

  • 700 Enlightenment
  • 600 Peace
  • 540 Joy
  • 400 Reason
  • 350 Acceptance
  • 310 Wellness
  • 250 Neutrality
  • 200 Courage
  • 175 Pride
  • 150 Anger
  • 125 Desire
  • 100 Fear
  • 75 Grief
  • 50 Apathy
  • 30 Guilt
  • 20 Shame

Daily life and your reaction to it have an impact on your overall energy level and state of being.

A high vibrational state of being is essential for connecting and opening up to your spiritual gifts and abilities.

By increasing your vibration you can experience an increased state of creativity, intuition, joy, confidence, connection, and love. 

Your vibration has a significant impact on what you attract into your life‘s experiences.  

We attract people with the same vibration that we live our life by.

You and only you can decide what emotions you feel and in what vibration you are in.

You can participate in activities that raise your vibration daily.

I will present you with 12 activities that will help you raise your vibration frequency.

Utilize them all or some in a manner that will benefit you to raise your spiritual gifts and abilities.

How Can you Raise Your vibration?

1. Healthy, Fresh Food

Nurture your body

Hydrate, eat fresh healthy foods and avoid alcohol

Cleanse and detox your body to help assist your body in releasing lower density

Food and water are both essential forms of life force energy

By ingesting fresh foods and plenty of water give nourishment to your body and help the body flush toxins which help to raise your vibration.

You are what you eat! Be aware of what you eat, choose healthy, high vibrational meals, and snacks that balance your chakras.

Eating heavy will make you heavy, disconnected, and ungrounded.

2. Move You Body

Exercise, Dance, Run, Release

Exercise gets your energy flowing, keep you fit, and help calm your mind

Just find ways to move every day

So walking, walk the stairs, stretch your body, dance, gardening, swim, run, bicycling, all are great ways to get your blood pumping

Get moving and your energy vibration will rise and increase 

Couch potatoes can get moving gradually by walking, then gradually increasing their exercise to be effective at raising their vibration

High vibrational music raise your vibration too

Ie: New age, soft jazz, etc.

Exercise is the exorcism of negativity

3. Meditation, Breathwork, Yoga

Quiet your mind, breathe and just be

Meditation is a great way to bring greater light into your life

Meditation increase your awareness and help you gain control over

 your mind allowing you to choose positive thoughts

Meditation opens the door for inspiration, creativity, and spiritual awareness to flow through

Meditation is easy and can be done in minutes

Start your day by meditating and tuning into your higher self, the universe or spirit

When you clear your mind and get in touch with all there is, is a sure way to raise your vibration

Meditation is a powerful way to reduce anxiety, improve productivity, and create a sense of overall wellness

Simple meditation, like counting your breath’s of 10, or listening to a guided meditation that takes you on a journey in your mind

Meditation helps you to relax and get centered, it reduces stress and raises your vibration

There are many different ways to meditate just do one

Stopping to appreciate something beautiful a simple but rewarding practice 

4. Singing, High Vibe Media, Inspirational/Positive Books, Music, Podcasts

Music that makes you want to dance or sing instantly lift your vibrations

Make a playlist, choose songs that get you wanting to dance or sing these are the most powerful in raising your vibration

Listen to an inspirational/positive podcast

Read/Listen to positive, inspirational, and uplifting material

When feeling low-signing something spiritual or just singing your favorite song can raise your vibration right away

When you sing, you set all your cell to vibrate at a higher level

Singing is a well-known mood elevator

Singing is a fun way to raise your vibration

5. Affirmations

Chants, Mantas

Repeating affirmations can be very effective in raising vibrations

Affirmation is a positive statement about something you want as if it was happening right now

When you focus on what you want as if it’s true for you right now

Your energy is lifted to be an energetic match to what you want

Writing a sentence in the positive and present tense

Can be said out loud or listened to via audio

Affirmations raise your vibration and attract what you want in life

Creating your own affirmations are the most powerful and effective In raising your vibrations

