Create A Blog That Matters…

Here’s what I would like to do with these blogs. Grow and monetize them by receiving tips, strategies, and blogging resources straight to my inbox.

Each blog will be written in a simple matter of fact manner keeping in mind the bloggers’ task and what points are trying to be met so that one can get the most out of each blog.

Each blog will be written with images throughout to prevent boredom and allow one to visualize what we are trying to get across.

The Journey is The Destination…

Leaving behind a trail of failed dreams and dead-end jobs to creating a successful business online…

My goal is to work year-round creating content and Pinterest management and promoting good content, as well as, self-education to improve traffic while working on Pinterest strategies to increase traffic.

The goal is to stay flexible and organized so as not to become overwhelmed with the blogging process. The great thing about a reviewer is you can review just about anything ie:

  • Beauty Products
  • Books
  • Diet products
  • Diet plans
  • Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Credit Cards etc.

You can write a review about anything the door is opened!