6. Gratitude

Gratitude is one of the fastest ways to raise your vibration

Take a minute each day to think of some things you are grateful for in your life

Make gratitude lists

By being aware of things that make you feel thankful can, boost your frequency and help you focus on the positive, in return raising your vibration to a higher level

Being grateful will help give you a push in the right direction

7. Laughter

Laughter can instantly raise your vibration and help you clear away and release stagnant energy

8. Get Grounded in Nature

Connecting with nature has the ability to lift your spirit and raise your vibration

Nature is a natural mood elevator and a great way to increase your vibration

Take a short walk or step outside and feel the breeze over your face and body

Fresh air do wonders for the soul and can help lift your vibration instantly

A walk in a beautiful park, a trail, in the woods near water, and you’ll feel the increased vibration

Plants raise the energy around you

Nature helps you relax and feel connected

Walk-in nature, work in your garden, meditate, relax on the beach, stargaze, and increase your vibration

You should commune with nature on a daily basis

Learn about nature, which is a vibrational raising spiritual practice

So take a deep inhalation and exhale deeply, relax as your vibration lifts

9. Do Something for Someone Else

The best way to feel better about yourself is to help someone else feel better about themselves

It doesn’t have to be great, it can be something small, as holding the elevator for someone or a simple phone call to a friend can help lift your vibration

10. Take Responsibility, Discipline

Take responsibility for yourself and do what you need to support yourself in raising your vibration

Set boundaries and claim your personal power to create blessings in your life

Come up with strategies that will refresh your energy, lift your vibration, and increase your frequency

Tune in to the emotion, loving the part of you that is sad, angry, or fearful will raise your vibration frequency

11. Crystals

Crystals are known for their high vibrational energy 

They are beautiful to look at and can have a calming energy

Just holding a crystal can help you feel relaxed and centered

Crystals generally have a higher vibration than the human body, they tend to raise your vibration

Vibration at a higher rate is helpful for humans because it allows us to advance spiritually and move in a positive direction mentally, physically, and emotionally

12. Light, Candles

The simplest way to raise your vibration is to fill yourself up with light

  This detoxifies the body

As you detoxify your body, clear limiting belief, and patterns, this allow negative emotion to be released, allowing increased amounts of light to be held by your body  

The light is drawn in via the crown aligning down your spinal column filling your column, heart, mind, and spirit with light

Inhale and exhale expanding light particles all around you, these light particle speed our vibration frequency and open our heart

An open heart allows your light to shine, allowing high vibrational frequency, love, and light to shine outward from your heart all around you

Candlelight gives a warm and inviting glow to any room, lighting a candle and having it near you raise the vibration in the room

Focus on the area around your heart and breathe in light then exhale letting your heart expand around you 

Call upon your higher self and tune in light and raise your vibration

Raise your vibration to attract positive situations


What does it mean to raise your vibration? 

Increasing your vibration is an ongoing process.

Performing one of the above actions will raise your vibration. 

Being aware of your thoughts, feelings, and actions, and choosing the higher vibrational and emotions, will help you attract positive experiences and people in your life.

As a vibrational being, in every moment we are increasing or decreasing our frequency all the time.

Increased health, happiness, and wellbeing in your life insure you are in high vibrational frequency.

When your energy is drained, you are in low vibrational frequency.

Low frequency represents someone who is blocked mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Low vibrational frequency is associated with stagnant, negative emotions, lethargy, health challenges, and depression.

All of the methods above raise your vibration because they are high vibrational activities, that do not force your vibrational shift from low to high.

Your vibration naturally increases from having these experiences in your life.

You have 12 ways to raise your vibration easily and naturally.

So utilize one of these ways to raise your vibrational frequency.

 Living with a high vibrational frequency is a choice you make.

Listen to your intuition, follow your heart, sing, meditate, exercise, commune with nature, take good care of yourself, and do what is right for you to respond to life with love.

Let me know what you already do and like or what you would like to try to raise your vibration!

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